Saturday, December 02, 2006


Will someone please tell Reverend Falwell to SHUT UP?

I take it everyone heard Jerry Falwell's cockamamie revelation last night that the destruction of the Petronas Towers was God’s way of punishing the Islamic world for dead American soldiers in Iraq?

Gots to love dem Christian values.

What a nut case.

And dang, it’s not like we need to confirm Muslim suspicions that Bush’s nose is stuffed right up Christian Fundamentalist lobby ass. We’re not all Crusaders, are we? I mean, sure we’re bad ass Americans, but we’re not unsympathetic A-HOLES. btw, big shout out to our born again President for continuing to support Israel when all these other fuckers want to push Tel Aviv right into the ocean.

Even though we all know he's just doing his part to move us all one step closer to the Apocalypse. But if that insures Israel's continued safety, then so be it.

btw, and isn't it swell of Britney Spears to show us her poon tang? Didja see those new photos of her rock 'n' roll hoochie koo?


Honest, I didn't intentionally go looking for them. I stumbled on 'em when I was searching for porn.

Rock 'n' Roll, Hoochie Koo
Lawdy mama light my fuse


But seriously–

Hoo ha! Welcome to the Great Satan show, eh Siraj? Islamist armies invading the United States of America? Is that what they think they're going to do?


Although if three or four ninjas were to sneak into the country and then carried Oliver Lowell out with them the next day in a Hello Kitty body bag, I personally wouldn't much give a rat’s ass, Lowell's individual pursuit of life, liberty and happiness notwithstanding.

Yeah, Lowell gets a lot of sympathy from the working classes, and to be honest, I see a lot of truth in what he says about Globalization, but I draw the line when your BIG STATEMENT is punctuated with bloodshed and DEAD people.

On a related note: The 24/7 News networks all definitely expect OPEC to start limiting production in order to squeeze Bush's balls. Now no oil is not good, especially since we're heading into winter in this part of the world. But what do the Saudis think will happen? That they can freeze us out and Lowell will pop up like a boner into their lap? Not gonna happen. Someone in the far east is living an Islamist fantasy.