Wednesday, November 29, 2006


"Some 2,000 Indonesian Marines are en route to Venezuela, it is also said, where they are expected to stand by until –and if– orders arrive to initiate the hunt for Christian separatist militants within US borders."

It begins–




Lead by India, Indonesia and Malaysia, top Pan Moslem Coalition military officials are studying the possibility of a limited breach of United States territory, probably along the east coast in a reported effort to not only bring members of the separatist group PURE to justice in Islamic courts, but also in a potential effort to topple the American president, George W. Bush.

None of the Southeast Asia or the Middle East diplomatic officials interviewed for this story have suggested that the ruling bodies of their respective countries have any desire to actually attempt to conquer the United States, nor to deny its citizens freely and democratically elected representation. Rather, it is suggested that international leaders throughout the world share a growing collective interest in preemptively changing over the current administration from one lately perceived by its international neighbors –and not to mention a significant portion of its own population– as criminally inept, to one becoming its original constitutional promise in matters of peace and justice.

Those who have read it say the report suggests that PMC member countries deploy up to 50,000 Muslim troops along the coasts of North Carolina and Virginia; and another possible 50,000 along the Gulf of Mexico. The plan then calls for sending the two armies towards the Appalachian Trail and up the eastern seaboard simultaneously.

"The question is not if Pan Moslem Coalition forces will cross the border into US territory, but rather when and how," a senior Malaysian envoy is quoted as saying. "Will a cooperative US government grant permission to Malaysian Special Forces to enter its sovereign territory in pursuit of dangerous and internationally wanted terrorists it can not seem to locate itself; or will the Bush administration refuse Malaysian families justice? So be it, we forgo standard diplomatic protocols and mount an otherwise internationally supported effort to locate the men responsible for the July 27 attacks that left well over 3000 civilians dead."

As it stands, Indonesian and Indian navy vessels in the Atlantic have been placed on high alert, awaiting further direction from Jakarta and New Delhi, respectively. Some 2,000 Indonesian Marines are en route to Venezuela, it is also said, where they are expected to stand by until –and if– orders arrive to initiate the hunt for Christian separatist militants within US borders.

Navy Chief Admiral Achmad Sutjipto is quoted as saying that the decision to go to high alert was 'precautionary' and 'not in response to a specific threat'. However, intelligence reports had earlier suggested that PURE militia might mount another major attack on an as of yet undetermined Muslim nation to coincide with the Hijrah New Year, which falls only a few weeks away in mid January of 2007.

News of the leaked report has prompted OPEC to delay its December 5 'ordinary' meeting until December 16, reclassifying it as 'Extraordinary'. The event is also moving from Abu Dhabi,UAE to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where discussions will focus on how the current set of political tremors may well shake up the oil business in 2007. The last Extraordinary meeting was only last August, in Kuala Lumpur, when members gathered to discuss the question of stability regarding the oil market given the tragic events suffered by the region. At the time one delegate from Indonesia, OPEC's only Asian member and a target of the 7/27 attacks, noted:

"Oil production, without which these European states can not exist, ironically enables safe harbor to the next group of Christian fundamentalists who are perhaps planning the next July 27-type attack."

Given the new set of global parameters, and the lack of significant arrests directly related to the 7/27 attacks, in conjunction with recent financial chaos sweeping world markets, it is likely that the next meeting of OPEC will produce substantial geo-political ramifications.

Meanwhile, US fighter jets staged a new bombing campaign in Tora Bora caves, even as reports suggested that the American empire should probably consider shifting its military attention a little closer to home.

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