Wednesday, December 20, 2006


Huge news: Coalition Special Forces have announced the arrests of Rupert Murdoch, Paul Wolfowitz and two of Lowell's lieutenants. Murdoch, they say, is a 'Disseminator of Western Propaganda'. And who can argue with that?





First Extraordinary Renditions Take Place in UK, Australia, and Spain

A multinational collective of Coalition Special Forces executed the first in what many say will be a number of Extraordinary Renditions.

Under the new Rendition Plan, created to lead Southeast Asia’s global 'War on Evil', Coalition Forces will be able to operate anywhere in the world without the need for any further authorization or disclosure. The Collective Forces Command, or COFCOM, is said to have 23,000 personnel at it's disposal to execute missions which may include 'man-hunts', 'intelligence gathering' and 'disrupting crusader sanctuaries' in countries where the Coalition is not even at war.

Areas of particular focus are Europe, the United States and the 'Christian West' according to one Malaysian official.

In Madrid, where one of the first operations took place, the military action caused a Spanish commuter train to derail resulting in 16 causalities and the death of at least one innocent bystander.

The Malaysian Prime minister, speaking on behalf of the entire Coalition, apologized for the collateral in Madrid, but says the results of the risk assessment declare the loss of life and damage to property worth it.

In the U.K., where some of the most notorious Crusader fugitives are thought to be living, Skinhead Crusaders Tyler Colchester and Max Povey were picked up and airlifted out of the country. Both men are thought to be top aides of July 27 mastermind Oliver Lowell.

The two of the most controversial renditions were that of global media giant, Rupert Murdoch and World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz who were both sequestered from Australia while attending a Media and Public Policy Conference in Melbourne.

Wolfowitz also served a controversial term as U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense in the administration of President George W. Bush.

Coalition members called Murdoch: “A purveyor and supporter of western lies,” which he allegedly and egregiously executed under auspices of the News Corporation.

All detainees in this first series of arrests are considered 'key leaders' of worldwide 'Crusader' organizations. Since Murdoch is the head of a worldwide 'propaganda' network, he especially is viewed as a potential gold mine of information.

Further, according to the Coalition Extradition Protocol by which Murdoch was arrested, the mogul is likely to be prosecuted even if he "may have believed that his conduct was religiously, politically or morally required, ultimate good would result, or stockholders would benefit."

This despite the recent discovery of an ultra-sensitive secret memo which recounts a threat made by Indonesian Prime Minister to bomb the New York Headquarters of Fox News in the event of further invasive measures. Coalition leaders say Fox News broadcasts have been inflammatory, misleading and occasionally false.

A source familiar with the operation reported that Murdoch and Wolfowitz, like Colchester, Povey and up to thirty-seven others, are being transferred to special Crusader facilities on the maximum security island prison of Nusa Kambangan, located in the Indian Ocean, and known around the world as the 'Alcatraz of Indonesia'.

The jurisdiction of the Crusader Facility is in some question, as Indonesian officials say that while the island may be government property, the Crusader Facility itself lies in area outside the jurisdiction of the Indonesian courts, which insiders are said to refer to as a 'Black Site'.

Moreover, speaking about yesterday's renditions this morning, an announcement by Coalition Member States declared Crusader captures identified as members of PURE, or who are thought to belong to any other of a number of known Christian Crusader groups, will not qualify for POW status.

The President of India has maintained the Coalition's commitment to the principles of the Geneva Convention, while recognizing that the Convention simply does not cover every situation in which people may be captured or detained by military forces, a precedent he noted that had been legally and convincingly established by United States’ actions in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"Events aren't moved by blind change and chance," he continued, "but by the hand of Allah, who is at work in world affairs." He concluded by calling for Coalition member states to lead 'a defensive jihad' of liberation in the United States, saying that, "this call of history has come to the right country." Renditions/Murdoch/122006.htm