Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Countdown to Canada has begun!

Picked out my window seat printed my e-ticket. Leaving at 6:40AM, Friday, on what is no doubt one of the last seats on one of the few remaining carriers still operating out of LGA.

Go Air Canada!

btw Jasper: I haven't heard back from you since left me that text about getting laid off. Sorry we're parting like this, but you were invited! (Rolls eyes at stubborn, uncommunicative boyfriend, who either can't afford batteries, doesn't know how to charge his phone or needs new attitude).

Anyway, of course got nothing accomplished in my last class of the year at the Annex. Not that everyone or anyone was in a giddy holiday spirit. Just the opposite. Everyone wreaks of anxiety. They're are still talking about how Bush has been labeled a 'Global Crusader', but if he's laughing it off, then why is everybody so nervous? Of course, I know a lot of Canucks who would agree with that assessment.

Siraj, hunny, you probably know better than any of us what might happen next. I don't really envision an Islamic Army storming Washington, much less attempting to capture the President of the United States. Maybe the Feds will get Lowell, but I don't think they'll send him overseas. But foreign forces invading the United States? That will never happen, although it would make for one of those a good but oh so bad TV shows! haha!

I must say I'm so excited to be going back home! I finally found someone to sublet my apartment. THANK GOD! He's of my students and his parents are paying for it. I'm so lucky. Sweet kid. Huge talent. Too bad the world is ending.

I'll be Toronto Friday for lunch, and not a moment too soon as far as I'm concerned, cause no one knows how much longer the planes will fly. Although international flights that can refuel in Canada, that's really no problem. They're just expensive. US domestic flights is another story.

Given the oil embargo, public travel is considered a luxury. We've heard that the US Government wants to ground all domestic carriers as soon as the holidays are over. If you live anywhere near an International hub, you should have no problem getting out of the country, but if you're in Kansas City and you want to leave, you're not going anywhere unless you can ride a bike. Even the streets of New York are thinning out. Bookies are taking bets on what medallion number will herald the last yellow cab before the American oil reserves runs out. And while I don't think that will happen either, it really looks quite Soviet on Fifth Avenue this year.

I hate to gloat, but at least we still have gasoline in Canada! I've heard Americans are slipping into the provinces just to fill up their cars. It blows my mind what's going on.

Oh and I heard that both India and Indonesia have agreed to pay the U.S.A something like fifty million dollars each as compensation for accidentally blowing up the American Embassy in London. You'd think they'd want to hold onto that money if they were really serious about starting a war. So I guess it was a mistake and all's well that ends well.

Misses and kisses–

For gawds sake, Jasper, text me!

And everybody stay alive through Christmas! haha (but I jest)

xxxooo (one of each for all my boys)

Annika Britannica

PS – Siraj, are there any christmas-y passages in the Quran?

–That was a joke, sweetie. LOL!