Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This is what I'm talking about! Force these guys into a corner where any subsequent move is likely to result in a disadvantage.

Hello, zugzwang. It's a classic bit of game strategy,

btw, Siraj, yes, I kicked ass at RISK Monday night.

And yes, I am willing to offer consulting advice to the Pentagon, but no one's asked me yet.



FYI: This is how you get these Nazi f*ckers–
(copy & pasted from the Pan Asia Economic News Report)

Economic News Report: Freezing Terrorist Finances

A bulletin from the Office of Foreign Assets Control of the Reserve Bank of India, issued on September 12, 2006, lists several multinational financial institutions doing business in the country as "Specially Designated Global Terrorists."

Speaking in their defense, representatives of Western financial institutions have returned complaints about what they call unjustified accusations.

At a recent meeting of American and European bankers held in Geneva last week, many speakers emphasized that they were not ‘fly by night’ or suspect charitable organizations, but well-established financial institutions subject to strict banking controls that by their very nature "would not allow them to take part in sabotage or terrorist activities."

Participants at the International Conference for American and European Banks say they anticipate a coalition of ASEAN member states, Muslim nations, petroleum producers and members of the OIC to deal a painful blow to at least three European banks doing business in South East Asia by freezing their assets. Bankers in India and throughout the world have already preemptively condemned the move.

Representatives of the financial institutions said they have condemned the terrorist activities in Malaysia, India and Indonesia and denied any relationship with PURE or any one of its financial subsidiaries. As a precautionary measure, however, the Western banks in question have withdrawn their money from Islamic and Asian banks. Such withdrawals are said to have reached approximately $3 billion.

In response to the Bulletin from India’s Treasury, Den Norske Bank A.S., Norway’s largest banking institution, has at the that government’s request frozen the banking accounts of 62 organizations and individuals suspected of connections with PURE. Among these are two prominent Ecological charities, which Norway has accused of operating unofficial money transfers in the millions of dollars from their extensive network system to terrorist organizations and for keeping no records of their transactions.

Meanwhile official sources maintain that the United States’ reciprocal demand to freeze Hezbollah accounts is meant to pressure Iran to provide security and military facilities in connection with the war on Afghanistan.

The U.S. would like to expedite the prosecution of the war before the onset of Ramadan on September 22nd.

Subsequently, the Lebanese Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction with the position taken by both France and Russia in support of his position against freezing the bank accounts of Hezbollah.

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