Friday, September 22, 2006


T. Touching down.

Adullah Badawi is the Prime Minister of Malaysia? Guy is dreaming if he thinks he's going to send a army into US territory. Probably plays well in Kuala Lumpur, I'm sure. Sounds suicidal stateside, though. Maybe someone should tell him that.

Can't wait till Jasp weighs in on this. Sometimes irritating, but we all know the Jasp is wildly funny if you're not the guy he's tearing a new asshole.

Also gotta say, 'right wing militant Christian fundamentalists' is a mouthful. Why can't the press just say 'Crusaders'? That's what everyone else on the planet is calling these Nazis.



For your reading pleasure, ripped this off the T4US Newsnet site–


On the first day of Ramadan the Malaysian Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said Wednesday that he would order Malaysian Special Forces to go after Oliver Lowell inside the United States –and without that country's permission– if he received good intelligence on the PURE leader's location.

"Quite absolutely," Badawi said.

The Prime Minister made the comments Wednesday in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer, on temporary foreign assignment for T4US Newsnet.

Although Washington has said it won't allow foreign troops to operate within its territory, Badawi nevertheless reiterated, "We would take the action necessary to bring him to justice."

But the American leader, President Bush, laughed off Badawi's remarks and told reporters Wednesday his government would oppose any Malaysian action within US borders.

An August air strike on two suspected PURE targets on the island of Cyprus provoked protests by tens of thousands of Europeans. Moreover, complaints by the president of Cyprus –Tassos Papadopoulos– were in direct contrast to previous reports that Pan Moslem leaders launched the limited attack only after consulting with his government.

Despite denials by President Bush and Britain’s Tony Blair that their respective nations are willfully harboring members of PURE and other right wing militant Christian fundamentalists, rumors to the contrary persist at the highest diplomatic circles. To the naysayers Blair snorted, "This notion that anybody who has a record as a terrorist will get safe haven -- we would not even think of doing that," he said.

Nevertheless the Malaysian Special Branch is probing reports that American and British money amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars was wired from their countries to conservative groups with strong ties to PURE, including individuals directly involved in the July 27 attacks. The Malay intelligence agency is also probing the financial records of Washington's Galilee Savings & Loan, through which monthly payments of US $3,500 were wired to British National Party accounts in London.

Following revelations of an American/UK link to the July 27 incident, a draft report by a joint panel composed of political representatives from India, Indonesia and Malaysia accused Scotland Yard, MI-5, the Central Intelligence Agency and the FBI of 'not aggressively pursuing' leads in their own countries.

"The money had been sent to right wing organizations in the British Isles, and throughout Europe, and it came from wealthy American sources," a representative of the Malaysian Special Branch said.

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