Friday, March 09, 2007

What did I tell ya' guys!

Siraj, Annika –When you guys coming back to New York?


Rock on,


Excerpted from the New York Times

Published: March 9, 2007

The stock market caught fire yesterday, scoring strong new gains in heavy trading and rising to its highest level since just before the incursion into US territory by foreign Special Forces.

Building on a 100-point advance from the day before, the nation's most widely followed market index –the Dow Jones industrial average– soared 71.54 points yesterday, a high for the year.

Stock prices were battered by the start of the December '06 oil embargo on the US, which subsequently led to a dire economy and soaring prices for basic goods, –not to mention the prospect of a war enlarged beyond the search for terror suspect Oliver Benjamin Lowell.

Lowell, whose whereabouts are unknown, remains a primary suspect in the Crusader attacks in Southeast Asia on 7/27, and a person of intense and continued interest by investigative agencies abroad.

Nevertheless, leaders throughout the Islamic world hailed the incursion as a victory, despite the fact that Lowell remains at large.

The stock surge is a clear sign of confidence that Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono's Tuesday afternoon announcement of a 'mission accomplished', signals a pull out of all foreign special forces from US territory is imminent.

A coalition of primarily sub-equatorial countries affiliated with organizations such as ASEAN, OIC and OPEC, but also including Norway, has been scouring the Appalachian Mountains since the beginning of January searching for those responsible for the attacks on Southeast Asia last summer.

Observers on Wall Street expect the embargo to end, the economy to lift out of recession and business in the west to return to normal, simultaneous with an announcement of an evacuation of Pan Moslem military forces...(More)