Saturday, August 05, 2006

Transcript (Excerpt): From the Oliver Benjamin Lowell Audio Tape–

“I was not involved in the July 27, 2006 attacks in Malaysia, India or the attempted attack on Indonesia. As a Christian, I avoid telling lies. I had no prior knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children and other human beings a viable act of protest. Christianity strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children and other people. Whoever committed the act of July 27 are not good Christians.

It is true that over the years I have said that I am against the Muslims, Turks, Pakis, Coolies and other towel heads coming to lands of white people and taking our jobs; and using up our resources that should be spent on our own people. Today they don’t even have to come to our own lands to take our jobs. With traitorous corporations outsourcing white Christian jobs to places like Southeast Asia, we're bringing the jobs to them.

If we truly require the talents of a work force that can only be had from individuals in another country, then maybe we should bring the best of their lot here and maybe they'll put some of our more stupid scientists and calculating politicians out of work. As the world well knows, what made America great in the twentieth century was that we didn't outsource nuclear physics to the Berlin, but rather invited their German Scientists to come live and work in our country, and thereby add value to this great nation.

So to argue that we're going overseas because the coolies or whomever answer the phones cheaper than poor American working class people, that's just an evil that begs for correction. Or to displace our American cooks and cab drivers so that the Mexicans and Pakis can take advantage of our social services, work under the table and then send everything they make out of the country where you know they'll spend it on just about anything but American made products, –that just goes against everything anyone would call fair.

Or to say that we give illegals jobs Americans won't take doesn't quite explain the entirety of the situation. It's not that Americans won't take those jobs: It's that minimum wage hasn't kept pace with inflation for at least the last twenty five years; It's that corporations prefer overseas profit over staffing an American work force that requires health benefits and pension plans.

Your representatives get elected by telling you they'll give you a voice in Washington. Then they get to the Capital, line their pockets, live the good life, and all of a sudden Haliburton has the Senator by his billion dollar balls and Joe Sixpack can't get his congressman to lower his health costs.

Pennies on the dollar for an honest day's work may be good for American business, but it's not good for the American people. And it makes a mockery of the limits we put on our immigration quotas. Because although we do provide incentives to bring a few smart, qualified technical workers to our shores, we're simultaneously shipping out an even greater number of jobs out of the country. And those jobs are going to straight to heathen nations. Never mind what happens to our economy, what happens to our culture? What does it say of us with we willfully support nations whose citizens do not share our values, who worship pedophiles and elephants, for instance.

It therefore doesn’t surprise me that something like the 7/27 event has happened in predominantly Muslim countries. Muslims in particular impose their values on everyone within walking distance of Planet Earth. At least the Buddhists and Hindus know enough to mind their own business. If they all want to go to Hell, fine –but please don't drag good God fearing Christians down into the flames with you. Unfortunately, only terror can keep the aggressive Muslim imams and eastern flim flams from further infecting the minds of our good Christian kids.

Now, I have said before that we are long overdue for a crusade. At last it arrives. However, although I applaud the efforts of the 7/27 martyrs and consider them heros, I was not an active participant of this current campaign. To be honest, nobody even asked me if I was interested.

In closing, I ask the press and others to stop couching my arguments in racial terms. I am not a racist. I don't care one bit if a person is brown. Some of those Pakis, for instance, are whiter than me. This is rather a cultural stand that I'm making for the good of America, and for our children. May the United States be the prosperous Christian nation for them, as it was for our forefathers.

My name is Oliver Benjamin Lowell. If the destruction of those Muslim towers in Malaysia means one less outsourced job going to Asia, then I say to who ever remains who may bear some responsibility for this deed:

God bless you for a job well done.”

Oliver Benjamin Lowell
August 3, 2006