Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Last Update: February 20, 7:36AM

Lowell Capture Proving Difficult


On Monday the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, said that capturing Oliver Lowell was proving to be more difficult than expected, although the "net is getting tighter" around the America renegade.

"The noose is beginning to narrow,“ the Prime Minister added, "–But this is a difficult assignment… It may take another month or two."

Badawi praised Pan Moslem military efforts against members of the extremist network PURE, thus far.

"Things happened very quickly in the West, which show that our strategy was well thought-out,” a reference to the well executed an unnamed number of extraordinary renditions in North America and Europe. “But the ultimate objective is yet to be achieved," he admitted.

As speculations ran high that Lowell could evade Pan Moslem forces and slip into Canada –if he hasn’t already–, the Indonesian navy issued a warrant to search all small watercraft leaving US territorial waters in proximity to the coasts of Maine and Nova Scotia.

The combing operation started on Monday after Indonesia’s President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono issued orders to this effect through its Maritime Liaison Office in Venezuela.

“The next stage in the War Against Evil is to deny 'killers, crusaders and criminals' sanctuary anywhere,” He emphasized.

Anyone suspected of assisting or transporting Lowell or the leaders of any Christian Crusader or 'Identity' group would risk the sinking or seizure of their vessel and would be detained and jailed, the advisory said.

Also, any perceived hostility towards an Indonesian or coalition naval unit during these operations would result in the destruction of the vessel, the directive said.

Meanwhile, India’s President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, also expressed concern of intelligence reports indicating the Neo Crusader may have already eluded them by fleeing into either Canada or Mexico.

"A movement by the Crusaders towards a neighboring country is always possible," Abdul Kalam told the press in New Delhi.

But even if Lowell is in Canada, Indonesia’s Maj. Gen. Mayjen Syahrir, commanding general of the country’s Special Forces Command (KOPASSUS), said that a good deal remains to be done militarily in the United States because no matter where Crusader forces have withdrawn, they are likely to return to the Appalachian mountains, after they regroup.

"There are still thousands of these trained killers around,” the Major General said. “They hate Muslims and Hindus... because we are an efficient society. They cannot stand the thought we have stepped onto US shores and will descend every valley and climb every mountain until we locate our man, and we will find him," he added.

KOPASSUS is associated with human rights abuses and 'disappearances', which have been documented by both respected human rights organizations and the Indonesian government itself. But no one in Southeast Asia seems to care, much less willing to betting against KOPASSUS, an elite force known for its quick strike potential, and whose members have been known to scale Mount Everest when not on assignment rooting out resistance and terror in the far corners of the world.

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