Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ho hum– Siraj (and Terry by extension),

The Iraq body count you quote is useless. Johns Hopkins issued estimated figures of nearly 4x as much – i.e. 600,000 casualties, and that study came out last fall, dude. Don't you get enough time to read the news while working for, ahem, Al Jazeera?

But whether it's 150,000 dead or EVEN A MILLION DEAD, your last post still features one glaring oversight, which is that MOST of the deaths in Iraq aren't the result of yahoo US soldiers going Rambo on innocent civilians –or even as a result of private contractors flipping out at a stop light.

In point of factoid, most of the casualties are the result of INTERNAL terror campaigns conceived and executed by other Arabs! And, hey, dude, EVEN IF all those people died at the hands of US troops, MAYBE it was worth it for the sake of DEMOCRACY.

I know, I know it sounds God awful insensitive of me, but we dropped nuclear bombs on Japan didn't we and don't tell me that it wasn't worth it –to end the war, sure, but also for the sake of democracy, not to mention the economy.

Anyway, you're not going to get me to post a long rant today, even though I know that's what you were hoping for. Sorry if you find it sometimes boring out in those woods. Maybe you should be happy you're not getting SHOT at.

I'm just too busy right now, but you hear what I'm saying, bro? Most of those dead Iraqis you quote died at the hands of other angry arabs. So stuff that in your pita & eat it–

Now gotta run, dude. I'm taking a self defense class in Tompkins Square Park given by this bad ass ex-marine who just got back from Iraq. Been twice now, it rocks. He lost an one arm in Baghdad and he could still furkin' whup your ass with his other arm tied behind his back.

I guess I'm hoping this warrior shit should come in handy should I ever venture south of The Mason-Dixon Line –or should your new buddies decide they want to try and catch a Broadway show while they're still in the HOME OF THE FREE AND THE BRAVE.

The Jasp