Friday, March 02, 2007

Al Jazeera
02:15 PM Mecca time, 11:15 AM GMT
By Siraj Talal, embedded in Watauga County, NC

Christian Identity Positions Targeted as Hunt for Lowell Continues

Giving a new dimension to the South Asian-led campaign against terrorists in America, about 100 Islamic and Hindu commandos were deployed Thursday evening to various parts of the Appalachian mountain chain in order to procure a series of extraordinary renditions.

At the same time, the Pan Moslem Coalition unleashed one of its heaviest attacks across the Blue Ridge Mountains as a means to soften entrenched Christian Crusader positions in the region.

Buildings belonging to at least two fundamentalist groups, –Stone Kingdom Ministries in Asheville, NC; and Virginia Christian Israelites in Round Hill, VA– were said to be among the several targets of the bombing raids.

Virginia Publishing Company in Lynchburg, VA, was also hit, knocking out what some have called significant source of Fundamentalist Christian propaganda.

Other targets designated for destruction by precision-guided munitions included several citizen militia paramilitary camps throughout the region.

The Christian Identity movement holds particular interest to developing nations because its adherents believe themselves 'God’s Chosen People', and 'Vigilantes of Christendom'. It is from this pool of self-appointed warriors that militant groups such as PURE recruits from, experts say.

While Pan Moslem military officials confirmed the raids on the Blue Ridge Mountains they would not say if they acted with or without US cooperation.

In a rare moment of support, crossing cultural, political and religious lines– Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert praised the attacks, even if at the same time the US president, George Bush, denounced them:


In bluntly worded statement, Bush condemned the strikes as 'heavy handed'.

Speaking in a hastily arranged public appearance from his dusty Texas ranch where the President is taking a vacation, a visibly angry Bush said:

"The civilized world will not be intimidated, and these killers will not determine the future of America. The Pan Moslem Coalition Forces who struck today again have shown their contempt for the innocent. They showed their fear of progress. And their hatred of peace. They are the enemies of freedom loving, Christian people."

Separately, Vice President Dick Cheney also promised to deal harshly with Pan Moslem Special Forces activities.

"The only way to ultimately deal with this threat is to destroy it," Cheney said in Washington, speaking from the White House steps.

Following Bush’s statement, the Malaysian government immediately responded with its own statement, saying the government "had no choice but to attack the persons who were directly responsible" for the attacks last July in Kuala Lumpur and South East Asia.

Off record several officials in Washington and in Jakarta have intimated that US officials had long given the Moslem military team permission to execute the strikes in the Blue Ridge Mountains, so long as aircraft remained at a distance of no less than 50 miles from the nation’s capital.

Nevertheless, British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw described today's Blue Ridge bombing as an "outrage" and said the forces of Western Civilization would not be deterred by the attack.

"I am appalled by this callous attack on Christian targets in the United States. My thoughts are with the relatives and friends of those who have been killed and injured," Straw said.

American Government officials will meet next week to reassess the situation and decide whether to bring troops back from Iraq in order to oust the Coalition Special Forces, or if it is better to wait until they secure Lowell and leave of their own accord –which has been the thinking thus far.

But North Carolina's Governor, Mike Easley, said his state would not tolerate the air strikes and vowed to lobby Washington to strike back at the visiting militia "without compromise, without concessions and without mercy.”

Reuters reports say that in the wake of the attacks, the Militant Christian underground network is now digging in and building new defensive positions in order to defend spiritual leader Oliver Lowell.

Amnesty International said over 50 civilians were killed in raids in and around Round Hill, VA, alone.

The attacks and renditions spanned the entire stretch of the the Blue Ridge Parkway, which stretches 469 miles (750 km) along the crests of the Southern Appalachians and links two national parks: Shenandoah to the north and the Great Smoky Mountains, to the South.

Some reports suggested that Pan Moslem forces captured Asheville Regional Airport, but CNN said it seemed they were holding off an attack on the town itself.

It is said that Indonesian warplanes focused their bombing campaign on a remote south western region of Great Smoky Mountains, about 84 miles south of Boone, believed to be another possible hideout of Oliver Lowell and operatives of his Christian extremist PURE network.

Boone's Cave Park, –a 110-acre cave complex in Lexington, NC– is said to also have come under heavy, relentless overnight bombings, witnesses reported.