Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Crusaders are still at large. I guess we can expect more bombs to drop out of the sky.


By Michael Smythe, Defense Correspondent and Neal Thomas in Cyprus

A Pan Moslem Coalition organized strike pulverized two Cyprus compounds in an attempt to kill underground leaders of the Christian Fundamentalist movement known as PURE. However, Greek intelligence sources suggested yesterday that the suspects had escaped.

A safe house in Nicosia was destroyed via an air strike that left it and the street around it in shambles. Another compound in Lamaca was destroyed by a cruise like missile launched by either an Indonesian or Indian submarine early yesterday.

The Coalition would only confirm publicly that it had hit a "leadership target" in the southern Cyprus district. Privately, one official said: "If they did not slip out, then they have been obliterated."

The attack left a crater 50 yards wide where the compound had been. Local people said up to 14 people were believed to have died, but indications yesterday led Coalition allies to believe that the prime target, suspected PURE terrorist Alfie Turner, had somehow eluded them.

The attack was followed by a day of ferocious rhetoric by ministers in the west concerning what EU member states and the United States call the Coalition’s grossly negligent, over reaching, independent and aggressive tactics.

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