Sunday, August 20, 2006


Absolutely right: taken together, all very interesting developments indeed:

• First the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) announces measures to strengthen OIC cooperation and coordination in combating international terrorism;

• Then OPEC cuts production;

• Now the Governments of Indonesia and Norway issue a press release agreeing "to increase cooperation in... energy, trade, politics, and security".

And all three events would have probably flown right under my radar if you hadn't brought them to our attention.

Now if I read it correctly, Norway has agreed to give Indonesian military North European a base of operations in a cooperative effort to catch the 7/27 terrorists.

If I’d have known beforehand that both Norway and Indonesia already had a pre-existing economic relationship, I wouldn’t have been half as surprised as I was to read the release. But they're both oil producers, so of course they share mutual interests.

Gotta say Lowell might have thought it a pretty neat trick to hijack four passenger jets, but let’s see if he can outrun one of Norway’s F-16s. And even if he can, you know where ever Nazis are concerned, Israel is going to involved. Maybe you can elude the Norwegian government, but you can' t hide from Mossad!


Would be interesting, too, if it happened, to see some sort of cooperation between Israel and the Islamic world.

What I don't get, though, is by all accounts Malaysia was hardest hit, and Indonesia the least. So why does Indonesia appear to be taking the lead as far military action goes? If anything, you'd think it be more of a consortium or collective agreement.

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