Wednesday, August 02, 2006

siraj! sweetie!

we just got in from carousing. jasper & t. picked me up from the airport and we all went straight out. rhe boyz got really drunk... of course... u know how the both of them can alternate tequila shots and espresso, for like hours. so i don't really know if they're getting drunk or hyper caffeinated. it's pretty funny tho, like watching two bums on speed talk about kafka.

except that now it's all about u of course.

funny cause ur the one who escaped from that dreadful tragedy, and now they're the ones getting so hammered you can see the dents in their heads. i don't know how they do it (or god why they do it), but we're all happy to hear that ur safe and sound.

anywayz... now that that I'm back in the big apple, we're going to have to find a way of getting u home, too.

before something else happens, which now everyone thinks it might.

doesn't aljazeera have a manhattan office they could transfer u to? can u tell them u think this job of urs sucks, that u didn't sign up to have buildings collapse on u, and have them send u somewhere, u know, less newsworthy. maybe they could transfer u to london or paris? u should ask them! we don't want u in malaysia anymore, sweetie, or where ever else it is that people want to kill each other. come back to new york!

anywayz, i'm off to sleep. I just wanted to post something before going to bed. please know that we're praying for your safety siraj. and even tho those towers fell all the way over on the other side of the world, we felt their tremors right here on the american continent.

not literally of course. but everybody is shaken.

u kno what i mean :)

stay well! and stay ALIVE! We all love u! prefer if you came home in 1 piece! and the sooner the better!