Monday, August 21, 2006

siraj, sweetie–

ur in our thoughts! jasper, terry and I talk about u all the time and how amazing that you made it. we all miss u and I wish u would just come back now, but I know u can't...

i imagine your sweet face on the streets of kuala lumpur, and i realize that u must confront the fallen remains of the petronas towers everyday. when I reflect on the immense emotional toll we all felt in the aftermath of the world trade center, i can't help but wonder what u must be feeling now. i imagine you must feel very lonely now. don't worry, cookie, a day doesn't go by that we don't all say a prayer for u.

and please, please remember to try to find some way to take a break from it all. I know it sounds crazy, but you've got to find a way to laugh, and also, someone with whom to share a laugh with...

can I put in a plug for Jasper’s manuscript? SMASH FACED DETECTIVES is really, really funny! u should read the draft if u haven't already! it will definitely lift ur spirits. and it’s still on the ftp page, i’m sure.

btw, jasper – ur an awful speller! a manuscript for a work of fiction isn't a blog. u actually have to try to use the conventions of grammar and good english. no shortcuts. and since we live in the digital age sweetie, ur also allowed to use SPELL CHECK! :=p

anywayz... yes, all this political hoo hah by way of norway, indonesia, OPEC, and organizations and alliances I’d never even knew existed. u wonder how these terrorists thought they could ever get away with it? the whole world is hunting for them!

and btw I met a malaysian woman in the west village today! i think she said her name was Osmawani. she's a student at nyu, and she waits tables at a little cafe on bleeker, which is how we met. can u boyz imagine, i was sitting right there when her mother called to tell her that she lost two of her childhood friends on 7/27. she fell in seat at my table right across from me. poor thing... but then the very next thing she did was turn me and say was how lucky we are to enjoy the kind of unique political stability we have in the united states. and of course i agreed! and, eh, i'm canadian, too!

but i don't like how some of these obnoxious talking heads discuss the whole thing on television, especially on FOX (grrr). some of these conservative people take great offense to the terrorists being described as 'christian fundamentalists'. i can't imagine why, though, since if the people responsible for the 7/27 attacks consider themselves on a crusade, then aren't they by very definition 'christian fundamentalists'? i think i should be able to say that, given that i'm not only canadian, but a christian as well. just because i believe in jesus doesn't mean i don't know a zealous dumb bell when i see one.

osmawani told me that most malaysians think that the terrorists ARE christian fundamentalists, that's what they call them, or right wing militia. well of course they're both! and she also said that they're probably using greece or turkey as conduit to the mideast, and asia. well if that's where they are, let's go get them!

but "there’s a reason the ottoman’s had an empire," she also said. "because it was very easy to get around!"

who knew? not me!