Sunday, December 10, 2006

Siraj, sweetie!

Have you seen this article (copied & posted below)? So, now there's this dangerous racist hiding out somewhere in North Carolina, presumably, and U.S. law enforcement either can't or won't do anything about it! To top it off, you have these intellectual slackers promoted all over cable TV and radio that seem to think this Oliver Lowell creep is some kind of American hero! And people are agreeing with them!


Can't anyone in the same country that initiated the War on Terror see this man for what he is? I can’t describe in words how upset I am that Lowell is allowed to walk free. He's in hiding of course, but not from the police, but from people looking to seek revenge for what he did! Where is the justice in all this? What a sad state of affairs the land of the free has gotten itself into. Some people have no compassion, no regard for human life and yet they still have the gall to call themselves 'Christians'. No sir, I'm not buying.

I love you Americans, –I really, really do– but for gawds sake there's an awful lot of block heads here –she tips her nose in the air. I just don't get it.

Needless to say I can't wait until Christmas, because I'm going back to Toronto, and I don't know when –or if– I'll come back to New York. It's going to be a while, though, that's for sure. It's like, suddenly I'm thinking to myself, just what am I doing in this country? Teaching? I can do that in Toronto.

Sorry, Jasper, sweetie, but you can always come to Canada with me. There's always room for another stateside expat. Don't hate me! At least we have fuel in Canada. So we can cook! We can drive cars!

It was a life long dream to move to New York and be a writer here– but I think I want to be HOME when world suddenly starts proving stranger than fiction!

Thank God for craigslist because I've got to find someone to sublease my apartment asap.

And you know what's funny in all this? The US economy is spiraling downhill; oil is being rationed; it looks like the world is going to war –AND IT'S STILL NOT AFFORDABLE TO LIVE IN MANHATTAN! haha. Ughh – I hope there's still someone left in this town who will rent my apartment before real estate implodes and I have to lower the rent!

Sorry if this rant was stupid, I started out wanting to update you guys on my life, but it turns out I'm insignificant in the scheme of things and I just needed to vent. Thanks for listening.

Hey, you know what I need? Butter cream frosting! –and then everything will be A-OK.

Roger on that, tee hee.

om baby yum baby gotta go babies–


ps –oops almost forgot –here's the article!

Village Vox Press
December 9, 2006

Robert Herman, an attorney who until now was best known for representing the Ku Klux Klan and Matt Hale, director of the virulently racist World Church of the Creator, revealed today that he has been retained by Oliver Benjamin Lowell, through members of his PURE network.

Herman claims he does not know the whereabouts of his infamous client, but that the first order of business was to convey Lowell's message to the country that Muslim immigrants –indeed all immigrants, from sub-equatorial nations– "must leave the United States and Europe or suffer the consequences."

Herman also delivered a new videotape to Fox News. On it Lowell can be heard to advise Christians to avoid all air international travel.

Lowell also goes on to criticize leaders of the Pan Moslem Coalition, specifically Air Chief Marshal Djoko Suyanto, Commander-in-Chief for Indonesia’s Armed Forces [Tentara Nasional Indonesia]. Suyanto had expressed doubts of authenticity to previously reported comments attributed to Lowell that thousands of young American and European Christian soldiers were looking forward to their chance to "fight for Jesus Christ and the free white world".

Herman said: "In a message conveyed to me by members of the PURE network, Lowell told me that he knows that if he commands it, PURE will deliver it, God willing."