Monday, March 12, 2007

Terry, Jasper–

Boys, energy independence and alternative, renewable fuels sounds great and all, but neither of you mentioned the real reason why we should pursue these ideas: Climate change !

Our planet is undergoing a profound change and human activity is responsible for it.

But we know that already!

Stop and think about this for a moment – we are fighting a silly war on behalf of the automobile! But if we destroy our atmosphere and burn the planet’s crust to crisp in the process, all this death, destruction and policy wonkery will be pointless.

Global warming is melting the permafrost in Canada and people are losing their homes. The streets of San Francisco may not be flooding yet, but the streets of New Orleans already have! It’s a big deal!

So, if ever there was a reason to forgo petroleum, it's not because Christians and Muslims want to kill each other –at this point, I say let them–, it's because we are killing the planet. It’s dieing and all we care about is being able to run to Dunkin Donuts for a cappuccino. Hey, I'm as guilty as anybody.

Yes, we need to explore alternative options, but that said, let's be sure that we chose fuels that really are renewable and leave behind minimal toxins –to ourselves and the planet. It would be a terrible irony if we transitioned from oil only to find ourselves dependent on something equally expensive, toxic and hazardous.

By the way, Terry, I have to tell you, I'm so NOT a fan of wind power. Wind power is nowhere as environmentally benign as they would have you believe.

We all feel bit of a compassion whenever we see a devastating picture of an oil soaked bird blackened by a tanker spills.

And it’s not just oil from tankers, by the way, like the Exxon Valdez.

Millions of water birds die every year due to oil from a plethora of sources, from jet skis and motorboats, to oil washed off streets and into storm drains after rain.

But I digress. –Getting back to wind power: It's not as messy and there's never any danger of a spill, but they are just as potentially devastating on the aviary population: windmills kill thousands of birds annually, and we've just started implementing them.

Go ahead and laugh at me if you want to. I probably sound like I’m trying to prevent an aviary holocaust. Well, I am!

But what I’m really saying is I hope those scientists take into account the other beings we share the planet with as they go about searching for alternative energy sources.

Can we please do something for once that leaves not just no carbon footprint behind, but not a drop of blood as well?

By the way, did either of you realize that the incursion into the USA seems to be a good thing for wildlife. It’s true! Apparently the oil embargo has served to keep traffic off roads. For that reason alone, 28,000 animals a month(!) that would otherwise end up as road kill don’t end up under the tires of a cell phone toting idiot. And that’s just in North Carolina alone.

I'm also not convinced that bio diesal is the answer, either. The world has millions of starving people living on it, and now, suddenly, someone thinks that it's a good idea to turn grains into fuel so that fat Americans can go for joy rides? I’m opposed. That's just so shortsighted and selfish. Feed the world first, and then come and tell me if there's a surplus of grain.

My advice to the good people who inhabit the third planet from the sun:

Reverse climate change with ORTHO TRI-CYCLEN ®.

You'll be doing the world a favor.

Tee hee.

Annika Satannika