Wednesday, September 13, 2006


More info surfaces on the money trail. They say Saudi authorities have traced Crusader links to people inside the US Embassy in Saudi. I don't believe it of course. No way members of our government are connected to Lowell and crew. Just goes to show you they will go to any length to find a scapegoat. And it's probably going to be some dumb Americans who are honeymooning in the Seychelles. Mark my words, any day now, two kids whose only crime is having blond hair and blue eyes and being on the wrong side of the world at the wrong time are going to be 'detained' for questioning, and never come home again.

Course it wouldn't happen that way if we didn't have pussies in the State Department. But we got we got and it's going to go the way it's going to go.

Siraj, you should get the hell out of Malaysia, dude.



Reprint from the Washington Post


The Saudi Ministry of Interior is probing reports that American money amounting to thousands of dollars was sent to U.S. and European nationals involved in the July 27 attacks, while they were temporarily based in the United Kingdom, and in other locations establishing safe houses throughout the world.

The Ministry uncovered financial records showing a steady pattern of payments to Oliver Lowell through the bank account of Anita Oberwetter, the wife of the US ambassador to Saudi Arabia, in May 2006, just before hijackers Sage Gottard and Graham Cardiff arrived in Singapore to plan the final staging of the 7/27 attacks, Ministry sources said.

The Saudi investigators are also probing the financial records of Washington's Riggs Bank through which the monthly payments of US $3,500 were transferred from undisclosed sources in the U.S. to self-identified White separatists.

Following revelations of a US link to the July 27 incident, a draft report by a joint Indian/Indonesian intelligence committee sponsored by the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) accused both the FBI and the Central Intelligence Agency of 'not aggressively pursuing' leads in the US that would identify and detain remaining crusaders currently seeking refuge in that country.

The draft report also complained of lack of cooperation from US officials in the probe, Asia Pacific News reported on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Al Jazeera reports that Saudi agents tracked phone numbers found in Lowell's last known residence to the Riyadh apartment of a US embassy employee. Two other staffers were questioned on the matter.

"We know money has been sent to western crusaders while they were in England, and it came from a wealthy US source," a reporter at the news channel said.

Washington Post