Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Well, mixed reactions across the globe, naturally.

But just because the test was a success, doesn't mean the test was success.

I still believe in my country right or wrong, but I agree with you, Siraj: This is just adding fuel to the fire.

The world's going to hell. The question is do I even care anymore?

knower of all things (and what did it get me),

The Jasp




The United States military has carried out a successful test of its new missile defence system.

A dummy warhead was launched over the Indian Ocean a Sunday evening, and was afterwards hit by a interceptor only minutes into its flight.

Intercept was achieved at 6.18pm (EST)

Russia and China are strongly opposed to the National Missile Defence (MND) programme but the US says it is necessary for protection against "rogue states" such as North Korea, Iraq and Iran.

BBC Moscow correspondent Stephen Dalziel says the Chinese and Russian leaders may well agree on issuing a joint statement regarding their objections to the project after President Hu Jintao arrives in Moscow this upcoming weekend for a four-day official visit.

Both countries are sceptical about the threat posed by countries like North Korea and Iraq, he says, and hawks in both countries suggest that the system could be employed as part of an attack on them.

But Russia has already wholly condemned the test, saying such exercises could jeopardize all previous agreements on nuclear disarmament.

Environmentalists also denounced the tests, saying they threatened to re-start a global nuclear arms race.

The only apparent problem with the test was a short delay in starting, for which protestors from the environmental organisation Greenpeace claimed responsibility.

Eighteen of its activists were arrested for attempting to disrupt the launch.