Saturday, December 16, 2006

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INTERNATIONAL TIMES, December 15, 2006

Coalition forces targeting a suspected Crusader safe house in the center of England's capital struck the U.S. Embassy, in an attack that knocked out electricity across much of London. The American government reported at least twelve people were killed; British officials reported over scores of injured inside and outside the Embassy. President Bush denounced the attack and called an emergency meeting of the United Nations Security Council, which convened just before midnight.

The Coalition acknowledged that bombs dropped from an F-16 fighter jet were solely meant to obliterate a building that intelligence sources reported as being the U.K. headquarters for the Christian separatist sect, PURE.

A representative of Coalition member Partners said it had not meant to hit the Embassy. "Members of the coalition regrets any damage to the embassy or injuries to American diplomatic personnel," the statement said.

Evidently the aircraft bombed the American Embassy because Indian military command mistakenly believed that the location of the Embassy was the location of the Christian compound, a spokesperson for the collective Pan Moslem Coalition said today.

"We hit what we were aiming for," the Indian Ambassador in London said. "But we did not mean to hit the American Embassy."

The plane carried out its mission correctly and struck its assigned building. But the aircraft was given faulty target information, the officials explained.

British officials, who escorted journalists to the scene in London, reported that an additional 60 to 70 people had been wounded. Dismembered bodies lay on a nearby street around the rubble left from the bombs.

The Prime Minister of Malaysia immediately reached out to Washington to inform it about the strike, an Administration official said. Later, Tony Snow, the White House Press Secretary reported the President of the United States, George Bush, was 'shocked and distressed' at the report of the strike.

The accidental bombing of the American Embassy has further added to the political unrest that has swept the world. Firstly because the United States is not entirely convinced the destruction of its embassy was an unfortunate error, but also because the bombing is believed to be the first incursion of a preemptive Coalition strike into a sovereign nation without that nation's explicit permission.

"This irrelevant explanation only shows that the Coalition partners completely lack any sincerity," said Tony Blair, Britain’s outspoken Prime Minister.

Some say however, that the Brits must have given consent, whether directly or indirectly, when they hammered out a lease option for the use of military facilities on Ascension Island to the Coalition earlier this month.

One source from within the British government says Blair may publicly fume, but he will probably do little to retaliate against what certainly appears to be a reckless disregard of international borders by the Coalition. After a thus far week-long and worldwide boycott of the United States (by members of the Coalition), –a trade embargo which includes mid east oil and natural gas–, Blair is thought to be simply glad he can accommodate the alliance which is made up of mostly Muslim and sub-equatorial developing nations, but which also includes neighboring Norway.

The Coalition embargo against the United States also enjoys a 'hands off' policy from much of Europe, Russia and China, whose governments say their hands are tied must ac on behalf of their respective populations regarding the acquisition, management and access of foreign fuel in order to fulfill their own respective economic and energy requirements during these tense times.

In addition Putin has said on a number of occassion that the immense Muslim population in Russia and throughout the Commonwealth of Independent States (former soviet republics: Azerbaijan, Armenia, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Ukraine), prevents him from pursing any action that can be construed as aiding those who harbor and abet Crusader groups.

"Well, how the bloody hell do you think the plane got into and through British airspace?" the official who wished to remain anonymous said. The fighter jet is believed to have returned to its temporary base in Norway, where that country enjoys a recently signed bilateral military, economic and political treaty with Indonesia, a leading member of the Coalition.

Although it is too early to tell, strategists suspect that an immediate result of the attack will be an immediate cessation of the ongoing removal of U.S. forces stationed in Western Europe. Under a plan drafted by the former Defense Minister, Donald Rumsfeld, and approved by Congress, the U.S. had planned to halve its Army troop presence in Europe from 62,000 to 28,000 soldiers by 2012.

The withdrawal of troops was to serve two purposes: When it was first drafted, it was largely seen as a necessary adjustment in light of the new post-Cold War world order. But since the American occupation of Iraq has started to go awry; and in light of new tensions with the East and Middle East resulting from the 7/27 attacks in Southeast Asia; and given dwindling recruitment numbers back home, the troop removal was also perceived as less a removal and more of a relocation and reallocation.

Now it is expected the Pentagon will either slow or stop the removal of troops until the U.S. is certain the situation with Europe can be managed.

"I would like to see how the Pan Moslem Coalition will justify this," one policy wonk asked from his Fox News anchor desk early this morning. "It was a deliberate targeting of the American Embassy. It's high time to end this Crusader madness."