Tuesday, January 02, 2007


ORLANDO SENTINEL (January 1, 2007)

Pan Moslem war planes struck Disney World today, leaving a gaping hole in the side of Cinderella Castle. The operation was a diversion according to analysts, as Indonesian marine craft deployed troops on the ground along several points along the Gulf of Mexico and the Carolinas.

Residents of Orlando escaping the air raid said bombs fell near each of the city’s famous theme parks.

The president’s brother, Florida’s Gov. Jeb Bush, was taken into Coalition custody, one day before he was to leave office. He is believed held at an undisclosed location in the Florida Keys.

Charlie Crist, who succeeds Bush, assumed the Florida Governorship 24 hours ahead of schedule and said he was doing everything in his power to see that Bush was returned safe and unharmed.

Indonesian Military Chief Air Marshall Djoko Suyanto said Coalition Special Forces were moving into the Appalachian Mountains from secure South and East entry points, effectively boxing in the wanted Crusader, Oliver Lowell.

Intelligence Reports indicating Lowell's probable location are thought to be accurate.

Coalition forces did not wrest Guantanamo Bay Naval Base from American authority, as was previously thought they might attempt. Nor did they enter U.S. territory with tens of thousands of troops as strategists have said was absolutely necessary for such an operation to have any chance of succeeding.

Rather it appears they have executed a modest, even minimal operation limited to a quiet night time deployment in the early morning hours of New Years Day. Apart from the coastal units, it is thought less than a hundred members of the collective Special Forces unit (COFCOM), have dropped by air into two Northwestern counties of North Carolina for the express and singular purpose of capturing Crusader suspect, Oliver Lowell, and several of his associates.

A confidential source in Washington suggests the breach was made possible by a short term burst of telecommunications interference, which caused the temporary malfunction of several American military satellites earlier this morning.

If that is indeed the case, the source of the interference is thought to have been created by a modified Russian developed GLONASS-K satellite produced for Indonesia and launched last August, ostensibly for weather purposes, but popularly referred to among Indonesian politicians as AL-RAD (THE THUNDER).

The satellite was launched by India`s Antrix Corporation, on behalf of the
National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN), Indonesia.

The multipurpose satellite is said to be capable of doing detailed imaging over every square inch of designated territory, from over 200 miles up in the sky, including being able to pick up movement on the ground of even small groups, besides being able to monitor telecommunications in the target area.

A spokesperson for the Coalition says the ground troops in Florida and Coastal Carolinas are purely necessary for additional support if U.S. forces attempt to prevent the evacuation of the COFCOM unit, once they have their man.

Indonesian aircraft also dropped 240,000 leaflets throughout Ashe and Wataugua counties in North Carolina. The leaflets were printed in English and asked locals to stay out of the way of Coalition Forces and 'just let us do our job and find our man.'

President Bush speaking from Air Force One, noted that aside from incidental property damage at Walt Disney World, there are no reported domestic casualties, at least as of yet. He did not rule out a nuclear defense, and said ICBMS have been repositioned towards several targets in the southern hemisphere.

Despite the fact that the President’s brother was taken into Coalition custody, the President stopped short of calling the breach of US sovereignty an act of war. In fact, he appears to be treating the operation rather as a peculiarly flamboyant though no less serious mix of property damage, illegal entry into the United States, and kidnapping of a government official.

In a televised address to the nation he said National Guardsmen were already en route to secure the county's borders. He also said he had complete faith that his brother would be returned 'no worse for the war', and that local law enforcement were more than well equipped to handle any necessary arrests.

Reprinted from The Orlando Sentinel Online