Saturday, August 12, 2006

Siraj, dude, you don't have to convince us of anything.

I think I get it:


Or it's going to, anyway.

Personally, I don't know one way or the other if this guy, Lowell, is the mastermind people say he is. But most people here seem to have their own minds made up already. I'd say half of all Americans think Lowell should be extradited immediately, with or without any evidence. And if Lowell's innocent, the Malaysian government will find out while they're yanking his fingernails off his mitts with a pair of pliers.

Then the other half of the country believes 7/27 was probably an inside job orchestrated by the Malaysian Government itself (or some combination of the Indian, Indonesian and Malaysian governments), in order to produce the necessary excuse to throw some military muscle around in the region. Or maybe it's all part of a strategic effort to perpetuate global jihad as a ongoing, endless conflict. But either way, based on what I've read –and no doubt, you're reading the same stuff– Malaysia actually does appear to be getting ready to throw its furkin' weight around big time.

Gotta say, dude, thank God I'm in the USA, maybe surrounded by clueless, conspiratorial idiots, but AT LEAST I'M SAFELY ENSCONCED IN THE EMPIRE, where some of these idiots exercise their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms –and not in London or Tel Aviv or Paris or anywhere else they let terrorists with bombs immigrate to. And certainly not in Kuala Lumpur with you, no offense intended, of course, but Malaysia is like Ground Zero for crazy right now.

Because whether you know it or not, and it sounds like you do, you are in the center of an ever expanding political vortex, a black hole that eats light and consumes logic like a fat boy dipping into a jar of peanut butter.

Take those kooks in India that you say banned Coca Cola:

They've have been trying to boycott Coke for how long? But now a plane falls out of the sky in Mumbai and somehow it suddenly gives these lame bastards an excuse to do anything they want. I mean, don't get me wrong, I get it. Bush did the same thing. World Trade Center attacked by Saudi nationals funded by a Saudi Prince? Oh, OK, so let's invade Iraq. That's just the way these politicians think. And I like Bush, but it's almost like basic economics: most politicians are power hungry fucktards.

C'mon, we all know that's how even the best of them got to where they are (Congressional seat, cow towing to pressure groups, eating on someone else's dime, using taxpayer's dollars to get blow jobs in the back of a town car, etc, etc, etc.).

So, sure, all sorts of bad things are going happening that have nothing to do with anything except because some people will attempt to leverage the recent death and destruction in Southeast Asia for their own political gain.

And you say don't want to come home? Fine, but then don't let your ambitions get you killed. And remember, your individual parts can't sustain friendships.

And btw, speaking of persons who may leverage this or any disaster for their own means, I include every single news and information agency in the world. Which is to say, I don't trust your employer, Aljazeera, one bit, and neither should you.

This is a global tidal wave we're talking about, and you don't have to be standing up to your waist in the Indian Ocean to see that. The water's getting choppy even down below Wall Street! Better hang on tight, cause surf is definitely up!

Waxed and ready–

The Jasp