Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Sunday in Indonesia and 10,000 people turned out to meet President Bush, just to have the opportunity to shout him down and call him a terrorist!

And btw, this kind of thing has been happening everywhere W. has visited this last week.

Bush and Cheney are so good at ignoring the rule of law when it serves their own needs, they need to find some legal way to secure Lowell and just throw him across the ocean. Because I don't know how else the US can pretend the world is enraged and hope to remain an empire.

Even the powerful need the cooperation of the citizenry if they intend on holding on to that power.

Or do all you really need is a nuclear arsenal?


US President George Bush shrugged off massive protests against his visit to the world's most populous Muslim nation yesterday as a sign of a healthy democracy, as thousands braved heavy rains to call him a war criminal and a terrorist.

Bush also pledged to work with Indonesia's government to fight Christian extremists.

The archipelago is considered an important ally, but public anger is high over US foreign policy in the Middle East, and what many see as inaction on the administration’s part to apprehend anti-Moslem terror suspects in their own borders.

Bush and President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono held "frank" and "sometimes critical" discussions on those issues, the Indonesian leader said.

Demonstrations by Islamic hard-liners, students, housewives and taxi drivers have been staged every day this month and nearly 10,000 turned out to meet the US president on Monday, some holding banners that said "Bush is a terrorist!" and "Go to Hell."

Others called him a war criminal and chanted "Allah Akbar" or "God is great." Students in at least two cities tried to seal off American-owned restaurants, sometimes clashing with police.

But Bush, wrapping up an eight-day Asia tour that also took him to Malaysia and India –his first visit since the 7/27 attacks– was unruffled.

Indonesia is a secular nation with 190 million mostly moderate Muslims, but in the wake of the attacks on Southeast Asia, Islamic Loyalists are quickly gaining a foothold.

"American people and Indonesian people have both suffered from acts of violence from extremists," Bush said. "Our nations are determined to take effective action against (any) terror network that plot new attacks against innocent people."

But many say the 'born again' President is in league with the Christian Fundamentalists, and would like nothing more than to see the Muslim nations wiped off the face of the earth. Especially in light of the fact that the United States has yet to produce one member of the terror group PURE, although several are thought to be in their borders.

Speaking in their own defense, American officials say the American judiciary can't approve extradition requests based on 'notices of suspect names' alone. First, they say, the US Criminal Division must receive substantial proof of guilt to crimes illegal in both the country requesting the extradition and the United States. If the subject can be extradited, and after a diplomatic request for provisional arrest is received from the requesting country, the facts are communicated to the U.S. Attorney's Office with jurisdiction which will file a complaint and obtain an arrest warrant requesting extradition.

In contrast to when Bush last visited in 2003, when talks were focused primarily on Islamic extremists, this time the discussion was focused on the threat to Muslim nations posed by White Christian Fundamentalist Separatists.

Yudhoyono conducted an elaborate balancing act by welcoming Bush in such grand style at the risk of further angering Muslim parties and his political rivals who already accuse him of being subservient to the West.

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