Saturday, August 05, 2006

Update: Soon to hit the international news desks. Sources say several of the highjackers are confirmed as having been pilots for The Royal Airforce. So, obviously, that's where they learned how to fly planes.

Sage Gottard and Graham Cardiff each spent a tour of duty in Iraq, where they met, in 2004. Upon their return, it's thought that these two former choir boys then fed off each other's growing pathological hate against immigrants to the UK. Both, it is said, began expressing increasing interest in England's right wing British National Party.

Which is really neither here nor there. The BNP isn't quite like the KKK. Plenty of people attend BNP rallies and don't go killing people afterwards.

So the question that remains is: 'WHY?'.

Why did these guys do it?

Authorities are certain the American, Lowell, played a key leadership role in motivating these men to execute this act of terror. But no one yet knows how they even connected, with an entire ocean between them. The Internet, most likely, of course, but still, how? Do these guys just meet up in a chat room or Myspace and begin dishing hate stories? Lowell's supposedly a charismatic figure like David Duke, Matthew Hale or even Osama bin Laden, except that Lowell is smarter than those guys. He has no traceable history!

The scary-looking guy in the picture I posted is Aksel Gravesen, but apparently he also answered to 'Berserker', which somehow doesn't surprise me.

Investigators speculate Gravesen was on Al-Qadar Airlines Flight 705, –the one that hit 2 Petronas. He was one of three Danes in the lot, and naturally he also has a military background: ex-Flyvertaktisk Kommando, –that's Royal Danish Air Force to you and me.

Apparently Gravesen left a note behind saying that after he became disillusioned with Denmark's liberal immigration policies, he felt had no choice but to join a neo-Nazi group, which he did sometime in the last year or two. But what he did not do is explain why this action at this time.

Did he think the event would speak for itself?

btw, is it just me or does it look like maybe this guy had some serious issues before he became a Nazi?

Personally, Gravesen and his associates all seem too unusually organized to me to simply be members of a hate group, even if they do indeed ties with one or another. Some suspect the terrorists are possibly rogue members of a western intelligence unit. At this time, given the nationalities of the highjackers, the two most probable candidate organizations for gone-off-the-reservation crazies are the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and Politiets Efterretningstjeneste (The Danish Security and Intelligence Service).

And though theories regarding motivating factors for the attack abound, none is yet confirmed. Everything from anger over the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, to the Iraq war. Usual BS these fanatics use to justify acts of terror.

stranger than fiction, to say the least