Wednesday, August 09, 2006


T. touching down again–

We hear you, bro. Back in 2001 Bush called on Muslim nations to stand with America and deliver up Al Qaeda operatives for justice. Now that Southeast Asia is suffering a similar problem, with apparent western born terrorists, the US and Europe are conspicuously dragging their imperial feet. I don't get it. But it's like a blue state/red state thing here.

So, despite the fact that Lowell is scum, the pundits on FOX NEWS, for instance, are doing their damnedest to keep reminding everyone as often as they can that this guy is innocent until proven guilty.

But you tell me: How many innocent guys post a video rhapsodizing an act of terror who aren't in some way connected to it?


Sean Hannity –guy makes my head explode– says the Lowell had an older brother who was killed in action during the first Gulf War, and he's not going to question the family of an American hero. Then goes on to mention that Lowell also seems to have a lot of friends who came home from that war complaining of Gulf War Syndrome –everything from migraines to brain cancer. I mean, sounds like Hannity hangs out with this guy.

But you've got to admit, simply speaking up, as Lowell has, also makes him a hero to every disenfranchised jarhead who ever came home to an otherwise apathetic nation. I mean, you risk your life for your country and then you come home to silly idiots who don't give a hoot. That's not right.

So, yeah, Lowell's definitely a polarizing figure, and he's particularly sympathetic to a large segment of the population with a Blue State frame of mind. If he's not guilty of this horrible act, and I think he is, he's going to emerge a celebrity, with a book, a talk show, some national platform, everything.

Look, the guy is already a media star and nobody knows where he is, never mind the fact that he might be responsible for the recent deaths of thousands of innocent people in Southeast Asia. But you, know, that's over there. Here in the States I think Lowell could very well turn out to be Manson scaled up for mass adulation.

Besides, nobody here really thinks an American could ever actually do the sort of things that Lowell's been accused of (–Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols and a few thousand Ku Klux Klan members, neo Nazi's and white supremists, notwithstanding).

Honestly, I'm not even sure myself. As much as I hate to agree with Hannity on anything, I do gotta go with innocent until proven guilty.You gotta go with due process. You can't just hang this guy because he made a video. Yeah, absolutely Lowell is misguided, even a monster perhaps. If everything they say about him is true, then, sure, he meets the minimal standard for evil. But did he plan and participate in the destructions of the Petronas Towers? I don't know. And nobody knows, not for sure, anyway.

What say you Siraj? Have the Malaysian authorities produced anything specificities that that directly connects Lowell to the men that actually drove those planes into those towers?

ps, posting the FBI bulletin in a sec after I download the PDF file.