Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Well, at least someone in Washington DC is trying!



December 26, 2006

Senator Hillary Clinton on Christmas Day offered her support to the Muslim community in America, some of whose members had family in the July 27 attacks in South East Asia.

"The world will always remember the sacrifices made by the Muslim community in the wake of the terrible terrorist attacks on July 27. I offer my condolences and sympathy to the entire community," Hillary Clinton said addressing the Muslim community at a meeting organized on Capitol Hill in Washington by the Muslim Council on Religion and Education.

To their credit, she pointed out, Muslim Americans have striven to educate the public as well as elected officials about their religion and their heritage.

Some Muslims fell victim to hate crimes in the United States after the July 27 ‘Crusader’ attacks because of the diplomatic break down between the United States and members of the Islamic Conference.

Senator Clinton, who is one of the two senators from New York state and former president Bill Clinton, are very popular in the Indian community among people of all religious persuasions.

Before July 27, said Hillary Clinton, there were many Americans who did not know who a Muslim was, did not understand the rich history, traditions and beliefs of the Muslim people.

They did not have the experience that she and former president Bill Clinton were privileged to have of not only inviting Muslims, for the first time, to the White House, but also to have many supporters in the Muslim community.

She advised Muslims, despite threats from Islamic Nation leaders, to maintain contacts on Capitol Hill.