Friday, October 13, 2006


Annika, babe, it is tragic, but what exactly is going to happen to the members of the Iranian government and military responsible for this?


Look at the July 4, '88 downing of the the Iranian airliner. A US Missile cruiser downed an Iranian passenger jet over the same waters, and it also killed everybody on board. Stuff happens: The military makes mistakes, and when they do, innocent people die. And no gets held accountable, unless by accountable you mean, promoted.

It's not just Iran –or Israel –or the Russians –or the United States:

Every single government all over the world accepts collateral damage as an acceptable loss. It's a cold, hard, terrible fact, but it's the way the big boys do business.

That said, let me cut the crap:

I don't think the downing of the Delta jet the other day was an accident. I think it's one small part of a larger strategic effort to prolong global jihad as a perpetual conflict. Naturally, I think we should blanket bomb the hell out of Tehran and teach those bastards a lesson.

The Jasp