Wednesday, August 02, 2006


T. touching down.

Heard from Jasp last night that you barely made it out of the Towers alive.

Really want to catch up and hear everything that happened to you. Jasp said you posted something on Friday? I'll go back and read your entry later. gotta admit i'm nursing a hangover right now. lesson learned: never try to keep up with Jasper L. Friedman. Guy can drink men twice his size under the table and still defend Rush Limbaugh in a fierce debate.

Anyway, you probably know from Jasp that Annika got back last night? He's real happy about that. So, now that his lady love is back, and you're alright, naturally he wanted to go right from the airport to the nearest bar.

We ended up @ Artland.

Jasper is a big fan of cheap beer, obviously. And I of course couldn't care either way as long as ladies are present in vast scantily clad numbers. So, yeah, we all had a good time. wish you were here, but you're over there doing your job. so, yeah, we ordered for you anyway, and then alternated the extra shots. And I must say, Siraj, man, I didn't know you could drink so much.


i guess it was worth it (he says popping Advil). well, yeah, of course we had to celebrate the fact that you, our friend, survived TWO exploding jets and TWO collapsing buildings! I mean, who does that? You must have like mad superhero skills, dude. And you know that I don't use the word 'dude' lightly, dude. Jasp said you told him that you even ran back into one of the buildings in order to help a guy in a wheel chair get out.

That's just– crazy.

Of course, it speaks to that big beautiful heart we always knew you had. but, yeah, you're probably certifiably insane, in case you were wondering.

Okay, pleez clarify: is the Jasp bsing me or did you really do that? cause if it's true then you ARE the first real superhero i've ever met in my life. and no doubt you are probably going to get so laid in like Billy Idol numbers whenever you finally get back to the usa.

course, everyone we talked to is really proud of you. Jasp had the entire bar toasting you. should of heard it. like a hundred people toasting you–


btw, might mention that if you haven't called your parents yet, you should do so immediately. I spoke to your mom on Thurs, and naturally she was worried out of her freakin' mind. well, everyone was, but a mother's concern for her kid goes deep.

how about you make her day and tell her you're coming home real soon.