Saturday, February 10, 2007

Annika, babe, it sucks the how Toronto is getting slammed. Damn, I wish I was there with you right now.

It's funny, though – you guys have fuel, electricity 24/7, but in some ways it sounds like you have it worse than we do in the States. In New York City right now, anyone who lives in a building with a rooftop water tank is constantly praying that the power stays on long enough to pump it up full of water. I'm doing all right in our building, so far, but it's still pretty lame that some people have to go without running water for hours, and often for days.

Of course, I do hear what you, Siraj, and Terry are saying. But I gotta say this: Despite the attacks on Southeast Asia, despite the fucked up shooting in Toronto, I've come round to believe that most of these Christians are probably a more peaceful people than you guys them credit for. –Not the leaders, maybe, not the ‘deciders’ like Lowell –those people are extremists, and Lowell, –if he exists, if he's the mastermind, he probably is–, he's a dangerous kook. And that guy in Toronto was a mad man, no doubt about it.

Granted, I go back and forth a bit, cause the dude is just so wack. But I can tell you that when regular folks look at what he's saying, you can't help but come away thinking that the dude makes some damn good points.

Like, why are we sending jobs overseas? Why are we soft on illegal immigration. Why are legal immigration levels as high as they are? Why does it seem like we're in a race to abandon the Judeo-Christian values that made us the greatest country in the world? Why do we keep feeding the oil beast?

Why do we give a damn about democracy in the Mid East, anyway, when we have our own problems to take care of? Who gives a flying fuck about Globalization anyway? Should we really be making it easier for socially irresponsible corporations to ship jobs overseas? Don't we need to think about the health and welfare of our own children before we worry about working conditions of laborers overseas?

Think about it. The whole idea of Globalization just makes me want to PUKE.

Granted, dude's methodology –flying planes into buildings– is wack, but he still makes a good point. A sick person doesn't help other sick people before healing himself. He has to heal himself first, and then he can help even more people get well than he could have if he remained sick. Well, Uncle Sam is that sick man, bro, and a lot of people say Lowell is the doctor.

Don't worry, I'm NOT going to enlist with PURE. Hahahaha! But a lot of people do want to get these Moslem forces out of the country, and count me in that group of PATRIOTS. Terry, have you been to Washington Square lately? People are all but forming militias! And if this conflict continues much longer they just might! I know where I stand, do you?

The way I see it, these neo Crusaders seem to be fighting to save what I’ll call ‘the American concept’. And America is ultimately a peaceful nation, is it not?

And if you look at it from that angle, then these Crusader attacks aren’t so much motivated by kooky religious objectives as much as they are by valid strategic political and humanitarian objectives.

How else to compel modern democracies (which were founded on Judeo-Christian principals) to prevent dilution of their culture by third world invaders?

How else to force third world powers to withdraw from economic partnerships or political arrangements that may benefit a few fat cats, but otherwise serve to destroy local economies.

Check it: Terrorists –if that's what you want to call the Crusaders, which is a wack enough name as it is (I think of them more as FREEDOM FIGHTERS)– don't just create mayhem for mayhem's sake. Mostly, they emerge from a demographic that feels unrepresented, unheard, disenfranchised, and maybe OPPRESSED by tyranny or circumstance.

Well, how else to get a OPPRESSOR whose either ignoring you or exterminating you to STOP and LISTEN, but to BLOW SOMETHING THE FUCK UP?

Well, guys, I get that. I feel where Lowell is coming from. Yeah, innocent people may die in the process, but we bombed Japan, we bombed Germany and we call World War II vets THE GREATEST GENERATION that ever lived. You going to take that away from them just because people died in Dresden or Hiroshima? Maybe innocent people have to die in order for the greater good to be achieved. I hope it's not me. I hope it's not you. You know, that's why they call it COLLATERAL DAMAGE.

Annika, babe, even you can’t deny, –the beautiful person that you are– that if the American economy collapses in on itself, it's not just a bad thing for America, it's a bad thing for the world.

So, Siraj, dude, you can believe anything you want. But I think you confuse the point, man. Yeah, you don't get it. I don’t sympathize with Lowell, so cut the crap. Geez, dude is anti-Zionist scum. But nevertheless I share his pro-American, anti-Globalization agenda.

As Martin Luther King said, there's something to be said in "THE FIERCE URGENCY OF NOW". Dude was a Christian, but he wasn't just fighting for Christians, he was fighting for everybody. Just like Lowell is now, maybe. I hope so, anyway.

Otherwise we'll have to call in Mossad. Those fuckers have catching Nazis down to a furkin' science.

Keeping it real–