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17:32 MECCA TIME, 14:32 GMT
Al Jazeera News: Americas
By Siraj Talal

7/27 Crusaders had link to Mainstream American Evangelicals

Reverend Silas Troublefield, never far from the pulpit, preaching to the converted during better times, at his Jefferson Mega Church facility in Ashe County, North Carolina. Once shunned by The National Association of Evangelicals, Rev. Troublefield built a multimillion dollar empire all the while covertly recruiting for the international Christian Crusader campaign, PURE.

Troublefield was a self admitted associate of Christopher Kemper, a German national doing missionary work in Australia, and one of several Christian terrorists who highjacked Al-Qadar, Flight 1013, on 7/27.

Kemper is said to have piloted the aircraft before crashing it in the Strait of Malacca with 67 passengers and crew aboard. On Sunday evening, February 25, 2007, the preacher was extradited to Indonesia with several of his colleagues, all thought to be part of a Christian Identity intelligence cell...(More)

Ya Hala! Sorry, I haven't been neglecting you guys, but I've been jammed on an assignment. Sort of a big deal. I've been researching the Christian Identity movement here in western North Carolina, and one of the local prominent figures I've doing background on, Silas Troublefield, was extradited from a little town near here called Jefferson, just here a couple of days ago.

I've been gathering information on him since I got here in January. All of a sudden I'm sitting on a story! Anyway, here it is:

From Al Jazeera
17:32 MECCA TIME, 14:32 GMT
By Siraj Talal


7/27 Crusaders had link to Mainstream American Evangelicals

Reverend Silas Troublefield, a well loved champion of expository preaching, and longtime member of the National Association of Evangelicals, was nevertheless shunted out of a Houston mega church in 1987.

It is now known the popular Texan minister was asked to resign following allegations that he had sympathies for the Christian Identity movement. Not only had he diverted church funds to Identity causes, but Troublefield was believed to be recruiting members of the US military from the church's own congregation for the now notorious Global Crusade known as PURE.

In contrast to the mission stated by the National Association of Evangelicals, the 'Christian Identity' is a label applied to a variety of loosely affiliated believers with a racialized theology. Many promote a Eurocentric interpretation of Christianity. The following represent the three pillars of the movement's core ideology:

* Jews are not 'true' Israelites; they are descendents of Satan and Eve.
* White Aryans are the actual descendants of biblical tribes of Israel, and they are born with an inherently divine mission to make God's will manifest on earth.
* The war on evil will end in a final conflict we know as the Apocalypse.

Both Evangelicals and members of the Identity movement consider themselves to be 'Christian', but that's where the similarity ends. The groups are otherwise as different as Sunni and Shiite Muslims, and each would say that the other preaches heresy.

Naturally, Silas Troublefield was forced to abandon his post in Houston, much to the dismay of many in the community who considered him not just charismatic and capable, but truly inspired.

Born in Kenya as a son of missionaries, he was educated at the Duke Divinity School, and wrote several prominent books in his career, including ‘Transforming The World With The Word’, co-written with his son, Michael, who is Vice President of Troublefield Ministries International.

In 2005 Silas Troublefield moved his family and found a new home, and assembled a new congregation in Jefferson, set among the rolling valleys of the Blue Ridge Mountains, far from the cries of indignation back in Texas, but still close enough to three state borders that he had no problems building another mega church, drawing congregants from not just North Carolina, but from Tennessee and Virginia as well.

Two years later he started broadcasting his sermons. The broadcasts grew to enjoy such popularity, that up until the OPEC oil embargo on the United States started last December, his Christian radio station netted tens of millions of dollars every year from all across the United States, Canada and overseas.

Over the last two decades, the Reverend Troublefield managed to eek out an informal truce with the National Association of Evangelicals. But one thing Troublefield did not ever do –sources close to his inner circle say– was stop recruiting for PURE.

Rather, according to an Indonesian security analyst, Troublefield simply found a new home where he could mingle freely with others who drew no distinction between being Evangelical and identifying themselves as Christian Soldiers, with an emphasis on 'Soldiers'.

It also helped that Troublefield built his new church within modest driving distance of several major US military populations, from which Troublefield filled the pews with new recruits to the cause as well as the congregation.

Troublefield's ousting from Houston may sound in hindsight like much ado about nothing, but many members of the Christian Identity movement also happen to believe in organizing an overthrow of the US government.

As it happens, the movement has already accumulated a substantial and notorious history for waging a guerilla insurgency against the federal government, inspired by William L. Pierce's novel of Aryan cessation, 'The Turner Diaries', a book many consider every bit as important as the Bible.

It is widely known today that Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols, the men responsible behind one of the most shocking terrorist attacks within America, the Oklahoma City Bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building, used the Turner Dairies as a blueprint for terror.

But regardless of the depth of Troublefield's closely held personal core beliefs, the preacher managed to keep up the appearance of a repentant Evangelical.

In fact, during the strike against Southeast Asia on 7/27, the charismatic figure was attending a theological conference at Lynchburg College, in Virginia, as 'the CEO and President of Troublefield Ministries International', and taking meetings with old friends who were themselves present as representatives of The National Association of Evangelicals.

It was a perfect cover.

Unfortunately for members of National Association of Evangelicals, Pan Moslem authorities are now conducting formal inquiries to see if any of them did anything more than 'rub elbows' with their former colleague.

The principal question is to what extent Troublefield may have infiltrated the Evangelical community, an organization whose members number in the tens of millions. And if a link can be made, what role any implicated Evangelicals may have played on behalf of Troublefield's Christian Identity crusade, specifically in regard to the planning, funding and execution of the July 27 attacks.

Intelligence inputs say that at roughly the same time that $100,000 was wired from an undisclosed Houston account to Troublefield’s fundraising office in North Carolina, the same amount was wired from Troublefield Ministries to a mission in Australia where Christopher Kemper worked, ostensibly spreading the Gospel, but only a few days before Kemper would execute his final mission as a highjacker.

Many in the Southeast Asian intelligence community firmly believe that the July 27 attacks "were not the act of an individual terrorism cell, but rather they were part of a coordinated Christian-intelligence operation, whose membership goes well beyond the immediately identifiable network of Christian Identity groups, and draws substantial support from the mainstream Evangelical community", a sizable group which observers point out includes among its members President Bush.

It is now clear that Silas Troublefield did not choose the backwoods of North Carolina so much for its sublime natural beauty, as he told acquaintances at Christian conferences over the years, but rather because North Carolina has long been a hotbed of extremist groups and movements.

Today, domestic hate groups and anti-government extremist groups can be found in every section of North Carolina, and threats to Muslims in the region have emerged at an exponential rate in recent years.

If only Mr. Troublefield hadn't been so vocal on his radio show about his support for the 7/27 crusaders, he might have continued to go unnoticed by Pan Moslem authorities. But of Christopher Kemper in particular, a German national who took the controls of Al-Qadar, Flight 1013, and sent it spiraling to its tragic end in the Strait of Malacca with 67 passengers and crew aboard, –Troublefield said:

"Christopher was a loyal friend, and he touched literally thousands and thousands of lives through his words and deeds. He will be dearly missed. We have lost a dear friend and a great role model and mentor for Christian Soldiers."

In another broadcast Troublefield announced:

“As an evangelical Christian I believe in Jesus Christ as my Savior and Lord. I take the Bible seriously as my rule of faith and practice. That is who evangelicals are and what evangelicals believe. Just as Muslims want us to know about Islam I want Muslims to know about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. And I believe I am the man who can make them stop and listen.”

In an ironic turn of events, Troublefield may now well have his chance. On Sunday evening, February 25, 2007, a private Gulfstream Jet leased by the Indonesian government departed Ashe County Airport (three miles (5 km) east of Jefferson), with the Reverend and several others aboard.

The next day, on the morning of Monday, February 26, the world learned of the Christian preacher's extradition to Indonesia, home to over 200 million Muslims. Sources within the Indonesian Intelligence community tell us they are all ears to hear what the American preacher has to tell them.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Last Update: February 20, 7:36AM

Lowell Capture Proving Difficult


On Monday the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, said that capturing Oliver Lowell was proving to be more difficult than expected, although the "net is getting tighter" around the America renegade.

"The noose is beginning to narrow,“ the Prime Minister added, "–But this is a difficult assignment… It may take another month or two."

Badawi praised Pan Moslem military efforts against members of the extremist network PURE, thus far.

"Things happened very quickly in the West, which show that our strategy was well thought-out,” a reference to the well executed an unnamed number of extraordinary renditions in North America and Europe. “But the ultimate objective is yet to be achieved," he admitted.

As speculations ran high that Lowell could evade Pan Moslem forces and slip into Canada –if he hasn’t already–, the Indonesian navy issued a warrant to search all small watercraft leaving US territorial waters in proximity to the coasts of Maine and Nova Scotia.

The combing operation started on Monday after Indonesia’s President, Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono issued orders to this effect through its Maritime Liaison Office in Venezuela.

“The next stage in the War Against Evil is to deny 'killers, crusaders and criminals' sanctuary anywhere,” He emphasized.

Anyone suspected of assisting or transporting Lowell or the leaders of any Christian Crusader or 'Identity' group would risk the sinking or seizure of their vessel and would be detained and jailed, the advisory said.

Also, any perceived hostility towards an Indonesian or coalition naval unit during these operations would result in the destruction of the vessel, the directive said.

Meanwhile, India’s President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, also expressed concern of intelligence reports indicating the Neo Crusader may have already eluded them by fleeing into either Canada or Mexico.

"A movement by the Crusaders towards a neighboring country is always possible," Abdul Kalam told the press in New Delhi.

But even if Lowell is in Canada, Indonesia’s Maj. Gen. Mayjen Syahrir, commanding general of the country’s Special Forces Command (KOPASSUS), said that a good deal remains to be done militarily in the United States because no matter where Crusader forces have withdrawn, they are likely to return to the Appalachian mountains, after they regroup.

"There are still thousands of these trained killers around,” the Major General said. “They hate Muslims and Hindus... because we are an efficient society. They cannot stand the thought we have stepped onto US shores and will descend every valley and climb every mountain until we locate our man, and we will find him," he added.

KOPASSUS is associated with human rights abuses and 'disappearances', which have been documented by both respected human rights organizations and the Indonesian government itself. But no one in Southeast Asia seems to care, much less willing to betting against KOPASSUS, an elite force known for its quick strike potential, and whose members have been known to scale Mount Everest when not on assignment rooting out resistance and terror in the far corners of the world.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

From THE TORONTO STAR, Last Update: February 18, 8:55AM:
New Lowell Video Surfaces in Canada: Crusader urges Muslims to embrace Christianity; Asks Americans to end Globalization...(more)
Last Update: February 18, 8:55AM

Full Transcript:

From Alleged Neo Crusader Oliver Lowell Online Video

Hallelujah Jesus. Praise be to God, the Cherisher and Sustainer of our glorious world.

Greetings people of the world, I want to talk to you today about the best way to avoid further catastrophe and about war, its reasons and its consequences.

So that you understand me better, let us first begin with a question, which I will summarily answer:

What is Globalization and why do we oppose it?

Globalization implies business as usual. But the truth is far from it. So far in fact, that it can often only be found in a mongrel nation overseas.

Globalization relocates control of local resources to traitorous multinational corporations that may have a satellite office in your hometown, but the decisions are made half way around the world, by people who are often not even American, and whose only allegiance is to wealth, with insufficient concern for local effects.

Pennies on the dollar may be good for American business, but it’s not good for America. The result is that food is increasingly unfit for human consumption and innocent people are poisoned; and our lands, forests, oceans and waters are being devastated. But most serious of all, the authentic rights of the individual are slowly being erased in favor of the artificial rights of the corporation, or the irrelevant but tyrannical concerns of foreign Fascist theocracies.

And it’s only getting worse: Overseas stockholders and foreign countries of every ilk repeatedly demand that the United States remove existing protectionist regulations in order that they might maximize a profit by plundering the resources of this country without a fair return to the American people.

They can make these demands because along they way they’ve learned how to leverage our politicians with certain assets, much the same way a drug dealer controls a junkie.

I’m referring of course to the Energy producers in the Mid East and Southeast Asia. If we have not moved past peak oil, we are rapidly approaching it, or so the Mongrel states would have us believe. Has there ever been a time when they did not control supply in order to manipulate prices?

But suppose this time the claim were true. You’d think they might show some humility. If they did, being Christians, we might even help them in their time of need. But instead they are scrambling to find other ways sustain their sinister economies by controlling us.

For instance, they are buying up our land, our corporations, our patents, our domain names and using traitorous lobbyists to relax regulations that include the right to set-up an operation or commercial presence in the United States, the right to provide cross-border services, the right to send service workers into the United States to perform a service contract made with a foreign company, and the right to sell services to U.S. citizens abroad.

Of course once market access is granted, all levels of government become obligated to provide certain treatment to Foreign Service providers. It may not be right, and now your paycheck is half the size it was yesterday, but suddenly it's legal.

You think you elected representatives to Government that would protect you, but all too often they’re just using public office as a resume builder, because they have their real sites set on a cushy job as –you guessed it–, a lobbyist.

Is it any wonder that so many of these Fascist theocracies have become haughty and arrogant? They consider themselves masters of energy, and therefore of the world.

As you know many of these mongrel nations have leveled accusations against me they cannot prove. I have a big mouth and because I can see through their charade, I’m not going to pretend that I don’t know the truth. I’m going to call it like it is.

Today every leader of every Mongrel nation, and even the media in the west, have decided to follow a double standard, calling whoever goes against Globalization a terrorist.

If that were not enough, they want to bait and switch our representatives for their own agents so that they can rule us based not on what Jesus has revealed in the according to the Good Book, but on the convoluted practices of the Qur'an or the Vedas. It doesn't take an academic to see that these Muslim and Hindu economies want to consume our resources, and at a bargain basement price. And if we refuse to play by their game, they will call you, like they call me, a terrorist, or a Crusader.

But wherever we look, we find the Islamic states are the real leaders of terrorism in the world. Don't believe me? I ask you: How many Christian churches are there in Saudi Arabia?

And it’s only getting worse: Other policies set for elimination include the privatization and deregulation of public energy and water utilities, postal services, higher education and alcohol distribution systems; the right of foreign firms to obtain U.S. government small business loans; and deregulation of private-sector industries such as insurance, banking, mutual funds and securities.

Mining corporations receive huge welfare handouts from the ruling regime of the United States in the form of access to public land at far less than the market value. This would be an issue of concern were these companies American in the first place, but many are not. Yet billions of dollars worth of precious metals and other natural resources are being taken from public land, without any compensation to U.S. taxpayers.

And yet surprisingly there continue to be those who promote the cause of free trade. Oddly enough, some of the most ardent supporters are working class intellectuals whose own jobs are due for elimination.

I ask what can a man say to that but: 'Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.'

Nevertheless, first these misguided intellectuals argue that economic Globalization is inevitable. Second, they argue any dislocation is temporary, and to be accommodated as everyone will benefit in the long run.

In actuality, however, many people are being harmed by Globalization. No doubt Globalization is helping Wall Street titans get richer, but that isn't really saying much about what's happening to the ordinary middle and working class American citizen.

But why is this happening? How did we get to be victims?

A wise and practical man once said, “God continues to lift the curtain and allow the enemies of America to give us probably what we deserve. When a nation deserts God and expels God from the culture… the result is not good."

The Crusaders of the West –especially Clinton, Bush, Blair, Rasmussen and Merkel – still talk about freedom and human rights with a flagrant disregard for the well being of the common man.

Of course, we shall never convince zealots of the case for local pride. We can never sway them from their intent to unify the world into a single society. But though they may be blind in their quest for personal wealth, you and I, Christian soldiers both, are not blind and will not follow any plan but God’s.

Praise God, Jesus, Amen. [Lowell pauses to drink from a glass of water]

Unfortunately, for Christian people who express a desire to preserve the American way of life it's an Orwellian nightmare out there. The Corporations are beholden to no one.

As Bob Dylan would say, 'The times they are a-changin'.

And it’s only getting worse: Traitorous multinational corporations have now embraced a 21st Century model of 'Three Card Monty Employment', relying exclusively on contract or temporary workers they can swap out at will. All part and parcel of the wonderful economic model called Globalization.

Of course some workers prefer contract positions because it allows them great flexibility in their schedules. For working moms, it gives them time to care for their children, for instance. And others have learned how to wrangle the 'new economy' for themselves, by offering their skills to the highest bidder and working exclusively over the Internet.

But those are the picture perfect exceptions the corporate titans present to the media. In reality, examples like that are too few and far between. Most of the time it's like you woke up one day and all of a sudden learned that if you don't want your American job sent overseas, then you had better play by the new rules and let yourself get hired out not as a full-time employee with benefits, but as a so-called long-term worker. Your employer won't be the company you actually work for, however. Instead corporations are playing an economic shell game with people's livelihoods by hiring through staffing firms.

Here's why it's a shell game:

In truth, under the new system there's nothing different about your obligations to management. You won't have any more rights as an employee, but you'll certainly be working full time and your wage won't be decent or fair; instead it'll be 'competitive'.

In fact, in this brave new world employers don't have to offer wages commiserate with your skill or education level; or entice best of breed talent with pensions, health care, liability insurance, workers comp or stock options. If you don't play by their rules, they'll outsource your job to India, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, –wherever they can in order to be able to return with the kind of quarterly profit that get the rich richer while the rest of us wonder how we'll pay the rent or the mortgage, and raise and educate our kids.

It's not that employers couldn't make a decent profit before, it's that now they can make a bigger profit executing what can only be described as a scorched earth policy when it comes to independent contractors. The irony is that while they do so, many will all the while promote themselves as 'eco friendly' and 'environmentally concerned'.

Well, I ask you: How can you be environmentally concerned when you don't give a damn about the welfare of your next door neighbor? How can anyone say they care about the planet when they don't even care about their community. Certainly, it's helpful if the community is half a world a way so you don't have to actually look the people in the eye who's livelihoods you're pillaging.

The people in these corporations that execute these policies may think themselves fiscally responsible and ecologically conscious, but one thing they certainly are not is Christian.

And it’s only getting worse: The Dark Ages are upon us again, but this time our Feudal lords are faceless stockholders, and we find ourselves beholden to a worldwide Authoritarian Economic Regime. We may not be slaves in name, but how many wage earners do you know who have lost a grip on their destiny, having woke up one day to find themselves enslaved by debt?

I say to you we as a nation have lost our way when the man who would be our President asks us to demonstrate our pride and patriotism by charging up frivolous purchases on behalf of the economy.

Now carrying a debt burden no honest person should have to suffer, they may as well be indentured to the credit card companies, and by extension our foreign masters.

If that’s not being a slave, then I don’t know what is. I assure you: One day historians will look back on this era and understand the word 'consumer' to be a synonym for 'servant'.

In similar fashion, America itself has allowed the rich and powerful to sell off bits and pieces of itself to foreign investors in the Mid East and Asia, even while at the same time it borrows from these same mongrel states to pay for an ill conceived war –a war waged not so much to liberate an oppressed people from a dictator but to make the world safe for shopping.

Unfortunately, the time will come when the country will be called upon to repay our debts. What becomes of us then? If a single man's debt to the credit card companies has the capacity to transform him into an indentured serf, how will the national debt charged up by the Federal Government shift the balance of power from 'We the People', the citizens of this country, to leaders of another?

Yet, we let this broken system continue to fail forward. –Even while with each passing day the forces driving the world economy toward economic integration grow increasingly sinister.

Those who herald the concept of Globalization declare the world is flat. Others still call it a small planet, as though God created it with a happy face etched on it's continents. So why then do we all feel like strangers in a strange land? Why does it seem we are continuously a world at war?

It is because the current vision for a global market economy is flawed at a most fundamental level. Free Trade may sound sensible in theory, but in practice it erodes the web of relationships that holds human society together. The closer we get, the farther apart we are. The smaller the world, the more suffocating it feels. We are quickly transforming our nation into a country of gated communities and suburban slums.

So mock me if you wish, but skeptics need only look at the Balkans. Fifty years from now, if Globalization continues, the whole world will look like that fractured territory –smashed together, ripped apart, with polarized consumer populations constantly at each other's murderous throats.

Still, it is not too late to put on the brakes, slow down and reassess the path we want to take into the future.

I suggest to you that there are two ways to end the present global conflict.

The first is from our side, and it is to continue to escalate the killing and fighting against the Moslems and mongrels until they no longer pose a threat to Christians, the American way of life or Western civilization.

The second way is for non-Christians the world over to reject Globalization and the Islamic faith. Surely, it has now become clear to these people that the impotence of Fascist theocracies only serves to achieve the interests of corrupt Imams and royals.

To non-Christians everywhere: I invite you to embrace Christianity. Globalization may open up the world in some ways, but it destroys communities, and it does no favors for the environment.

The result is, that for better or for worse, now a movement growing in America and in Northern Europe, consolidating out of the disenfranchised masses. The people who make up this movement have patiently watched their paychecks diminish, their savings disappear, and their jobs vanish, so that business men in tunics and turbans can post profits. We are Christians capable of forgiving greedy excesses, but we will not forgo first excising justice from these pirates.

For the time being it appears that sinister economic forces will continue to gain the upper hand. Nevertheless, should all other options run out, I may be but one man, but there over my shoulder you will see an army standing behind me, immense in size, ready, willing, able to fight for their values in order to save their way of life for themselves and their children.

I am very serious when I say that I take it as my duty to insure that Jesus Christ, our lord and savior, is exalted in this land.

Which brings me to my next suggestion. In order to peacefully achieve this end, the people of North America and Europe must drive every last Moslem out of every single Christian country.

Unfortunately, as these non-Christians depart, we will not be able to guarantee their safety.

The United States alone is a population of 300 million people. In Canada the population is 33 million, and in the European Union, the population is nearly 500 million. A reaction might take place as a result of some now unforeseeable act of Moslem aggression against Christian civilians.

For many, the mere mention of 'Islam' reminds us before everything else of how Moslems repeatedly abandoned basic humanitarian feelings by enacting hideous crimes against Christians and the West. Christianity forbids harming innocent women and children, but just how could anyone stop an unruly crowd striking back against an unjust attacker?

I call upon all non-Christians who see this video: Depart quickly, for your security is in your own hands.

It is in fact for an array of past injustices, that the world is presently victimized by mongrel aggression. In this regard, we hold the Islamic states singularly responsible for any reaction against their people because of the treacherous way it has long sought to destroy our way of life, and in doing so, injured Christians.

Of course, to those non-Christians who convert and embrace Christianity –and the American way of life–, I invite you to stay and contribute your talents to our once and future great civilization.

We fight because we are free, and we won't put up with transgressions. We want to reclaim our nation and our values.

To the mongrel nations: As you spoil our security, we will spoil yours.

Meanwhile, I do wonder about you who do call yourselves Moslems or Hindus, or claim allegiance to other erroneous faiths. Although it's been eight months since the events of 7/27, the leaders of your Fascist theocracies are still exercising confusion and misleading the public and not telling you the true reason behind their motivations.

Therefore, I must warn you so you will not be surprised in the future:

The motivations that contributed to the attacks on Southeast Asia are still present. Therefore might such events as those that occurred on 7/27 happen again? Should anyone be be surprised if they did?

My name is Oliver Lowell. Peace to all, good luck and God Bless–

[Video Ends]
Last Update: February 18, 8:55AM

New Lowell Video Surfaces in Canada


Late last night, this paper, the Toronto Star was contacted by an anonymous source who directed our reporter to a URL on the website

Like YouTube, Liveleak lets users post and share videos, but it emphasizes reality-based footage of a much more political viewpoint.

The Liveleak link revealed what appears to be a new videotape by Oliver Lowell, and features a lengthy monologue by the alleged Crusader. In it Lowell stands in front of a group of men who play to the camera all the while Lowell speaks, as they show off Nazi tattoos and what appear to be other symbols of hate (the video is very poor quality and not always legible).

Lowell himself appears before the camera dressed in a white T-shirt adorned with what is certainly an Aryan Nations Symbol splayed across its front, and he invites Muslims to embrace Christianity, while urging US citizens to put an end to Globalization.


The speaker suggests the possibility of increased conflict, but makes no overt threats and does not directly call for attacks. Instead, he tells the people of developing nations that there are two ways to end the Pan Moslem War on Evil:

"The first is from our side, and it is to continue to escalate the killing and fighting against the Moslems and mongrels until they no longer pose a threat to Christians, the American way of life or Western civilization."

The second way, he says, is to reject the Islamic faith, which he says leads to corrupt governments and fascist theocracies. The only solution he says is to convert to Christianity.

Otherwise he demands non-Christians leave the west for their 'Fascist theocracies'.

"Surely, it has now become clear to these people that the impotence of Fascist theocracies only serves to achieve the interests of corrupt Imams and royals."

"I invite you to embrace Christianity," the speaker says, but not before indicating that the leaders in the West maybe corrupt and in need of replacement.

"The Crusaders of the West –especially Clinton, Bush, [Tony] Blair, [Anders Fogh] Rasmussen and [Angela Dorothea] Merkel – still talk about freedom and human rights with a flagrant disregard for the well being of the common man," he suggests in no uncertain terms.

The reference to Danish Prime Minster Rasmussen and German Chancelor Merkel, among other detailed ideas about Globalization, suggests to some pundits that Lowell is no mere hillbilly as some have indicated, but in fact an astute student of global politics, albeit heavily biased toward Aryan conclusions.

Canadian Security Intelligence Director Jim Judd said after an initial review of the video that he believes the speaker is indeed Lowell.

If his identity can be confirmed, then this would be Oliver Lowell’s first video since November of last year, and his third communication since the 7/27 attacks on India, Indonesia and Malaysia where highjackers drove passenger jets into downtown Mumbai, the Strait of Malacca, and (most notoriously) into the César Pelli designed Petronas Towers, which toppled those Islamic influenced structures much the same way al-Qaeda destroyed the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 in New York City.

When reached for comment earlier, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato' Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, said the video was "a reminder of the dangerous world in which we live.”


Date references in the new Lowell tape suggest it was probably made as much as a month ago, Canadian officials studying the tape said. But the most surprising aspect may not be what Lowell says, but where the source surfaced, in Toronto –several hundred miles from where Pan Moslem Special Forces have enacted an illegal military lock down of parts of the Southeastern US in an effort to locate the elusive Crusader.

The implication is that Lowell may not be hiding out in a cave somewhere in the Appalachian mountains as was previously thought, but has somehow made his way up north, and may in fact be living in a basement in downtown Toronto, of all places, where he has complete access to unfettered media and communication resources.

One Government official said off the record, that it is quite possible Lowell 'slipped through' in the wave of refugees that continues to stream across the border Canada shares with the US.

While Lowell is not wanted for any crimes in Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has indicated that if Lowell is indeed here, and if he entered the country illegally, the Canadian government is obligated to return him back to the States.

As to whether the authorities would deport the the suspected Crusader immediately, with no legal process, or wait for the US to file extradition papers, the Prime Minister would or could not say. Mr. Harper also left it up in the air as to whether he would be willing to allow extradition to Malaysia or some other nation member of the Pan Moslem Coalition, or if in that case he would instead be willing to grant Lowell refugee status.

"We don't even know where he is yet, or if he's even here, " the Prime Minister reminded reporters.


Correspondents say the new video serves to dispel persistent rumors that the PURE Crusader has died in hiding.

At the same time, Indian intelligence claims PURE is continuing to develop targets in Southeast Asia and throughout the developing world that would produce mass casualties, dramatic destruction and significant economic aftershocks

"The Crusaders struggle is one for global domination, not just withdrawal of Muslim troops from North Carolina or American and European corporations from New Delhi. Christianity wishes to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the Earth which are opposed to the ideology and program of Christianity, regardless of the country or the nation which rules it," Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has said, upon hearing news of the existence of the new video.

"We therefore have no doubt that given the continuing war in Iraq," he continued, "that Iran may even be next, but instead of rogue aircraft, the Crusaders will roll in with tanks under the leadership of President Bush."

But neither Canadian Security Intelligence, American CIA director Michael Hayden nor representatives from the US Department of Homeland Security said they had any credible information of an imminent threat abroad in the wake of the video announcement.

Nevertheless an unnamed senior Indonesia intelligence officer warned that PURE was plotting new attacks, and not just in developing nations, but possibly in North America and Europe as well:

"Our analysts assess with high confidence that PURE's central Crusadership is planning high impact plots, not just against ourselves and international partners, but against targets in the American homeland," the source said.

"But," he continued, "Nothing Mr. Lowell has said or is likely to say or do is going to change our resolve or the resolve of our international partners to confront Christian extremism."

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Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ho hum– Siraj (and Terry by extension),

The Iraq body count you quote is useless. Johns Hopkins issued estimated figures of nearly 4x as much – i.e. 600,000 casualties, and that study came out last fall, dude. Don't you get enough time to read the news while working for, ahem, Al Jazeera?

But whether it's 150,000 dead or EVEN A MILLION DEAD, your last post still features one glaring oversight, which is that MOST of the deaths in Iraq aren't the result of yahoo US soldiers going Rambo on innocent civilians –or even as a result of private contractors flipping out at a stop light.

In point of factoid, most of the casualties are the result of INTERNAL terror campaigns conceived and executed by other Arabs! And, hey, dude, EVEN IF all those people died at the hands of US troops, MAYBE it was worth it for the sake of DEMOCRACY.

I know, I know it sounds God awful insensitive of me, but we dropped nuclear bombs on Japan didn't we and don't tell me that it wasn't worth it –to end the war, sure, but also for the sake of democracy, not to mention the economy.

Anyway, you're not going to get me to post a long rant today, even though I know that's what you were hoping for. Sorry if you find it sometimes boring out in those woods. Maybe you should be happy you're not getting SHOT at.

I'm just too busy right now, but you hear what I'm saying, bro? Most of those dead Iraqis you quote died at the hands of other angry arabs. So stuff that in your pita & eat it–

Now gotta run, dude. I'm taking a self defense class in Tompkins Square Park given by this bad ass ex-marine who just got back from Iraq. Been twice now, it rocks. He lost an one arm in Baghdad and he could still furkin' whup your ass with his other arm tied behind his back.

I guess I'm hoping this warrior shit should come in handy should I ever venture south of The Mason-Dixon Line –or should your new buddies decide they want to try and catch a Broadway show while they're still in the HOME OF THE FREE AND THE BRAVE.

The Jasp

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Jasper, I can understand your sympathy for Lowell's argument, but you still haven't convinced me that he actually stands for what you think he stands for.

I know you have good intentions, bro, but Lowell –suspected terrorist/racist– I'm not so sure about. What next? You cool with Hamas? I thought we already had this conversation.

You know I have your back, bro, but I'll have to go with Siraj on this one. Not to rain on your parade or anything, but point in case: Robert Fisk has gathered and published some startling images of Iraqi civilian casualties, resulting from the 'Anglo-American Aggression'.

John Q. Adams said:

"America does not go abroad in search of monsters to destroy. She is the well-wisher to freedom and independence of all; she is the champion and vindicator only of her own."

You can call it propaganda, –and you probably will– and you can think of these kids as 'collateral damage' if you want –does not speak well of you, bro– but I call them victims, and every one of these images breaks my heart.

Happy Valentines Day, 'dude'–


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Jasper, my friend,

Do the names Sand Creek, Wounded Knee or Bear River mean anything to you?

From the beginning, the 'American Concept' –as you so eloquently put it– has included a policy of expansionism, often willfully excluding the rights of others, if need be. For instance, for those with slave status, 'liberty, equality and justice for all' was but a hollow promise. And the transfer of the nation from Indian to European hands may well represent the most brazen land grab in the history of the world. And it was not without its victims.

Granted the United States was not –and is not– alone in executing this policy. We learned from the best: European colonialists were especially notorious for ignoring the God given rights of darker skinned people, planting a flag in their midst and claiming their lands for England, Belgium, or France or wherever. What's up with that?

Advice to future generations: Beware the Brit who carries the flag. Baste the white visitors first; question the ethics of cannibalism later.

But we're taught the United States is the greatest country in the world –not because we are so efficient at conquest, but because we treat others fairly. So, forgive me if I've become disillusioned upon realizing the truth is actually quite different than the 'official history' would have one believe.

On closer inspection however, the United States essentially was founded by the very businessmen you disparage in your rant against Globalization. These guys highjacked a country because they did not want to pay their taxes. We now possess a rich history of America pushing for war, not so much for the sake of liberty, but because there's a profit to be made for somebody. Cause? Congress never need a cause to drag us into war. All Washington ever asked for was apparent provocation, even if we invented it or created it ourselves.

Do you know the story of how newspaper publisher William Randolph Hearst wanted a war with Spain so badly –in order to sell papers, of course– that when the USS Maine suffered what is thought to be an internal combustion explosion in a coal bunker, he famously published a story that Spanish officials in Cuba were responsible.

btw, no one ever asked what the Maine was doing in Havana Harbor in the first place.

Well, lo and behold, that incident strikes me as not so unlike when a US naval ship was bombed in Yemen a few years ago. No one asked the Pentagon then, either, "So, what is an American destroyer doing there, anyway?"

Personally, I think that in both cases each respective administration was attempting to incite an incident, in order to justify going to war, so that our enterprising politicians might continue their lust for expansion.

I can now only imagine what future nonsense this current administration has planned for the Strait of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf.

Oh, I don't know, why don't we park a ship there?

Honestly, I could go on and enumerate American atrocities for quite a while. I'll spare you with a short list or stats, some off the top of my head, some pulled from the net:

* Under the Constitution of 1836, all heads of families living in Texas on March 4, 1836, –except Africans, descendants of Africans, and Indians–, were granted 4,605 acres of land.

* Between 1880 and 1951 the Tuskegee Institute recorded 3,437 lynchings of African-Americans.

* 140,000 non-combatant citizens killed in Hiroshima and 80,000 in Nagasaki.

* Evidence garnered that makes it startling clear that the most egregious post-WW II crimes in Korea was the U.S. government.

* The overthrow of the governments of Iran and Guatemala.

* Vietnam

* Reagan’s covert war throughout Central America, in El Salvador, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua, which included selling missiles to Iran in order to illegally fund terrorists in Nicaragua.

* George Bush Sr.'s 1989 invasion of Panama, which left perhaps several thousand dead.

* Two years later, in the Gulf, US planes dropped so many bombs on Iraqi schools, hospitals and power plants that they ran out of targets.

* The bombing continues through the Clinton administration in Afghanistan, Sudan, Yugoslavia, and Iraq again.

* Did you know that US sanctions against Iraq are estimated to have killed more than 500,000 children?

Now we are back in Iraq. Go ahead call it the cost of doing business. Say the murder of millions of innocent people along the way is just Collateral damage, and no worries, it was all for the greater good. You know what? YOU make ME want to PUKE.

btw, care to tell the 150,000 dead Iraqi's that have died since the U.S. invasion in 2003 that America is a peaceful nation?

Mind you, while 150,000 Iraqis is the estimate derived from a most comprehensive survey, it is still only an educated guess. There are other estimates put the tally as high as 600,000.

Add to that number another 125,000 to 300,000 people who were killed by indiscriminate American bombing during the First Gulf War, and the 500,000 children who died as a result of US sanctions.

That puts the number of US kills in Iraq at one and half million.

Want to know how many civilians died under Saddam Hussein’s 20-year reign of terror? The Documental Centre for Human Rights in Iraq has compiled documentation on over 600,000 civilian executions in Iraq.

Unfortunately, for Iraqis, American atrocities are old news, and virtually every Muslim believes that the war is not just IN Iraq, but AGAINST Iraq; and that it was conceived as a way to extort oil from Muslims by threatening them with genocide. As the invasion of Iraq was sold to the world on a lie, does that mean that all of the 150,000-plus civilians who died were effectively murdered by the US military?

Are we, the United States –not to mention PURE and other hate groups– any different from Al-Qaeda in these rephrensible actions or arguments?

Maybe the worst global terrorists are not hiding out in the mountains, after all, but traipsing through the halls of Washington, all elected representatives to government or holding down positions on the boards of neo con think tanks?

Jasper, my friend, for you to call us 'a peaceful people' –I must say, that certainly means forgetting an awful lot of history. I love my country as much as you do, but I'm not going to pretend God promised Texas to the lost Christian tribes of Europe.


Monday, February 12, 2007

Last Update: February 12, 5:37PM

A week of funerals in Toronto as Muslims feel Crusader' s wrath
Ronald Macintyre for the Toronto Star
Published: 12 February 2007

George Rahal, a 53-year-old grandfather and his two sons, were in the wrong place at the wrong time on Thursday morning. They had stopped to pray at a downtown Toronto mosque for Fajr, the first of the five daily prayers recited by practicing Muslims, as they did on most week days. Mr. Rahal was buried yesterday with one of the sons, Mohammed, 23. The two men were innocent victims of a crazed gunman who opened fire in a 'horrific' shooting spree.

Police said they now know the identity of the gunman but are withholding his name for the time being. They said they did not know his motive but believe it is somehow connected with the conflict between Neo Crusaders in the States and Europe and the Muslim world.

The two were killed before they even had a chance to get up from their prayers.

The other son, Mansour, 16, lay critically ill in Toronto East General Hospital‎ -, their mother explained: "They had gone to remember God, and now they will see him and he will reward their just lives."

Relatives described how Mr. Rahal and his wife, Leslie, both natives of Vancouver, converted to Islam when the newlyweds were still in there twenties and disenchanted with the excesses of the times.

Mrs. Rahal, a dental hygienist who wears a Hijaab (a veil) and works in Scarborough, said: "He would do everything he could to help a person in need, he looked after everybody."

Leslie Rahal had no desire to talk politics but she added: "We want peace. We have nothing to do with this struggle between America and the East. It's the government in the States giving refuge to the Crusaders while social services along our border are stretched to their limits giving refuge to innocent people caught in the middle of this conflict."

Outside the mosque which is located on Danforth Ave, the street is adorned with the flags not of Hamas or Islamic Jihad, but the yellow ones of its rivals Fatah and the red ones of the little People's Party, a small non-violent leftist organization of which George Rahal was a supporter.

Mohammed D'Aubigne,a survivor of the shooting, which killed four and wounded six including Mr. D'Aubigne, told a reporter for the Toronto Star that the shooter walked into the mosque shortly after 6AM. It was a fateful moment, for only a few minutes before everyone already present had knelt over into the defenseless and bowed position of humility that Muslims assume when they pray.

Suddenly, the shooting began. As men struggled to lift themselves off the floor, the shooter picked off his victims one at a time with a Freedom .475 revolver, stopping to reload three times, until he had one bullet left, which he used on himself.

The Freedom .475 is by no means a cheap gun, nor is it easy to handle, which has suggested to authorities that the shooter was neither desperate nor without means, but driven by purely ideological motivations.

As the funeral for Mr. Rahal and his eldest son took place, Prime Minister Stephen Harper issued the following statement:

"Today our nation grieves with those who have lost a loved one. Canada was struck with a tragedy that we consider of monumental proportions," Harper said. "The nation is shocked and indeed horrified."

"The Americans and the Europeans need to reach a new political arrangement with the Crusaders," he continued, "–otherwise the present conflict with the Mid East and Asia will spill over again and again and more innocent bystanders will get hurt, or needlessly die. "

"I look to President Bush to negotiate a political deal that will put an end to this violence, or the cross border assistance," Harper warned, "–that we currently provide will stop. Canada cannot be a party to such violence."

Parliamentarians also offered their condolences in the House of Commons.

"Such a senseless act leaves Canadians stunned and horrified," said Liberal MP Michael Ignatieff.

Funeral services for the other two victims of the shooting, Abdul-Hafiz Wischard (36) and Édouard Ockley (19) are expected to take place in the next few days. Six others remain in critical condition after the shooting.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Annika, babe, it sucks the how Toronto is getting slammed. Damn, I wish I was there with you right now.

It's funny, though – you guys have fuel, electricity 24/7, but in some ways it sounds like you have it worse than we do in the States. In New York City right now, anyone who lives in a building with a rooftop water tank is constantly praying that the power stays on long enough to pump it up full of water. I'm doing all right in our building, so far, but it's still pretty lame that some people have to go without running water for hours, and often for days.

Of course, I do hear what you, Siraj, and Terry are saying. But I gotta say this: Despite the attacks on Southeast Asia, despite the fucked up shooting in Toronto, I've come round to believe that most of these Christians are probably a more peaceful people than you guys them credit for. –Not the leaders, maybe, not the ‘deciders’ like Lowell –those people are extremists, and Lowell, –if he exists, if he's the mastermind, he probably is–, he's a dangerous kook. And that guy in Toronto was a mad man, no doubt about it.

Granted, I go back and forth a bit, cause the dude is just so wack. But I can tell you that when regular folks look at what he's saying, you can't help but come away thinking that the dude makes some damn good points.

Like, why are we sending jobs overseas? Why are we soft on illegal immigration. Why are legal immigration levels as high as they are? Why does it seem like we're in a race to abandon the Judeo-Christian values that made us the greatest country in the world? Why do we keep feeding the oil beast?

Why do we give a damn about democracy in the Mid East, anyway, when we have our own problems to take care of? Who gives a flying fuck about Globalization anyway? Should we really be making it easier for socially irresponsible corporations to ship jobs overseas? Don't we need to think about the health and welfare of our own children before we worry about working conditions of laborers overseas?

Think about it. The whole idea of Globalization just makes me want to PUKE.

Granted, dude's methodology –flying planes into buildings– is wack, but he still makes a good point. A sick person doesn't help other sick people before healing himself. He has to heal himself first, and then he can help even more people get well than he could have if he remained sick. Well, Uncle Sam is that sick man, bro, and a lot of people say Lowell is the doctor.

Don't worry, I'm NOT going to enlist with PURE. Hahahaha! But a lot of people do want to get these Moslem forces out of the country, and count me in that group of PATRIOTS. Terry, have you been to Washington Square lately? People are all but forming militias! And if this conflict continues much longer they just might! I know where I stand, do you?

The way I see it, these neo Crusaders seem to be fighting to save what I’ll call ‘the American concept’. And America is ultimately a peaceful nation, is it not?

And if you look at it from that angle, then these Crusader attacks aren’t so much motivated by kooky religious objectives as much as they are by valid strategic political and humanitarian objectives.

How else to compel modern democracies (which were founded on Judeo-Christian principals) to prevent dilution of their culture by third world invaders?

How else to force third world powers to withdraw from economic partnerships or political arrangements that may benefit a few fat cats, but otherwise serve to destroy local economies.

Check it: Terrorists –if that's what you want to call the Crusaders, which is a wack enough name as it is (I think of them more as FREEDOM FIGHTERS)– don't just create mayhem for mayhem's sake. Mostly, they emerge from a demographic that feels unrepresented, unheard, disenfranchised, and maybe OPPRESSED by tyranny or circumstance.

Well, how else to get a OPPRESSOR whose either ignoring you or exterminating you to STOP and LISTEN, but to BLOW SOMETHING THE FUCK UP?

Well, guys, I get that. I feel where Lowell is coming from. Yeah, innocent people may die in the process, but we bombed Japan, we bombed Germany and we call World War II vets THE GREATEST GENERATION that ever lived. You going to take that away from them just because people died in Dresden or Hiroshima? Maybe innocent people have to die in order for the greater good to be achieved. I hope it's not me. I hope it's not you. You know, that's why they call it COLLATERAL DAMAGE.

Annika, babe, even you can’t deny, –the beautiful person that you are– that if the American economy collapses in on itself, it's not just a bad thing for America, it's a bad thing for the world.

So, Siraj, dude, you can believe anything you want. But I think you confuse the point, man. Yeah, you don't get it. I don’t sympathize with Lowell, so cut the crap. Geez, dude is anti-Zionist scum. But nevertheless I share his pro-American, anti-Globalization agenda.

As Martin Luther King said, there's something to be said in "THE FIERCE URGENCY OF NOW". Dude was a Christian, but he wasn't just fighting for Christians, he was fighting for everybody. Just like Lowell is now, maybe. I hope so, anyway.

Otherwise we'll have to call in Mossad. Those fuckers have catching Nazis down to a furkin' science.

Keeping it real–


Thursday, February 08, 2007


I thought this was Washington’s war to wage, but lately it’s been spilling over into Canada, and in a pretty bad way. They say it's only going to get worse before it gets better. I don't like it, and now it's really beginning to scare me.

Early this morning during morning prayers one of the US refugees walked into a mosque in downtown Toronto and started shooting everybody, did you hear? 4 people are confirmed dead! And at least another six or seven are wounded. It’s really awful and tragic... and ironic, too, because none of the people he killed were even Mid East immigrants –which everyone assumes were the shooter's real targets.

In fact all the victims were Canadian citizens who live right here in Ontario!

And on top of everything they’re saying right now on the news that right before this jerkoff offed himself, one of the survivors heard him babble some kind of oath to God and declare some kind of twisted allegiance to the Christian extremist movement. To top it off, a lot of the US refugees apparently consider the shooter to be a hero! Ummmm...Not good. Everybody with me on that?

I mean, isn't that just sick? It's sick!

Jasper, hunny, I MISS YOU I REALLY MISS YOU!!!!!

Listen to me, sweetie: these Christian Crusaders are out of control. You shouldn't listen to what people are saying about them. I think you need to find a way to get up here as soon as possible, by any means you can.

Think about it: They want to rule the world and everybody in it. You can't sit down and talk to these people. There's nothing good about them that isn't poisoned by hate. If people are going to use God only as a means to obtain their own selfish political aims, then leave me out of it. I’ll spend the season in Hell, thank you very much. I guess I'll have to. But won’t you join me, sweetie?

I just want to get through this alive–


Tuesday, February 06, 2007


The Europeans are not coming to the aid of the United States. No way, my friend, do they want to suffer the same kind of inconvenient fate that the US is now facing in its eight week of an oil embargo.

Plus, trust me on this one: If Bush won't move against the Coalition Forces that now occupy points along the Appalachian Trail, then there is no way a gaggle of good old boys is going drive them out. North Carolina has plenty homegrown talent and anyone who appears remotely threatening to the Coalition Forces ‘disappears’. Rumor has it they are removed from the occupied zone.

Surely, you must know the entire area where PMC units are stationed has been cordoned off by US troupes? They are positioned where they are to keep Coalition Forces contained, but also in order to keep over-enthusiastic, beer-fueled ‘patriots’ out of our way.

My own opinion is that the current occupation of a few hay fields and ski slopes in winter, and the random extraordinary rendition actions by small incursions that have been taking place throughout the northern hemisphere, is but a small price to pay to keep the wheels of worldwide commerce in motion.

I'm sure the Bush administration wished in hindsight that they had taken that approach in the first place.

Plus, don't forget, Jasp, it's not as though Bush isn't cooperating with the PMC! Were that not the case, Team Sherpa could not have occupied its positions in northeastern North Carolina for as long as they have. We washed up on this mountain a month ago. It doesn’t take an idiot to figure out how the Administration is playing there hand.

The President knows the sooner Coalition Forces secure Lowell, the sooner gas pumps in Boise will fill up again and the overall economy will return to normal.

Jasp, if you take a good look at the mug shots of the hijackers, you’d realize that membership into their club is limited to certain people: white, born again Christian, ex-military professionals, and ugly pinheads all, out to save the world from Globalization.

Somehow that doesn’t strike me as you.

In fact, I barely understand your ability to sympathize with them. Eventually they will end up, if not on execution blocks, wasting away on various and obscure black sites in the middle of the Indian Ocean, lucky to have any teeth left, and even luckier to get a new pair of pink flip-flops once or twice a year.

I think you –and all Americans, for that matter– should be thankful it’s going down just the way it is. The Feds have not demonstrated any interest to send out a search party for Lowell themselves, even if only to appease the international community. For whatever reason, they must think it more reasonable to let foreign forces do it, and I agree with their assessment.

Well, why not? Why get your own hands dirty when someone else is more than happy to cross moral boundaries that most American voters would probably consider unethical? –Innocent until proven guilty, after all. The FBI considers him only a ‘Person of Interest’, and to this date Lowell hasn’t charged with anything, –even if the Indonesians have put a 25 million bounty on his head.

Look, sooner than later, Team Sherpa is going to find Lowell and put him in a holding cell far, far from where he can do any further harm to anyone anywhere in the world. That’s a good thing. If you also think so, let these guys do their jobs and they’ll be gone before you can say:

‘Praise be to Allah’.

Frankly, I would not be surprised to hear that an announcement of Lowell’s arrest is imminent. I've seen Team Sherpa in action, and without revealing details of the operation that would jeopardize it; I can vouch for the professional and methodical execution by which they search this rugged terrain. I’ve seen the way they’ve chipped away at Watauga and the surrounding counties, leaving no stone unturned. Maybe you should give these so-called ‘rag heads’ or ‘towel heads’ –or whatever you call the brave young men I'm embedded with– more credit than you have been thus far.


Sunday, February 04, 2007

Whatever, really, Siraj, dude,

Why doesn’t Bush just doesn't kick these knuckleheads out of the United States, already?

How many are up there again? –A few hundred grunts in the Smokies and you say a million more offshore? Mang, tell you what: open hunting season early and the problem will take care of itself. Then drop a nuke on Ascension Island, Venezuela, Tortugas or wherever, and Voilà, GAME OVER: America wins; we all go back to driving Hummers.

How long these fucktards want to boycott the United States? They better be careful because by the time they're ready to take our money again, maybe we'll be getting our zip from hydrogen.

But in the likely event we continue to drag our asses on alternate energy solutions, then my assessment:

The longer these Sherpa guys stay in the Appalachian Mountains, the more inclined ordinary citizens –like myself, perhaps– will feel no compunction about taking matters into their own hands.

A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, and all that, is but just one indignant news item away from precipitating in the streets, AS I'M SURE YOU ALREADY KNOW.

Of course, if Lowell really is the mastermind behind this conflict, then he probably wants the incursion to last as long as humanly possible. I mean, that's what people are saying, anyway. But doesn't a prolonged war actually fuel both parties' arguments and provide each with the further support, which they both need to mount new and future missions, blah blah blah. I think everybody understands that, y'know: nothing like a healthy level of conflict to keep your cheeks pink.

In a nutshell: WE'RE SCREWED.

Of course, my heritage is Jewish. Hey, it's not my war, I just have a bulls-eye tattooed to my heart. It kind of gets everybody confused. So, we're sort of in the middle, but not really. Somehow Jews are always at the center of things, and also always at the periphery. Some people think this kind of dualism is interesting. I say if someone finds it so find it so interesting WHY NOT JOIN THE ISRAELI ARMY?

I guess that's what it means to be THE CHOSEN PEOPLE. My whole life has been a balancing act. Seriously, though, I'd rather be surfing than at Synagogue. It's funny, somehow Judaism has taught me a lot about surfing, and reciprocally surfing has informed much of my Judaism. In a way, surfing is my synagogue, and the ocean my temple.

On the other hand, while I think Lowell is a nut case, he probably has Nazi tendencies if not actually a Nazi; I nevertheless see his political point regarding Globalization and this Swiss Cheese model on which we've composed our immigration policies. Just look at the Mexicans, man. We need that wall. I mean, I wouldnt stop a mathematician from tunneling into the country, but in this great country of United States, do we really need another gardener? So, yeah ideologically speaking, Lowell's a pretty scary guy. But politically speaking, he makes perfect sense to an unemployed Joe like myself.

Yeah, I’m not sure that folks with last names like 'Friedman' fit into PURE's new world order, but ask anyone, and most people would tell you 'BING FOR PRESIDENT'.

Oh sure, Lowell and co. might actually be the kooky kind of Zionist Christians who support Israel, but I kind of doubt it. And even so, you and I both know that that kind of brotherly love only comes from evangelists trying to edge the world closer to rapture and the furkin' Apocalypse.

btw, I have a reoccurring fantasy where John Hagee and all the Christians for Israel actually succeed in bringing about end times, and then just as it's getting started ALL THE JEWS GET RAPTURED HALLELUJAH –and Hagee is left holding his bible going, "Wha?"


But seriously, yeah, even if you take Israel out of the equation, and I don’t think you can, you’d be naive if you did, I’m worried over how the OIC and OPEC have leveraged the sympathy gained by India, Indonesia and Malaysia after 7/27, for their own political and economic needs. How very much they seem to enjoy tilting the world off its axis.

Why haven’t the Europeans done anything? I don’t get it. HOLYGEEZ, someone in the free world has to put these barbarians back in their place!

Oh yeah, does a day not go by that either the Mayor or the Municipal Commissioner of Mumbai do not each invoke the phrase 7/27 on an international news platform. The two of them sound like hucksters vying with each other for the MAYHEM ‘brand’. What did either of them do, anyway, but show up for work on the day a group of disgruntled white guys slammed a passenger jet into downtown Mumbai and lit the streets with a fireball. Now, they both have agents, marketing consultants and hope to rake in millions in speaker fees.

Fortunately, I don't care, but I sure like pointing out all the hypocrisy in the world and complaining about it.

Eh, by the way, pity they canceled this year's Super Bowl. I think it would have gone a long way to lifting everyone’s spirits.

The Jasp

–side order of fries with that please–

Saturday, February 03, 2007

My friends,

Hang on, –back up a bit, guys. I know that all of you follow the news –who can afford not to these days–, but I think you’re all forgetting a couple big components that made the incursion by Pan Moslem Forces into US territory even possible. True only a relatively very small number are on the ground in the mountains of North Carolina, and elsewhere throughout the Southeastern United States

But don't forget, the Coalition is formed from an immense tapestry of intersecting alliances. It certainly appears to be on the verge of collapse at any given, it nevertheless draws its influence and numbers from every member country of the following four economic alliances and organizations:

* Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)
* Organization of Islamic the Conference (OIC)
* Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
* Gas Exporting Countries Forum (GECF)

Those countries are as follows:

Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN):
Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam

Organization of Islamic the Conference (OIC):
Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Azerbaijan, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Benin, Brunei-Darussalam, Burkina-Faso, Cameroon, Chad, Comoros, Cote D’Ivoire, Djibouti, Egypt, Gabon, Gambia, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Guyana, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Malaysia, Maldives, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco, Mozambique, Niger, Nigeria, Oman, Pakistan, Palestine, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Suriname, Syria, Tajikistan, Togo, Tunisia, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uganda, United Arab Emirates, Uzbekistan, Yemen

Of course, the OIC's participation is the principal reason the Pan Moslem Coalition is labeled as such –'Pan Moslem'. Personally, I don't think it’s the correct descriptive. After all, the alliance includes a heterogeneous range of religions and nations. You’ll even find a substantial number of Hindus and Christians in their ranks. It so happens that India –with 827 million Hindus– provides a larger percentage of troops than any of the other member countries. In fact, the Indian Army has total troop strength of around 2.5 million, and that makes it the second or third largest standing army in the world, depending whose counting and on what day.

Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC):
Algeria, Angola, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Venezuela, Norway†:

Gas Exporting Countries Forum
Algeria, Bolivia, Brunei, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Indonesia, Iran, Libya, Malaysia, Nigeria, Norway†, Oman, Qatar, Russia, Trinidad & Tobago, the UAE and Venezuela

About Norway†: Norway is neither a full member of either OPEC or the GECF, but retains observer status in both. Nevertheless, this tenuous connection drives the alliance it now keeps with the Pan Moslem Coalition. Plus, though also a member of the EU (some might say ‘despite also being member of the EU) Norway also shares a separate alliance with Indonesia, which some suspect both countries consider more important than their regional alliances with ASEAN or the European Union, respectively. Hey, would anyone be surprised to learn that future energy security carries more political weight than any other commonality with any other country.

But add to this tapestry of collective grievances, the fact that the Coalition also receives tacit support from every country that abides by the oil embargo (on the United States). Such nations include –to varying degrees– nearly every country in the world save parts of Africa, South America and Canada. The Russians and Chinese also supply the Coalition with arms.

Furthermore, control of both Ascension Island and Diego Garcia by the Coalition gives PMC Forces not just two convenient pit stops en route to the Americas. But together, the two islands give the PMC –if not complete operational control of the NAVSTAR Global Positioning Satellite system–, some sporadic degree of influence over access to the constellation of Medium Earth Orbit satellites, resulting in degraded GPS data. This naturally puts the Americans at a great tactical disadvantage.

So sure, only a few hundred men survey the Appalachian Trail, but a million or more soldiers wait offshore, –from Ascension Island to Venezuela, and on ships throughout the Caribbean and US eastern seaboard.

Plus, one by one, key figures with believed associations to Neo-Crusader organizations are being extradited in the dead of night and transferred to black sites in the Indian Ocean, removing any ability they might have previously had to further influence the course of current events.

Now, none of this is to say that the Coalition still has anywhere near the military capacity of the United States, which is admittedly immense, and in a class by itself. But were the US to actively engage the PMC on American territory, it would get very messy, indeed. Bush may not mind the accidental killing of a few thousand civilians in order to snare an Al-Qaeda operative here and there, as long as they die an ocean away from the Beltway, but nobody thinks he’ll take such chances in America’s own backyard.

On the other hand, if I were diplomat attached to a nation member of the Pan Moslem Coalition, I would be very nervous indeed about what actions the American Administration may take once the order to evacuate our Special Forces units from the Appalachian Trail is given. Because at that point, after the last man leaves, I don’t think the current US administration will give a flying fig what kind of collateral damage they might wreak on foreign shores.

Just look at Iraq.


Friday, February 02, 2007

U.S. Citizens fleeing the States find refuge in Canadian shelters, like this one in Toronto –Toronto Safety Online, February 1, 2007.
Oh my oh my oh my – my boys are at each other's throats again, tsk tsk.

Everybody calm down, sweeties, the lovely Annika has entered the room. :)

Will someone explain to me if man is really made in God's image, then why are all of you such pig-headed creatures?

I mean, imagine my surprise when I finally get a chance to log on after several eighteen-hour days at Sojourn House only to find my best friends throwing tirades at each other. At first, I thought: 'Hooray, Terry and Jasper are back!'

But then after I started reading your posts, I realized how each and every one of you is a touch grouchy or what. And who knew my comrades in creative writing could be such gobsmacked policy wonks. Ugh. Such a far cry from the drunken giggles we all enjoyed over stupid YouTube videos and midnight cheeseburgers at Cozy Soup n Burger, last April back in New York. I LOVED YOU GUYS BACK THEN! Now you're all so snarky.

Let us not forget how at one time we were all once content struggling over mere ideas for short stories and novels. Wasn't life was good back then? Now, it all seems like so long ago, back in days of yore.

btw, remember how I told you guys about how Toronto was getting deluged with American refugees? Well, what I didn't know then was that B.C. and Alberta have even bigger problems than we do in Ontario. The western provinces are inundated with Hollywood celebrities trying to get to Alaska. Even Britney Spears and K-Fed have gotten back together and have moved up here. Please, send us your poor and downtrodden, but keep your pop stars from invading our good country.

What I don't understand, daft me, is if the incursion is represented by but only a few hundred men, then why all of a sudden is half the US population fleeing the home of the free and the brave, trying to get to either Canada or Mexico? What's the biggie?

And from what I hear from JASPER, the other half is apparently splintering off into armed factions and militias. Jasper, my love, please don't tell me you've actually got yourself caught up in any of that.

But as if that were not incomprehensible enough, I hear some of my own fellow country men are heading the opposite way back down to the US for no other reason except so they can participate in what I guess they apparently hope will be a battle to end all battles. I mean, WTF?!?!? Scary stuff, right?

It would be great if more yanks followed suit. Us Canucks want to help in any way we can, but all these new people are presenting a huge burden on the system. American refugees are overwhelming the Great North. Canadian officials now say that just under 500,000 Americans from various ethnic, religious and economic backgrounds have arrived into Ontario alone since the Pan Moslem led incursion began four weeks ago.

And now that the U.N. has arranged "temporary protection status" to prevent Harper from deporting U.S. nationals back to the states, those refugees aren't going anywhere. For gawds sake, we're not babysitters!

The Prime Minister has told Bush and I quote: "We cannot continue like this. The situation is terrible, and we are obliged to do something."

On the other side of the table, the Canadian government has actually had to issue denials to the Pan Moslem Coalition that it is intentionally harboring supporters of PURE. Mr. Harper even went so far to point out that the policies of his government, in direct contrast to President Bush's administration, are diametrically opposed to the philosophy that motivates the Neo-Crusader movement. Well, good for him.

Meanwhile, local pundits are claiming that you Yanks are going to pillage our resources the same way you did with the Indians, and people are getting really angry about it. Parliament is even discussing the possibility of putting an end to online sales of drugs to U.S. customers as a way to circumvent potential shortages up here. Sounds reasonable, and I have to admit, not to be mean, or anything, but we made our choice and you made yours.

For gawds sake, one woman I know was complaining about how she couldn't get her son, –a toddler with strepthroat–, into a clinic because it was full of you Americans using the nearest facility as a refugee center. And some other friends who volunteer downtown have even seen the centers they work at defaced with their names spray-painted on walls with a warning not to cooperate with the Americans. Now, the graffiti doesn't faze me, but who knew there was so much hate to go around?

That said, if any of you boys are hoping to get out of the country, you should probably do so now, before Harper figures out a way to keep you all from coming in. Because he will sooner or late. He has to, if he wants to keep his job.

And don't think heading south is an option for long, either. I saw Geraldo Rivera giving a report that the Mexican government is deploying a 'surge' of troops along the 1936-mile northern border it shares with the U.S., as a way of provide security and stem the flow of U.S. nationals from illegally crossing the border into Tijuana and Ciudad Juarez!

Talk about a turn of events.

But by far, the biggest topic of discussion up here is about the Arctic.

I don't know how much any of you boys know about this, but Canada and the United States have been engaged in a dispute over the Northwest Passage, for what seems forever. Our border to the north is made up of an archipelago of some 16,000 islands through which a waterway flows linking the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. The U.S. regards the shipping passage as an international strait but Mr. Harper has vociferously defended it as Canadian territory. As far as most Canadians are concerned –myself included–, American claims to the passage are a little like if Canada started staking a claim to California's Pacific coastline.

As a result of all this brouhaha, just yesterday Harper issued a statement that respect must go both ways. Since the boycott on America, Canada has been providing the lower 48 with heaps of Canadian energy, and sending as much petrol assistance as the country can provide. But Harper is reasonably adamant that if this aid is to continue, the U.S. must immediately recognize Canada’s claims on the Northwest Passage –and do so quickly– otherwise his government cannot in good faith continue to provide energy relief to the United States, nor will it continue to give limitless aid to incoming American refugees.

"The United States defends its sovereignty," Harper has said. "The Canadian government will defend our sovereignty. It's the Canadian people we get our mandate from, not the ambassador of the United States."

Harper has also recently announced that Canada is rolling out new military installations in order to help back up Canada's claim to the waters and natural resources of the Northwest Passage.

–Pretty heady stuff, eh?

Isn't it kind funny –if it weren't also so tragic– how the destruction of the Petronas Towers by Neo-Crusaders has ended up as argument over Arctic claims?

Of course, everyone thinks those Christian Fundamentalist Terrorists that took down the Towers are pure evil. But the consensus here is that the States haven't always acted much better; and if the US government wants to continue to rely on Canadian assistance, then you Yanks had better stop treating the Great White North as a doormat to Alaska and the Arctic.

Not to attack you personally, Siraj. I know you're straddling two loyalties yourself, or so it sounds like to me. We all know you consider yourself an American first and foremost, but I have to agree with Jasper on this, that maybe your Lebanese heritage combined with your presence at the Towers on 7/27, has imbued in you an understandable sympathy for the goals of the Pan Moslem Coalition, and maybe it's making you a little biased, potentially?

Nevertheless, right or wrong, I want you to know that I support you; I value our friendship; I respect your talents; and I totally get what you're going through; and I know what a difficult situation you must think yourself in, wanting what's best for your country, the United States, but also feeling some compassion for those killed in Kuala Lumpur on 7/27 by these evil, evil neo-crusaders.

Anyway, I'm sorry I didn't write before, and I don't know when I will have the energy to write again. It's just crazy busy up here. There is just so much to do at the Sojourn House, that at the end of each day, I'm completely wiped out.

Keep posting though! It's the only we know you are still alive! And I'll write in eventually.