Tuesday, August 01, 2006


wtf with the phones and Internet? Everyone here was worried you bit the dust! Now we finally BREATHE. Glad you're OK, but you've got to explain everything. Seriously, –RUNNING BACK INTO THE BUILDING?! I don't know how many chances you get with that kind of stuff, but even one is too many.

Course, I understand you wanting to do what's best for your job, and helping other people is admirable, but don't let it get you killed! And get out before they declare martial law. You know that's next. Malaysia IS NOT America. The army is going to be in charge before you can say confiscated passport. And then you're not going to be able to squeeze out a turd without a some nervous soldier wondering what else you got up your ass, which is why they will shoot first and ask questions later.

Oh and word to the not-so-wise (who runs back into falling buildings?!): Go see a doctor ASAP. A lot of the 9/11 first responders here in NYC have come down with all sorts of respiratory problems from breathing in dust, concrete, pulverized glass. Apparently the air at Ground Zero was super toxic and not as safe as they said it was. I don't want to scare you, but there's no reason to think the air in Kuala Lumpur is any safer. I mean, even before the World Trade Center fell, the air in Zoo York was already full of crap, right?

Personally, I think everyone who lived within a two miles of Ground Zero is at risk. That air smelled like burning plastic for a month. ha, live hard now because tomorrow, emphysema awaits.

So, get yourself checked out, OK?

Hey, Aljazeera boy, you may want to know, the News here is good, but funny enough I've actually been logging onto the Malaysian Times site more often than say, CNN or even the New York Times. I mean, correct me if I'm wrong –their reporting is not by some Reuters guy googling this shit in London, right? They actually have local reporters on the ground, right? Hope so, the coverage is excellent. Maybe you should work for them!

Will admit that I even browse Aljazeera one in a while, but honestly, I don't really like they way they present news. Can't put my finger on it, but simply not engaging. Well OK I admit first it's hard for me to accept anything they print as anything but pro-Islamic propaganda.

And maybe I'm not the kind of guy who wants neutral coverage. I want in your face, boots on the ground, dodged a bullet, and shot it with my cell phone kind of coverage.

Probably doesn't help that they seem to recruit a lot from the BBC. I don't trust the brits either. Damn, I don't know how they found you, or you them. Either you're super smart and lucky, or super gullible and being groomed for the latest in bomber vests and accessories as we speak. You'll let me know before you accept a raise or promotion measured in postmortem virgins, right?

Sorry S., I know they employ you, but that's just how it is.

and it is what it is

btw, Annika flys back from Toronto today. Terry and I are going to meet her @ LaGuardia later. Now that we know you're OK, I think we're all in the mood for some heavy partying tonight. Really very happy that you actually survived –and are continuing to survive– this Southeast Asian mess. Wish you were hear to celebrate with us, or us there, but not so close to the where the towers fell. I'm telling you man, don't breathe that air– it's putrid!

Just got a feeling 2001 was –and now 2007 is going to be– a boom year for alcoholic beverages, which y'know, I couldn't be happier with.

Hey, and we just heard that one of the news networks says it received a video from some European group claiming responsibility for the attacks, but you probably knew that already, being in the news biz.

Just goes to prove that reality IS stranger than fiction.

Seriously, you can not make this sh*t up!

Good luck (and get the hell out of there and back here as soon as you can!)–

The Jasp