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From Alleged Neo Crusader Oliver Lowell Online Video

Hallelujah Jesus. Praise be to God, the Cherisher and Sustainer of our glorious world.

Greetings people of the world, I want to talk to you today about the best way to avoid further catastrophe and about war, its reasons and its consequences.

So that you understand me better, let us first begin with a question, which I will summarily answer:

What is Globalization and why do we oppose it?

Globalization implies business as usual. But the truth is far from it. So far in fact, that it can often only be found in a mongrel nation overseas.

Globalization relocates control of local resources to traitorous multinational corporations that may have a satellite office in your hometown, but the decisions are made half way around the world, by people who are often not even American, and whose only allegiance is to wealth, with insufficient concern for local effects.

Pennies on the dollar may be good for American business, but it’s not good for America. The result is that food is increasingly unfit for human consumption and innocent people are poisoned; and our lands, forests, oceans and waters are being devastated. But most serious of all, the authentic rights of the individual are slowly being erased in favor of the artificial rights of the corporation, or the irrelevant but tyrannical concerns of foreign Fascist theocracies.

And it’s only getting worse: Overseas stockholders and foreign countries of every ilk repeatedly demand that the United States remove existing protectionist regulations in order that they might maximize a profit by plundering the resources of this country without a fair return to the American people.

They can make these demands because along they way they’ve learned how to leverage our politicians with certain assets, much the same way a drug dealer controls a junkie.

I’m referring of course to the Energy producers in the Mid East and Southeast Asia. If we have not moved past peak oil, we are rapidly approaching it, or so the Mongrel states would have us believe. Has there ever been a time when they did not control supply in order to manipulate prices?

But suppose this time the claim were true. You’d think they might show some humility. If they did, being Christians, we might even help them in their time of need. But instead they are scrambling to find other ways sustain their sinister economies by controlling us.

For instance, they are buying up our land, our corporations, our patents, our domain names and using traitorous lobbyists to relax regulations that include the right to set-up an operation or commercial presence in the United States, the right to provide cross-border services, the right to send service workers into the United States to perform a service contract made with a foreign company, and the right to sell services to U.S. citizens abroad.

Of course once market access is granted, all levels of government become obligated to provide certain treatment to Foreign Service providers. It may not be right, and now your paycheck is half the size it was yesterday, but suddenly it's legal.

You think you elected representatives to Government that would protect you, but all too often they’re just using public office as a resume builder, because they have their real sites set on a cushy job as –you guessed it–, a lobbyist.

Is it any wonder that so many of these Fascist theocracies have become haughty and arrogant? They consider themselves masters of energy, and therefore of the world.

As you know many of these mongrel nations have leveled accusations against me they cannot prove. I have a big mouth and because I can see through their charade, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t know the truth. I’m going to call it like it is.

Today every leader of every Mongrel nation, and even the media in the west, have decided to follow a double standard, calling whoever goes against Globalization a terrorist.

If that were not enough, they want to bait and switch our representatives for their own agents so that they can rule us based not on what Jesus has revealed in the according to the Good Book, but on the convoluted practices of the Qur'an or the Vedas. It doesn't take an academic to see that these Muslim and Hindu economies want to consume our resources, and at a bargain basement price. And if we refuse to play by their game, they will call you, like they call me, a terrorist, or a Crusader.

But wherever we look, we find the Islamic states are the real leaders of terrorism in the world. Don't believe me? I ask you: How many Christian churches are there in Saudi Arabia?

And it’s only getting worse: Other policies set for elimination include the privatization and deregulation of public energy and water utilities, postal services, higher education and alcohol distribution systems; the right of foreign firms to obtain U.S. government small business loans; and deregulation of private-sector industries such as insurance, banking, mutual funds and securities.

Mining corporations receive huge welfare handouts from the ruling regime of the United States in the form of access to public land at far less than the market value. This would be an issue of concern were these companies American in the first place, but many are not. Yet billions of dollars worth of precious metals and other natural resources are being taken from public land, without any compensation to U.S. taxpayers.

And yet surprisingly there continue to be those who promote the cause of free trade. Oddly enough, some of the most ardent supporters are working class intellectuals whose own jobs are due for elimination.

I ask what can a man say to that but: 'Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.'

Nevertheless, first these misguided intellectuals argue that economic Globalization is inevitable. Second, they argue any dislocation is temporary, and to be accommodated as everyone will benefit in the long run.

In actuality, however, many people are being harmed by Globalization. No doubt Globalization is helping Wall Street titans get richer, but that isn't really saying much about what's happening to the ordinary middle and working class American citizen.

But why is this happening? How did we get to be victims?

A wise and practical man once said, “God continues to lift the curtain and allow the enemies of America to give us probably what we deserve. When a nation deserts God and expels God from the culture… the result is not good."

The Crusaders of the West –especially Clinton, Bush, Blair, Rasmussen and Merkel – still talk about freedom and human rights with a flagrant disregard for the well being of the common man.

Of course, we shall never convince zealots of the case for local pride. We can never sway them from their intent to unify the world into a single society. But though they may be blind in their quest for personal wealth, you and I, Christian soldiers both, are not blind and will not follow any plan but God’s.

Praise God, Jesus, Amen. [Lowell pauses to drink from a glass of water]

Unfortunately, for Christian people who express a desire to preserve the American way of life it's an Orwellian nightmare out there. The Corporations are beholden to no one.

As Bob Dylan would say, 'The times they are a-changin'.

And it’s only getting worse: Traitorous multinational corporations have now embraced a 21st Century model of 'Three Card Monty Employment', relying exclusively on contract or temporary workers they can swap out at will. All part and parcel of the wonderful economic model called Globalization.

Of course some workers prefer contract positions because it allows them great flexibility in their schedules. For working moms, it gives them time to care for their children, for instance. And others have learned how to wrangle the 'new economy' for themselves, by offering their skills to the highest bidder and working exclusively over the Internet.

But those are the picture perfect exceptions the corporate titans present to the media. In reality, examples like that are too few and far between. Most of the time it's like you woke up one day and all of a sudden learned that if you don't want your American job sent overseas, then you had better play by the new rules and let yourself get hired out not as a full-time employee with benefits, but as a so-called long-term worker. Your employer won't be the company you actually work for, however. Instead corporations are playing an economic shell game with people's livelihoods by hiring through staffing firms.

Here's why it's a shell game:

In truth, under the new system there's nothing different about your obligations to management. You won't have any more rights as an employee, but you'll certainly be working full time and your wage won't be decent or fair; instead it'll be 'competitive'.

In fact, in this brave new world employers don't have to offer wages commiserate with your skill or education level; or entice best of breed talent with pensions, health care, liability insurance, workers comp or stock options. If you don't play by their rules, they'll outsource your job to India, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, –wherever they can in order to be able to return with the kind of quarterly profit that get the rich richer while the rest of us wonder how we'll pay the rent or the mortgage, and raise and educate our kids.

It's not that employers couldn't make a decent profit before, it's that now they can make a bigger profit executing what can only be described as a scorched earth policy when it comes to independent contractors. The irony is that while they do so, many will all the while promote themselves as 'eco friendly' and 'environmentally concerned'.

Well, I ask you: How can you be environmentally concerned when you don't give a damn about the welfare of your next door neighbor? How can anyone say they care about the planet when they don't even care about their community. Certainly, it's helpful if the community is half a world a way so you don't have to actually look the people in the eye who's livelihoods you're pillaging.

The people in these corporations that execute these policies may think themselves fiscally responsible and ecologically conscious, but one thing they certainly are not is Christian.

And it’s only getting worse: The Dark Ages are upon us again, but this time our Feudal lords are faceless stockholders, and we find ourselves beholden to a worldwide Authoritarian Economic Regime. We may not be slaves in name, but how many wage earners do you know who have lost a grip on their destiny, having woke up one day to find themselves enslaved by debt?

I say to you we as a nation have lost our way when the man who would be our President asks us to demonstrate our pride and patriotism by charging up frivolous purchases on behalf of the economy.

Now carrying a debt burden no honest person should have to suffer, they may as well be indentured to the credit card companies, and by extension our foreign masters.

If that’s not being a slave, then I don’t know what is. I assure you: One day historians will look back on this era and understand the word 'consumer' to be a synonym for 'servant'.

In similar fashion, America itself has allowed the rich and powerful to sell off bits and pieces of itself to foreign investors in the Mid East and Asia, even while at the same time it borrows from these same mongrel states to pay for an ill conceived war –a war waged not so much to liberate an oppressed people from a dictator but to make the world safe for shopping.

Unfortunately, the time will come when the country will be called upon to repay our debts. What becomes of us then? If a single man's debt to the credit card companies has the capacity to transform him into an indentured serf, how will the national debt charged up by the Federal Government shift the balance of power from 'We the People', the citizens of this country, to leaders of another?

Yet, we let this broken system continue to fail forward. –Even while with each passing day the forces driving the world economy toward economic integration grow increasingly sinister.

Those who herald the concept of Globalization declare the world is flat. Others still call it a small planet, as though God created it with a happy face etched on it's continents. So why then do we all feel like strangers in a strange land? Why does it seem we are continuously a world at war?

It is because the current vision for a global market economy is flawed at a most fundamental level. Free Trade may sound sensible in theory, but in practice it erodes the web of relationships that holds human society together. The closer we get, the farther apart we are. The smaller the world, the more suffocating it feels. We are quickly transforming our nation into a country of gated communities and suburban slums.

So mock me if you wish, but skeptics need only look at the Balkans. Fifty years from now, if Globalization continues, the whole world will look like that fractured territory –smashed together, ripped apart, with polarized consumer populations constantly at each other's murderous throats.

Still, it is not too late to put on the brakes, slow down and reassess the path we want to take into the future.

I suggest to you that there are two ways to end the present global conflict.

The first is from our side, and it is to continue to escalate the killing and fighting against the Moslems and mongrels until they no longer pose a threat to Christians, the American way of life or Western civilization.

The second way is for non-Christians the world over to reject Globalization and the Islamic faith. Surely, it has now become clear to these people that the impotence of Fascist theocracies only serves to achieve the interests of corrupt Imams and royals.

To non-Christians everywhere: I invite you to embrace Christianity. Globalization may open up the world in some ways, but it destroys communities, and it does no favors for the environment.

The result is, that for better or for worse, now a movement growing in America and in Northern Europe, consolidating out of the disenfranchised masses. The people who make up this movement have patiently watched their paychecks diminish, their savings disappear, and their jobs vanish, so that business men in tunics and turbans can post profits. We are Christians capable of forgiving greedy excesses, but we will not forgo first excising justice from these pirates.

For the time being it appears that sinister economic forces will continue to gain the upper hand. Nevertheless, should all other options run out, I may be but one man, but there over my shoulder you will see an army standing behind me, immense in size, ready, willing, able to fight for their values in order to save their way of life for themselves and their children.

I am very serious when I say that I take it as my duty to insure that Jesus Christ, our lord and savior, is exalted in this land.

Which brings me to my next suggestion. In order to peacefully achieve this end, the people of North America and Europe must drive every last Moslem out of every single Christian country.

Unfortunately, as these non-Christians depart, we will not be able to guarantee their safety.

The United States alone is a population of 300 million people. In Canada the population is 33 million, and in the European Union, the population is nearly 500 million. A reaction might take place as a result of some now unforeseeable act of Moslem aggression against Christian civilians.

For many, the mere mention of 'Islam' reminds us before everything else of how Moslems repeatedly abandoned basic humanitarian feelings by enacting hideous crimes against Christians and the West. Christianity forbids harming innocent women and children, but just how could anyone stop an unruly crowd striking back against an unjust attacker?

I call upon all non-Christians who see this video: Depart quickly, for your security is in your own hands.

It is in fact for an array of past injustices, that the world is presently victimized by mongrel aggression. In this regard, we hold the Islamic states singularly responsible for any reaction against their people because of the treacherous way it has long sought to destroy our way of life, and in doing so, injured Christians.

Of course, to those non-Christians who convert and embrace Christianity –and the American way of life–, I invite you to stay and contribute your talents to our once and future great civilization.

We fight because we are free, and we won't put up with transgressions. We want to reclaim our nation and our values.

To the mongrel nations: As you spoil our security, we will spoil yours.

Meanwhile, I do wonder about you who do call yourselves Moslems or Hindus, or claim allegiance to other erroneous faiths. Although it's been eight months since the events of 7/27, the leaders of your Fascist theocracies are still exercising confusion and misleading the public and not telling you the true reason behind their motivations.

Therefore, I must warn you so you will not be surprised in the future:

The motivations that contributed to the attacks on Southeast Asia are still present. Therefore might such events as those that occurred on 7/27 happen again? Should anyone be be surprised if they did?

My name is Oliver Lowell. Peace to all, good luck and God Bless–

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