Saturday, August 05, 2006


Holy cow! I just sat down with the laptop and turned on CNN. They're confirming that the attacks on Southeast Asia was pulled off by an group of kooks whose only known association was that they were all WHITE SUPREMIST CHRISTIAN SEPARATISTS! I thought all those wack jobs were raptured in the eighties.

At this very moment they're playing an audio tape made by that guy you mentioned, Oliver Lowell. Sometimes goes by 'Bing', sounds kind of preppy, la de dah, or 'The Managing Director', I guess depending on whether or not he feels like golf or genocide that day.

OK, so dude is apparently hiding out somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains, and denies ANY connection to the highjacking or the destruction of the Petronas Towers.

So, like, then why hide?

Although for someone who professes no ties to the terrorists, he certainly empathizes with the terrorists.

OMG, he's actually declaring that the act was specifically 'anti-Muslim', and part of a crusade designed to persuade non-white emigrants from seeking refuge anywhere in what he called 'Christendom'. And then disavows himself of it, all the while admiring it. What a freak.

Really, a crusade?

And who did he just call a pedophile?

Hey you know what's really sick? You can actually hear people behind him, CHEERING him on. They love the fact that that the Petronas Towers went down and all those people died, like it was some goddamn holiday.


I'm going to puke.

I'll post the transcript as soon as it becomes available.

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