Saturday, January 13, 2007

Paging Jasper, Annika, Terry–

Is there anyone out there? I assume that fuel shortages are making it impossible for anyone to get online, unless of course you're rolling with Indian Special Forces. Still, when the lights come back on I do want to hear everything about what's going on in New York City. Jasper? Terry? You guys must be going crazy up there. I hope my boyz at Cozy haven't been hit too hard.

Annika, I take it you are still in Toronto. Hey, what's you're excuse? Canada still has power, right? Any news from Jasp or Terry? I need to know how you all are holding up. I know there's probably no heat in Manhattan, but if it's any consolation to anybody I am still sleeping in a tent, in a place where they get something like 58 inches of snow a year.

Anyway, still no sign of American military forces, so perhaps these soldiers do have carte blanche up here, at least for a little while.

In light of what I am assuming is a real and recent development, it now occurs to me that no amount of hard intelligence or tactical airlift would have made this operation possible without the implicit cooperation of the United States Government. In fact, Washington refuses to define the incursion by foreign forces as an act of war but rather, it is as Bush states: " illegal act by armed parties whose presence warrants immediate arrest by local law authorities".

I guess, as long as everybody thinks it's just a bunch of illegal immigrants running around down here, no one's going to pressure to President to do anything more than alert State Troopers to keep an eye out for 'anything suspicious'.

Plus, Santoso, really smart kid –kudos to the Indonesian education system–, points out that there were actually PMC troops in this country before the incursion, if you can believe it(!), and that even then no one tried to impede their efforts to construct several MI 17 helipads throughout the Southeastern United States, (–for reasons of logistics, relocation of troops and maintaining the integrity of the cordon and stops, and which stretches from both the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico to this soggy patch of the Appalachian Mountains).

By the way, if you ever get a chance to drive along the Blue Ridge Parkway, I really recommend it, although perhaps it is better not to travel with a military convoy