Monday, August 07, 2006


The Internet is at last working for us again, but we experience intermittent rolling blackouts. And since I'm sure another one may happen at any moment I'll be quick:

Finally saw the video. Lowell is scum. Conveniently uses the threat of globalization to mask his real agenda, which is obviously born out of deep racism. Wonder how that is playing in Washington. No one is buying it, right? But then, if so, why haven't the feds arrested him yet?

It is said that the Malaysian government using a back channel, has sent missives to both the British and the Americans, expressing anger over what many see here as an incomprehensible refusal by both western powers to act.

Because instead of declaring Oliver Lowell as a fugitive, as the Malaysian Government did when his name first became known, the Brits have chosen only to indicate that Lowell is 'A Person of Interest'.

And in the States –please correct me if this information is wrong– the FBI has only thus far released a 'Seeking Information' bulletin on Lowell.

Is this all true? If so, what is going on over there? The are still pulling bodies out of the rubble and the air is fetid with decay.

My own heart, I might add, also feels dead. And were it not for the power of prayer, I am not sure how I would make it through yet another day.