Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The Europeans are not coming to the aid of the United States. No way, my friend, do they want to suffer the same kind of inconvenient fate that the US is now facing in its eight week of an oil embargo.

Plus, trust me on this one: If Bush won't move against the Coalition Forces that now occupy points along the Appalachian Trail, then there is no way a gaggle of good old boys is going drive them out. North Carolina has plenty homegrown talent and anyone who appears remotely threatening to the Coalition Forces ‘disappears’. Rumor has it they are removed from the occupied zone.

Surely, you must know the entire area where PMC units are stationed has been cordoned off by US troupes? They are positioned where they are to keep Coalition Forces contained, but also in order to keep over-enthusiastic, beer-fueled ‘patriots’ out of our way.

My own opinion is that the current occupation of a few hay fields and ski slopes in winter, and the random extraordinary rendition actions by small incursions that have been taking place throughout the northern hemisphere, is but a small price to pay to keep the wheels of worldwide commerce in motion.

I'm sure the Bush administration wished in hindsight that they had taken that approach in the first place.

Plus, don't forget, Jasp, it's not as though Bush isn't cooperating with the PMC! Were that not the case, Team Sherpa could not have occupied its positions in northeastern North Carolina for as long as they have. We washed up on this mountain a month ago. It doesn’t take an idiot to figure out how the Administration is playing there hand.

The President knows the sooner Coalition Forces secure Lowell, the sooner gas pumps in Boise will fill up again and the overall economy will return to normal.

Jasp, if you take a good look at the mug shots of the hijackers, you’d realize that membership into their club is limited to certain people: white, born again Christian, ex-military professionals, and ugly pinheads all, out to save the world from Globalization.

Somehow that doesn’t strike me as you.

In fact, I barely understand your ability to sympathize with them. Eventually they will end up, if not on execution blocks, wasting away on various and obscure black sites in the middle of the Indian Ocean, lucky to have any teeth left, and even luckier to get a new pair of pink flip-flops once or twice a year.

I think you –and all Americans, for that matter– should be thankful it’s going down just the way it is. The Feds have not demonstrated any interest to send out a search party for Lowell themselves, even if only to appease the international community. For whatever reason, they must think it more reasonable to let foreign forces do it, and I agree with their assessment.

Well, why not? Why get your own hands dirty when someone else is more than happy to cross moral boundaries that most American voters would probably consider unethical? –Innocent until proven guilty, after all. The FBI considers him only a ‘Person of Interest’, and to this date Lowell hasn’t charged with anything, –even if the Indonesians have put a 25 million bounty on his head.

Look, sooner than later, Team Sherpa is going to find Lowell and put him in a holding cell far, far from where he can do any further harm to anyone anywhere in the world. That’s a good thing. If you also think so, let these guys do their jobs and they’ll be gone before you can say:

‘Praise be to Allah’.

Frankly, I would not be surprised to hear that an announcement of Lowell’s arrest is imminent. I've seen Team Sherpa in action, and without revealing details of the operation that would jeopardize it; I can vouch for the professional and methodical execution by which they search this rugged terrain. I’ve seen the way they’ve chipped away at Watauga and the surrounding counties, leaving no stone unturned. Maybe you should give these so-called ‘rag heads’ or ‘towel heads’ –or whatever you call the brave young men I'm embedded with– more credit than you have been thus far.