Saturday, November 11, 2006

siraj, sweetie–

i know you have your hands full, and your heart is still heavy. we're all praying for you. 7/27 was a tragedy on so many levels, but lately I was thinking about how I miss reading your short stories.

so boyz, would it sound terribly awful if i suggested that maybe we could start exchanging some creative writing between us? i mean, why did siraj start this blog anywayz? to re-post news stories?BORING.

i know jasper's been working on more SMASH FACED DETECTIVES, so i can't wait for that! and jasp's protaganist is so real. always drunk as a skunk, but still rock star gorgeous and always the smartest person in the room.

btw my NEW group at the Learning Annex rocks, even though my three favorite literary stars are MIA! more about that later!

hey, has anyone heard that Bush has replaced Rumsfeld? it's about time if you ask me. course bush let him go only after the repubs got pummeled in congressional elections.a nd to think just a few days ago rummy said that the situation is not a crisis. what's up with that? everywhere you look today you can find some sort of international crisis. and it seems to me that actually the USA is responsible for a lot of it.

sorry, jasper. I know you're all-american, but the truth isn't always so beautiful. we can talk about it later, or if you want now, but you have to come out to play. i’m going to starbucks in a minute, lover, so why not leave work early and get over there, pronto! i can only sip a cinnamon mocha vanilla froth cappuccino by myself, for so long, y'know. and when it's gone, lacking the company of a man, i’m off in search of a butter cream cupcake and a six-pack of double A batteries.

impatiently yours,

Annika Britannica