Monday, September 04, 2006

Hey Siraj,

T. Touching down.

I don't get it. What are these crusaders doing in Cyprus or Africa? Sure, it's easier to wage a military campaign when you're within spitting distance of your proposed target, but that also means the so-called enemy is also within striking distance of you.

Bit of combinatorial game theory and Lowell and his skinhead ilk go down the ol' zugzwang.

Though Lowell's supposed to be hiding out in the Appalachian Mountains from what I heard. Smart. Way out range of Indonesian or Indian cruise missiles. Not to mention that the US government is never going to grant any foreign operation access to our airspace in the effort to apprehend this guy, no matter how evil he is.

Guess that's why the Indonesian government thinks they need a GLONASS-K satellite to find him. Good luck with that. The Bushies can't find bin Laden with all the resources of a superpower. And we're using alien technology recovered from Roswell in 1947.

And why pay for a satellite imagery when Google Maps is free?

I kid, of course I kid.

Well, OK, I did try to find Evil, but there were several possible locations listed in New Jersey, and I couldn't narrow it down to just one one.

Wish you were here, Siraj. Amy's coming over. Jasp and Annika, of course. A case of Dogfish Head awaits us, and we're playing RISK tonight. It just feels like a World Domination kind of night. And of course, I plan to win, and it would be nice if you were around to see me smite my friends with fine alcoholic beverages and behavioral psychology. Course, I'm not going to cheat like Jasper, cause I don't have to.


The old man loves the Xbox, but dude, classic board games still rule.

oh & this Socotra thing:

I've lived all over the world and never once heard of Socotra. And we're supposed to believe a bunch of Nazis found this little island in the middle of the Indian Ocean all by themselves? And like bought a house. That takes initiative. I mean, these guys actually had to look at a map. And what about the neighbors? A bunch of scary looking commandos with swastika tattoos move in next door, I know it's not against the law, but don't you try to run them out of town or something?


More insane news:

Indonesia bombs PURE Compound in Unilateral Strike

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono in a press briefing on Sunday night said his country’s warplanes bombed a compound in Socotra, an island off the Horn of Africa. The isolated site on the remote archipelago was believed to contain an ‘off-the-grid’ PURE safe house.

Socotra is part of the Republic of Yemen and the site in question was accessed with permission of that country’s governing body.

The American educated Indonesian president spoke in precise language. "Anyone on that site when the bombs fell is dead," Yudhoyono said from Jakarta.

Replying to a question whether the compound housed PURE terrorists Alfie Turner or Oliver Benjamin Lowell, Yudhoyono said the group of racist separatists housed in the compound were of ‘significant’ importance.

"It clearly was a leadership area," he said, adding the site was linked not only to leaders of PURE, the British Nationalist Party and Nazi Socialist figures, but to a Christian relief organization that Indonesian officials have identified as a front for PURE, the terrorist network blamed for the July 27 suicide attacks on South East Asia Muslim nations.