Wednesday, August 30, 2006

The Crusaders are still at large. I guess we can expect more bombs to drop out of the sky.


By Michael Smythe, Defense Correspondent and Neal Thomas in Cyprus

A Pan Moslem Coalition organized strike pulverized two Cyprus compounds in an attempt to kill underground leaders of the Christian Fundamentalist movement known as PURE. However, Greek intelligence sources suggested yesterday that the suspects had escaped.

A safe house in Nicosia was destroyed via an air strike that left it and the street around it in shambles. Another compound in Lamaca was destroyed by a cruise like missile launched by either an Indonesian or Indian submarine early yesterday.

The Coalition would only confirm publicly that it had hit a "leadership target" in the southern Cyprus district. Privately, one official said: "If they did not slip out, then they have been obliterated."

The attack left a crater 50 yards wide where the compound had been. Local people said up to 14 people were believed to have died, but indications yesterday led Coalition allies to believe that the prime target, suspected PURE terrorist Alfie Turner, had somehow eluded them.

The attack was followed by a day of ferocious rhetoric by ministers in the west concerning what EU member states and the United States call the Coalition’s grossly negligent, over reaching, independent and aggressive tactics.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ay, this caught me by surprise! Apparently non-governmental types like us would have only known had we been keeping tabs on the status of Indonesian weather satellites. For what it's worth, no one –and I mean NO ONE– at Aljazeera believes that the President of Cyprus just let an Indonesian Air Force drop in the middle of the capital city because he wanted to do the right thing. Ha! Everyone says his cooperation was elicited with a bit of pressure for OPEC. Sure, why the hell not?


Pan Moslem Force Begins ‘War on Evil’
First Strike in Cyprus

On month to the day after the 7/27 Attacks in South East Asia Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, in a nationally televised address, announced that Indonesia, Malaysia and India, had executed a joint military action against the White Separatist Christian militia, known as PURE.

Two locations were targeted on the Island nation.

The first target was a compound in Lamaca, a small town on the Grecian Southern half of Cyprus, where key members of the militia were thought to be in hiding. Official reports indicate the Turkish government gave permission late last night to the Pan Moslem Coalition to use Turkish controlled Mediterranean ocean territories to execute the strike, which occurred at 4 AM local Cyprus time.

The second target was a single family dwelling in Nicosia, the country's capital, where European terrorists were thought to meet. The area outside the dwelling, including several automobiles, was also damaged in the bombing.

Yudhoyono, speaking from Yogyakarta, said, "In collaboration with our Southeast Asian neighbors, Malaysia and India, the Indonesian military has executed a strike against a PURE training camp and suspected military installation."

"We are joined in this operation by a sympathetic friend, Turkey. Other close friends, including Algeria, China, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Mexico, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Venezuela, and Norway have pledged forces or support as the operation unfolds," Yudhoyono said.

When reached for comment, Indian President Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam assured UN observers that the Pan Moslem forces were not invading Cyprus and that leaders were now considering other "targeted actions" against the Separatists.

"We will win this conflict by the patient accumulation of successes," Abdul Kalam said at a press gathering in New Delhi.

The Indian president reiterated that the strikes were “strictly and specifically against the Christian Fundamentalists and Oliver Lowell’s Separatist network, and not against the people of Greece or Cyprus.”

“Today, we focus on PURE, and individual terrorists, but the battle is broader,” Abdul Kalam added.

He said around 40 countries were supporting the Pan Moslem Coalition. "We are supported by the collective will of the world."

Reports from Greece indicated that cruise like missiles launched from Indonesian and Indian naval ships just off the Turkish coast had hit areas in the southern city of Lamaca.

Eyewitness reports out of Lamacas said that the missiles struck a compound in the heart of the city.

"Huge columns of smoke can also be seen rising from the vicinity of Lamaca," a report said.

CNN meanwhile reported that notwithstanding the Greek Government's cooperation in the effort, and with the exception of Norway, members of the European Union are said to be threatening to walk away from Turkey’s bid to be a member state.

In a clear indication that strike was imminent, the Indonesia Satellite Association had, just a day ago, launched a new generation Russian developed GLONASS-K satellite, ostensibly for weather purposes, and known popularly among Indonesian politicians as AL-RAD (THE THUNDER).

The satellite was launched by India`s Antrix Corporation, on behalf of the
National Institute of Aeronautics and Space (LAPAN), Indonesia

The satellite is said to be capable of doing detailed imaging over every square inch of designated territory, from over 200 miles up in the sky, including being able to pick up movement on the ground of even small groups, besides being able to monitor telecommunications in the target area.


Friday, August 25, 2006


Sorry if my posts are morbid lately. It's been a real drag lately. I know you all understand, but I want you guys to know I'm bucking up best I can.

In the meantime, check this out:

First Indonesia and Norway solidify their alliance; now India and Russia do the same. It's like a game of diplomatic musical chairs. And when the music stops, I guess the country left holding onto Lowell is going down.

And by that, of course, I mean, bombed to smithereens.


Religious terrorism called main danger in new century

Cementing their strategic partnership further, India and Russia signed a declaration on Thursday that they will resist terrorism “with full might.” This comes after a week of talks between the two countries whose representatives discussed “developments of concern in their common neighborhood.”

The visit of Russian President Vladimir Putin to New Delhi earlier this week turned out to be an occasion for the Indian government to fundamentally reassess the strategic significance of the traditional India-Russia partnership.

Putin arrived in India in the immediate aftermath of the horrific crusader strikes on New Delhi and the South East Asian region. The regional security situation -especially in regards to Afghanistan and the United States- naturally figured prominently in the agenda of the visit.

Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that religious terrorism in the guise of crusader activity has emerged as the 'new menace' and the 'main danger' to peace, stability and civilized world order in the new century and called for the fight against it on the basis of 'widest possible' international cooperation.

On the firstday of Putin's visit to focus on the global campaign against the scourge, he told a group of Bollywood entertainment figures that the horrendous July 27 crusader attacks on the South East Asian people have highlighted the evil face of this new menace to all peace loving and right thinking people around the world.

"When terrorism feeds on religious extremism, its destructive power increases manifold," he said.

While Russia has faced the threat in the Caucus, India has been facing it in Jammu and Kashmir and some other parts for the past decade or more, Putin said, "and now comes the crusader threat from America and the west.”

Singh in turn said that intellectuals, artists and technologists had an important responsibility in the global fight against terrorism and religious extremism.

Singh also said he was confident that the best of minds of India and Russia would continue to interact with, and influence each other to promote peace, brotherhood and enlightenment in the new century just as they did in the past

Singh recalled the 'not widely' known visit of Russian traveler Afanasy Nitekin to India well before Portuguese voyager Vasco da Gama came across Indian shores.

Nitekin was the first European to set foot on Indian soil and came through the land and sea route, which later has been recognized by India, Russia and Iran as the north-south corridor, of tremendous significance not only for trade but as a strategic axis for Eurasia, Singh pointed out.

"Our three countries signed an agreement in September 2001 to develop this corridor," he said. "And today Indo-Russia trade is on track to crossing the 20 Billion Dollar mark (within a decade)."

The two countries also signed accords on outer space, long-term cooperation in the field of joint development and use of Russian Global Navigational Satellite System (GLONASS) for peaceful purposes, visa-free travel for holders of diplomatic and official passports and cooperation between the cities of Mumbai and St Petersburg.

The Joint Declaration also emphasizes cooperation in the fields of nuclear energy, incorporating innovative technologies that will ensure energy security and also offer a pollution free and substantial source of energy for the sustainable development.

As a first step in strengthening India’s position in this quest, has already been made through investment by ONGC Videsh (OVL) in Sakhalin I project, making it the largest investment ever made by an Indian company (US$ 2.1 billion). India has evinced interest in exploration of oil & gas in Sakhalin III, Vankor and Kovykta in Russia.

The recent agreements on Strategic Cooperation signed between Gazprom & GAIL and an MoU between GAIL & Stroitransgaz constitute a major milestone in bilateral cooperation in this vital sphere, especially for cooperation in under ground storage project in India, Russia and third countries. It would permit an Indian access to East Siberian Oil and more Russian participation in Gas & Oil exploration in Bay of Bengal and Assam.

Energy cooperation should be directed even more effectively in the use of nuclear energy resources. The Pillar of this cooperation is the 2000MW Kudankulam nuclear Power in Tamil Nadu.

Things, which were hanging in the general drift of Russian-India relations in recent years, were also attended to. Principal among them was the tendentious issue of the escalation of costs for the Russian aircraft carrier Admiral Gorshkov, which India has contracted to buy. On the eve of Putin's visit, the Indian cabinet took the decision to agree to discuss an additional US$2.2 billion payment as demanded by Russia, and to consider the leasing of a Russia nuclear submarine to the Indian navy. The government also has approved the immediate acquisition of 80 medium-lift Mi-17 helicopters from Russia worth $1.3 billion.

But the icing on the cake is the proposed cooperation in the nuclear and space fields. Agreements were signed on Russia constructing four new nuclear power plants in India and on assisting a manned Indian space flight. Russia has offered a new power plant AES-2006, which incorporates a third generation WER-1200 reactor of 1170MW. Russia has also agreed to supply uranium worth $700 million to meet India's acute shortage.

Apart from the volatility in the international situation, both India and Russia are acutely conscious of the inexorable decline in the US influence in world politics and the urgent need to adjust to the emergent realities of multipolarity.

The joint declaration signed by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and President Putin after extensive talks in New Delhi reflects that the two sides have taken serious pains to understand each other's vital concerns and have endeavored to go more than half the distance to accommodate them. They also made a conscious effort to expand their common ground in the international system. After a considerable lapse of time, Russian-Indian relationship seems to be on the move.

In sum, the 7/27 attacks may prove to be a watershed in Indian regional policies. Relations with Russia, China and Iran assume a new level of importance in New Delhi's regional strategies. Surely, Putin returned to Moscow quietly pleased that he met a long-lost friend.

BBC News

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I found the following in the Qur'an last night, shortly before turning in, and thought I would post it today. It seems relevant. Reading it, it struck me that the world has always been in the throws of revolution. War, it is what defines us as humans. As does Love, too, certainly, and maybe Life is just what happens in between.

But also, are we not modern men and women? And yet regardless of our evolved thinking, we will always find new ways to kill each other. Such is the irony of our so-called 'modernity', and the ultimate truth of what we call 'technological advances'.


The Stunning Blow, The Calamity or Disaster

And what will explain to thee what the Day of Noise and Clamor is?
It is a Day whereon men will be like moths scattered about,
And the mountains will be like carded wool.
Then, he whose balance of good deeds will be found heavy,
Will be in a life of good pleasure and satisfaction.
But he whose balance of good deeds will be found light,
Will have as his home a bottomless Pit.
And what will explain to thee what this is?
But a blazing fire!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006


Ah, Jasper, I'm sorry, I forgot. I started your book like three weeks ago, and then 7/27 happened and I haven't gotten back to it. Will try to get back to it soon, my friend!

and yes, no doubt Lowell will be apprehended via the collective efforts of a consortium of cooperating parties, just as you have put forth. Even now we can see how the actions of OPEC combined with efforts produced by the members of the OIC serve to enhance each other. If Indonesia, with the largest Muslim population in the world, can count a European country like Norway as an ally, then Lowell and his ilk will have few places to run or hide. Who will continue to harbor him with global pressure mounting? Even the United States isn't that obstinate.

At least I hope not.

Annika– thank you for your words of support.

and it's true: I have indeed slept very little lately. But I nevertheless remain alert thanks to strong coffee, copious amounts of sugar, and the sense of purpose that one feels when one’s heart has been shaken by recent catastrophe. One might think this state to be one of active chaos, but in actuality I feel completely the opposite: I am heavy with the unexceptional ordinariness of daily life.

It is little more than three weeks since 7/27, and 'order' –if you can call it that– has returned to Kuala Lumpur. To be honest, it is more of a process. Things bend back to normal a little bit each day. And I don't just mean the city, because what do I know of Kuala Lumpur, I've just been here a month or so. I mean, me, my brain, my heart. It is still out of whack, but it I can operate.

As far as the city goes, it is strange to me that the clearing of debris has been so quickly and efficiently integrated into the metropolitan rhythm, as though these people have always been clearing debris of one sort or another, so what's a couple fallen towers.

In fact, I sense that in this part of the world –whether it because of terrorist attack or tsunami– that there are few grieving days here. Tragedy? They call it 'life' here. But grieve and you not only stop everything, but put your own life in jeopardy as well. For not to work means not to eat; and not to eat means to die; and if you die, well then, what’s the point?

and yes, I am indeed feeling a bit loneliness from time to time. Fortunately, I am kept busy by unremitting research requests coming out of our Washington offices from Nathalie Joost. Does anyone at Aljazeera International realize that I have been a staff memeber not two months! or that there is no longer anyone here to show me the proper way to do things? So, what do I do? I just do whatever it takes and they get done.

In the meantime, I sense a new palpable tension growings here. People on the streets say justice has not been met; that justice is too slow; that these terrorists must be pulled out of their American or British beds –if that’s where they are– and torched with gasoline. And I think I'm inclined to agree.

As a matter of fact, many say that though the representatives of this government have made declarations to the effect that an international resolution is in order, nobody here really believes that Malaysia or India –much less Indonesia– will wait much longer for the West to secure and extradite these so called suspected crusaders.

Indian diplomats are said to be very close to a public accusation that MI5 not only knows where these terrorists are, but knew exactly what these terrorists were planning before they did it, and let them do it anyway. –And now some say that the Indian government suspects the British government of standing idle while hundreds of white supremacists burrow deep underground.

Similar stories have come out Denmark and Germany; indeed from everywhere in the European Union, and North America. Well, look at Lowell. He's white. He's American. The others were European. They're all Nazis. You don't find people like that in Malaysia naturally.

Add to this rumors that the Indian government had to whisk Prince Harry and his girlfriend off a beach in Goa –and out of country– under cover of darkness, before all the bodies where cleared from the crash site in Mumbai. personally, I wouldn't be at all surprised if that turned out to be true!

While quietly, in the background, the families of those who tragically died at the KLCC site have begun to surface with the requisite legal representation. They are demanding restitution from the governments, the crusaders, the airports, the airlines, and not to mention Petroliam Nasional.

It’s a real mess.


Monday, August 21, 2006

siraj, sweetie–

ur in our thoughts! jasper, terry and I talk about u all the time and how amazing that you made it. we all miss u and I wish u would just come back now, but I know u can't...

i imagine your sweet face on the streets of kuala lumpur, and i realize that u must confront the fallen remains of the petronas towers everyday. when I reflect on the immense emotional toll we all felt in the aftermath of the world trade center, i can't help but wonder what u must be feeling now. i imagine you must feel very lonely now. don't worry, cookie, a day doesn't go by that we don't all say a prayer for u.

and please, please remember to try to find some way to take a break from it all. I know it sounds crazy, but you've got to find a way to laugh, and also, someone with whom to share a laugh with...

can I put in a plug for Jasper’s manuscript? SMASH FACED DETECTIVES is really, really funny! u should read the draft if u haven't already! it will definitely lift ur spirits. and it’s still on the ftp page, i’m sure.

btw, jasper – ur an awful speller! a manuscript for a work of fiction isn't a blog. u actually have to try to use the conventions of grammar and good english. no shortcuts. and since we live in the digital age sweetie, ur also allowed to use SPELL CHECK! :=p

anywayz... yes, all this political hoo hah by way of norway, indonesia, OPEC, and organizations and alliances I’d never even knew existed. u wonder how these terrorists thought they could ever get away with it? the whole world is hunting for them!

and btw I met a malaysian woman in the west village today! i think she said her name was Osmawani. she's a student at nyu, and she waits tables at a little cafe on bleeker, which is how we met. can u boyz imagine, i was sitting right there when her mother called to tell her that she lost two of her childhood friends on 7/27. she fell in seat at my table right across from me. poor thing... but then the very next thing she did was turn me and say was how lucky we are to enjoy the kind of unique political stability we have in the united states. and of course i agreed! and, eh, i'm canadian, too!

but i don't like how some of these obnoxious talking heads discuss the whole thing on television, especially on FOX (grrr). some of these conservative people take great offense to the terrorists being described as 'christian fundamentalists'. i can't imagine why, though, since if the people responsible for the 7/27 attacks consider themselves on a crusade, then aren't they by very definition 'christian fundamentalists'? i think i should be able to say that, given that i'm not only canadian, but a christian as well. just because i believe in jesus doesn't mean i don't know a zealous dumb bell when i see one.

osmawani told me that most malaysians think that the terrorists ARE christian fundamentalists, that's what they call them, or right wing militia. well of course they're both! and she also said that they're probably using greece or turkey as conduit to the mideast, and asia. well if that's where they are, let's go get them!

but "there’s a reason the ottoman’s had an empire," she also said. "because it was very easy to get around!"

who knew? not me!


Sunday, August 20, 2006


Absolutely right: taken together, all very interesting developments indeed:

• First the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) announces measures to strengthen OIC cooperation and coordination in combating international terrorism;

• Then OPEC cuts production;

• Now the Governments of Indonesia and Norway issue a press release agreeing "to increase cooperation in... energy, trade, politics, and security".

And all three events would have probably flown right under my radar if you hadn't brought them to our attention.

Now if I read it correctly, Norway has agreed to give Indonesian military North European a base of operations in a cooperative effort to catch the 7/27 terrorists.

If I’d have known beforehand that both Norway and Indonesia already had a pre-existing economic relationship, I wouldn’t have been half as surprised as I was to read the release. But they're both oil producers, so of course they share mutual interests.

Gotta say Lowell might have thought it a pretty neat trick to hijack four passenger jets, but let’s see if he can outrun one of Norway’s F-16s. And even if he can, you know where ever Nazis are concerned, Israel is going to involved. Maybe you can elude the Norwegian government, but you can' t hide from Mossad!


Would be interesting, too, if it happened, to see some sort of cooperation between Israel and the Islamic world.

What I don't get, though, is by all accounts Malaysia was hardest hit, and Indonesia the least. So why does Indonesia appear to be taking the lead as far military action goes? If anything, you'd think it be more of a consortium or collective agreement.

Peace out–

The last,


Friday, August 18, 2006

Now, this is a surprise!


August 18, 2006 Press Release, from THE EMBASSY OF INDONESIA, OSLO, Republic of Indonesia: RI, Norway Agree to Increase Energy and Security Partnership


RI, Norway Agree to Increase Energy and Security Partnership

Following the emergency meeting held by OPEC in Jakarta Wednesday, and which representatives from Norway’s Government and energy sectors observed, the Governments of Indonesia and Norway have agreed to increase cooperation in fields such as energy, trade, politics, and security.

The agreement came following a meeting between Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg, in Jakarta, on Wednesday.

A delegation from Norway also met with coordinating minister for the economy Budiono, coordinating minister for politics, law and security Widodo AS, the minister of justice and human rights and minister of fishery Freddy Numbery also held a meeting with its counterpart from the host country.

The cooperation agreement in the energy sector was signed by the president director of Indonesian state-owned oil company PT Pertamina, Ari Soermarno, and the president and CEO of Statoil Helge Lund.

Norway is the world’s third largest oil exporter with a production in 2005-2006 reaching 2.97 million barrels a day, and lays claim to a vast swath of the Arctic, much of it undiscovered, and some of it contested by its Arctic neighbors.

President Yudhoyono emphasized the importance of global cooperation to overcome various national as well as international challenges, including potential threats to each nation’s respective energy supply.

In view of that, the two countries agreed to continue their dialogue on civilization to reduce misunderstanding, which appears to be a growing trend throughout the globe, and source of conflict.

The two leaders also discussed a collaborative peacekeeping mission in Lebanon, as well as forming a joint intelligence task force that would give Indonesian authorities limited access to Norway’s Intelligence gathering, as it pertains to members of white separatist groups based in Northern Europe, and who are now suspected in the tragic events in India, Malaysia and Indonesia on July 27th.

Prime Minister Stoltenberg meanwhile announced an intermediate agreement with President Yudhoyono whereby the former would provide security support to Indonesian armed forces, in effect giving Indonesia a runway and refuel access on the opposite side of the planet, should they require it in the search for, and extradition of suspected terror group members.

On the occasion President Yudhoyono also expressed appreciation to Norway for its assistance investigating the events of 7/27; to victims of tsunami in Aceh; and to recent earthquakes in Yogyakarta and Central Java.

Norway is the biggest donor for Aceh reconstruction contributing up to US$37.6 million.

The Embassy of Indonesia, Oslo, Republic of Indonesia: Press Office

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

–Just published on the OPEC site, from today's Extraordinary Meeting of the Conference of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries in Jakarta.

In a nutshell, after expressing concerns that "...some portion of every petro-dollar is shared with western nation partners whose populations now appear to wish Muslim states ill," OPEC members agreed to cut their combined output by 1.5 million barrels a day, effective September 1st.

I think they think that by raising gas prices in Cleveland, American drivers will deliver Lowell and his ilk to governments in Southeast Asia before you can say the word 'beheading'.

hey, it's called gallows humor for a reason... ha!


An Extraordinary Meeting of the Conference of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) convened in Jarkata, Indonesia, on 16 August 2006, under the Chairmanship of its President, HE Dr. Edmund Maduabebe Daukoru, Minister of State for Petroleum Resources of Nigeria and Head of its Delegation; and its Alternate President, HE Mohamed Bin Dhaen Al Hamli, Minister of Energy of the United Arab Emirates.

Representatives of the member countries of OPEC (Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Venezuela) met to discuss the question of stability regarding the oil market given the recent tragic events of 7/27. Non-member oil producing countries such as Russia, Norway and Mexico sent representatives to observe the talks.

The Conference acknowledged the Minister of Energy & Mineral Resources, Indonesia, and host of the conference, HE Dr. Purnomo Yusgiantoro, for his recent efforts.

The Conference extended its condolences to the Governments and people of Indonesia, Malaysia and India for the tragic incidents of July 27, 2006 that have led to such loss of life and expressed its hope that the Southeast Asia people will be spared further violence in the future.

The Conference warmly welcomed a coalition of delgates from ASEAN member states (Association of Southeast Asian Nations).

Several rumors abounded in and around the congress. It is common knowledge the ASEAN has been building an energy network outside OPEC. However, given the events of 7/27, the two organizations are now said to be conducting cooperative discussions regarding a potential embargo against the west, should the terror acts be revealed as originating with the direct support from a national government from any leading western nation.

ASEAN members include: Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Lao PDR, Myanmar and Cambodia.

The ASEAN has a combined population of 500 million people and a GDP of 700 Billion ($US). The organization, founded in 1967, states as its aims and purposes:

(1) To accelerate economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region.

(2) To promote regional peace and stability through abiding respect for justice and the rule of law in the relationship among countries in the region and adherence to the principles of the United Nations Charter.

Members of ASEAN rely exclusively on diplomatic processes to settle intra-regional differences. But they show no compunction in the use of force as a means of defense, whether to combat terrorism, control transnational crime, or eradicate other sources of conflict.

ASEAN members further collaborate in the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) whose participants include: Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Canada, China, European Union, India, Indonesia, Japan, Democratic Republic of Korea, Republic of Korea (ROK), Lao PDR, Malaysia, Mongolia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, the Russian Federation, Singapore, Thailand, the United States, and Vietnam.

Any embargo by OPEC would likely have an ASEAN or ARF military component in place to enforce the procedure, and to protect regional shipping lanes from violent counter measures.

Several councils at both Monday’s OIC meeting and today’s OPEC Meeting, speaking off the record, have said among the issues on everyone’s mind, it can not be ignored that all the suspects of the 7/27 plot are or were members of White Christian Separatist organizations whose mission, it appears, is specifically directed at Asian nations with considerable Muslim populations.

In the wake of the attacks, many delegates expressed concern that some portion of every petro-dollar is shared with western nation partners whose populations now appear to wish Muslim states ill.

A delegate from Indonesia, OPEC's only Asian member and a target of the 7/27 attacks, noted:

“Oil production, without which these European states can not exist, ironically enables safe harbor to the next group of Christian fundamentalists who are perhaps planning the next July 27-type attack.”

Responding to both the Malaysian, Indian and Indonesia governments' call to fight terror ‘where terror is born’, OPEC member states agreed in principle with the concept of a participatory embargo, notwithstanding the fact that neither Malaysia nor India are members of OPEC.

By day's end OPEC's secretary general and president, Edmund Daukora, pronounced the $70 plus per barrel prices that have prevailed lately as, "satisfactory", though Venezuela's Hugo Chavez has indicated the upper limit on what OPEC could charge for crude is "infinite."

All told, OPEC members agreed to cut their combined output by 6 percent –1.5 million barrels a day– effective September 1st. As a result the west will see an increase in price, but how much depends how oil markets perceive the future volatility of the market.

The Conference expressed its appreciation to the Government of Indonesia and the authorities of the City of Jakarta for their warm hospitality and the excellent arrangements made for the Meeting, during a period of great national duress.

When reached at the United Nations in New York for his commentary, Secretary-General Kofi Annan declared his hope that "as a trusted partner", the ASEAN would refrain from striking any extra-national alliances without including the United Nations in such discussions.


Monday, August 14, 2006



14 August 2006

1. In the name of Islamic solidarity, we, the Foreign Ministers of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC), have gathered in Kuala Lumpur to state our collective resolve to combat terrorism and to respond to developments affecting Muslims and Islamic countries in the aftermath of the 27 July attacks;

2. We recall earlier measures adopted by the OIC in combating international terrorism, including the Code of Conduct for Combating International Terrorism, the OIC Convention on Combating International Terrorism, which, inter alia, provides a definition of terrorism, and the Declaration of the 9th Extraordinary Session of ICFM as well as relevant OIC Resolutions on combating international terrorism;

3. We take note of the important inaugural statement by The Honourable Prime Minister of Malaysia, Dato’ Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, which constitutes an official document of this Extraordinary Session;

4. We reaffirm our commitment to the principles and true teachings of Islam, which abhor aggression, value peace, tolerance and respect as well as prohibiting the killing of innocent people;

5. We reject any attempt to link Christianity or People with European ancestry to terrorism as terrorism has no association with any religion, civilization or nationality;

6. We reiterate that preventive action taken to combat terrorism should not result in ethnic or religious profiling or the targeting of a particular community; such as Americans, Europeans or Christians;

7. We unequivocally condemn acts of international terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, including state terrorism and corporate sabotage irrespective of motives, or perpetrators and victims; as terrorism poses a serious threat to international peace and security and is a grave violation of human rights;

8. We reiterate the principled position under international law and the Charter of the United Nations of the legitimacy of resistance to foreign aggression and the struggle of peoples under colonial or alien domination and foreign occupation for national liberation and self-determination. In this context, we underline the urgency for an internationally agreed definition of terrorism, which differentiates such legitimate struggles from acts of terrorism;

9. We also underline the imperative of respect for international humanitarian law protecting civilian populations;

10. We reject any attempt to link terrorism to the struggle of the Palestinian people in the exercise of their inalienable right to establish their independent state with Al-Quds Al-Sharif as its capital;

11. We reject any attempt to associate Islamic states, such as Palestinian and Lebanese resistance with terrorism, which constitutes an impediment to the global struggle against terrorism;

12. We condemn Israel for its escalating military campaign against the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples, including the daily brutalization and humiliation of their civilians, resulting in mounting casualties, strangulation of the Palestinian and Lebanese economies, systematic and indiscriminate destruction of houses and residential facilities as well as infrastructure, institutions and structures of both the Palestinian National Authority and the republic of Lebanon;

13. We emphasize the importance of addressing the root causes of international terrorism, convinced that the war against terrorism will not succeed if the environment that breeds terrorism, including foreign occupation, injustice and exclusion, is allowed to thrive;

14. We reaffirm our commitment to international action in combating international terrorism undertaken in conformity with the principles of the Charter of United Nations, including the principles of non-intervention in internal affairs and respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity, as well as international law and relevant international conventions and instruments;

15. We reject any unilateral action taken against any country merely because Judeo-Christian values forms its foundation under the pretext of combating international terrorism, as this will undermine global cooperation against terrorism;

16. We reiterate our call for the convening of an international conference under the auspices of the United Nations to formulate a joint organized response of the international community to terrorism in all its forms and manifestations;

17. We thus reaffirm our commitment to action at national level and through international cooperation in combating terrorism and agree to the following Plan of Action:


1. We hereby establish a 13-member open-ended Ministerial-level OIC Committee on International Terrorism[1] with the mandate to formulate recommendations on the following matters:

1.1 measures to strengthen OIC cooperation and coordination in combating international terrorism;

1.2 ways of expediting the implementation of the OIC Code of Conduct and the Convention on Combating International Terrorism;

1.3 measures in projecting the true image of Islam. These include holding seminars and workshops to promote a better understanding of Islam and its principles;

1.4 measures in strengthening dialogue and understanding among different civilizations, cultures and faiths, for instance, by building on initiatives such as the United Nations Dialogue Among Civilizations and the OIC-EU Joint Forum on Harmony and Civilization;

1.5 other measures, as appropriate and in accordance with the Charter of the OIC as well as Summit and ICFM resolutions, in response to developments affecting Muslims and Islam arising from action to combat terrorism.

We agree that the Committee will present its recommendations to member states and to the ICFM for consideration and action. The Committee is mandated to study the work of other international organizations in matters related to international terrorism. Member countries of the Committee are mandated to contribute to the work of the OIC Group in Kuala Lumpur in matters related to international terrorism.

2. We will work towards the early conclusion of a Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism. In this regard, we reiterate our support to the positions adopted by OIC member states at the ongoing negotiations on the said Convention.

3. We will work towards an internationally agreed definition of terrorism and terrorist acts, which shall be differentiated from the legitimate struggle and resistance of peoples under colonial or alien domination and foreign occupation for national liberation and self-determination, for incorporation into the draft Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism.

4. We will work towards the early convening of an international conference under the auspices of the United Nations to formulate a joint organized response of the international community to terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

5. We will, at all relevant multilateral fora, maintain a united front in upholding the principled position on the legitimacy of the struggle of peoples under colonial or alien domination and foreign occupation for national liberation and self-determination.

6. We will continue to work through the United Nations Security Council and directly with countries concerned to put an end to the escalating Israeli aggression against the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples, provide the necessary international protection for the Palestinians and Lebanese and undertake efforts to secure a just, comprehensive and durable solution to the Middle East conflict based on UNSC Resolutions 242, 338 and 425, UNGA Resolution 194 and the principle of land for peace.

7. We will continue to work with other countries and support efforts of the international community in combating international terrorism undertaken under the auspices of the United Nations in a transparent and impartial manner and in conformity with the principles of the Charter of the United Nations, international law and relevant international conventions and instruments.

8. We will make every effort at the international level to promote a collective security regime responding to security and development needs of all countries as well as to promote conducive political, socio-economic environment that will stifle support for terrorist activities and eliminate the causes of terrorist acts.

9. We will, at the national level, continue to pursue policies and strategies aimed at enhancing the well-being and prosperity of our peoples, as well as addressing and resolving domestic factors that contribute to terrorism.

Adopted this 19 Rajab 1427H

14th day of August 2006 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


I am exhausted.

The first day of the emergency summit of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in Kuala Lumpur has come and gone, and by all measures it has been an intensely busy and fruitful event, –at least based on the comments I gathered from international diplomats today.

And since the meeting stared before 9AM, and I started well before that, it has therefore also been rather long day for me.

I am far from being a reporter, but as you can see, I have been thrust with more obligations than the title of Research Assistant denotes. This is both good and bad. Good, because the circumstance accelerates my learning curve, but bad because since I harldy know what I'm doing half the time, the potential for making serious errors increases greatly. I'm doing my best; I hope they understand that in Doha and London.

Of course, this situation is only because, as you know, our offices were destroyed. And, since most of the senior and experienced people that were stationed here are also dead, our current staff is now quite meager. So, there are only a few of us who can be said to be local. And what few of us there are, are naturally quite depressed and off kilter. I myself feel like a walking zombie.

But Aljazeera's staffing issues did not stop delegates from all over the Islamic world from converging early this morning on the Kuala Lumpur Conference Center today, and then only taking a few breaks throughout the day for prayers.

My primary task was to brief Aljazeera's new team from Doha on the ever changing situation here on the ground. But once having done that, they also put me to work interviewing officials and collecting data. Doing something like exit interviews, really, and in the end thereby helping the team to cover more terrain than they could have otherwise.

Now, I'm the first to admit that I'm quite unqualified for these tasks. So, I am therefore all the more grateful to be given such things to do. Or anything to do, really, because I must do something. To watch other men across the way clear rubble and bent steel from the Petronas site leaves on feeling utterly useless. So, if in some way, by helping to cover a story, I can give voice to the dead, then this me with some small comfort.

A small consolation, but a consolation nonetheless.

As was expected, at the end of the day, the OIC body released a declaration (all summits end with a declaration, so I've been told, whether facetiously or not, I don't know). I'll post the body of the text in the following entry.

I've not yet made sense of the document yet, myself. But from what I can immediately gather, it is evident that the response to the attacks of 7/27 will not be decided or executed by Malaysia, India or Indonesia alone, but rather by some coalition of Islamic states –at the very least, or perhaps by or with the United Nations.

On Wednesday, members of OPEC gather in Jakarta. I won't be flying over to Indonesia, but I will post the minutes from their meetings, just as soon as I receive them.


Sunday, August 13, 2006

This is big, very big–

"Responding to reports that the governments of Britain and The United States are reluctant to arrest and deport individuals...all 57 members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the world's largest Muslim political alliance, are expected to take part in an emergency summit in Malaysia..."

The first day of the conference starts TOMORROW.

–and then later in Jakarta:

"...members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)...are planning to gather for a conference of their own in Jakarta. The emergency meeting, scheduled for Wednesday of next week is being held to discuss the implications of an oil and gas company, Petroliam Nasional Bhd, as the primary target for the suspected Christian Terrorists."

Full story below–


Oil Producers Converge in Indonesia

KUALA LUMPUR: Responding to reports that the governments of Britain and The United States are reluctant to arrest and deport individuals believed to have some connection to the 7/27 terrorist attacks in India, Indonesia and Malaysia, all 57 members of the Organization of the Islamic Conference, the world's largest Muslim political alliance, are expected to take part in an emergency summit in Malaysia, which chairs the conference, this upcoming week to discuss possible measures to bring the guilty parties to justice, officials said Thursday.

For their part, British and American officials say they fear any premature arrests could widen a gulf between authorities and each nation's respectively large conservative voting bloc, which fear their communities are coming "under siege” as a result of misunderstood imperial policies.

When asked about the possibility of at least detaining the lone American suspect, Oliver Lowell, an American official at a White House Press Conference, said, "We don’t want to continually justify our actions or inactions. If the Malaysian government submits the appropriate documentation, with suitably empirical evidence, then of course we’ll begin measures to rapid extradition. In the meantime, everyone here just wants to get on with our lives."

Calling his own press conference, Bill Winsom, a former leader of the radical First Baptist Congregation of America group, who praised the July 27, 2006 attacks on Asian soil, commented: "I wouldn't be surprised if this was just another case of a high-profile operation whipping the general public into a frenzy with very scant evidence to back it up."

The OIC Conference will take place in the Kuala Lumpur Conference Center located across from the former site of the Petronas Towers. The Conference center, though surrounded by rubble, itself remains intact. The Center was chosen over the usual Putrajaya location as OIC officials thought it important that its members witness the destruction (for themselves) carried out by Christian citizens of supposed allied nation states.

The meeting underscores "the importance of demonstrating the Islamic world's collective concern for this great human tragedy,'' said OIC Secretary-General Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu.

Ihsanoglu, who is based in Saudi Arabia, said the one-day meeting scheduled for Monday is expected to involve heads of government, mainly from the OIC executive committee, which comprises Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Indonesia, Iran, Senegal, Yemen, Turkey and Azerbaijan.

A Malaysian Foreign Ministry official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said it was still not clear if India, while not a member, but nevetheless a victim of the multinational tragedy, –and home to over 130 million Muslims– would participate. An invitation to the predominantly Hindu country’s foreign minister is reported as having been extended.

Regardless of India’s eventual decision, a brief poll suggests that across the region, anxiety is rising at an alarming rate: “The tragic events of 7/27 carries the danger of a spillover that will have disastrous consequences," Bangladesh's Prime Minister Khaleda Zia said in a prepared statement regarding the one-day talks.

"This will surely add to radicalization in the Muslim world, (which) in turn will increase difficulties for those of us on the side of moderation," she further added.

Meanwhile, in Indonesia, members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC), which include Algeria, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Libya, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and Venezuela, are planning to gather for a conference of their own in Jakarta. The emergency meeting, scheduled for Wednesday of next week is being held to discuss the implications of an oil and gas company, Petroliam Nasional Bhd, as the primary target for the suspected Christian Terrorists.

Malaysia is not a member of OPEC, but her neighbor Indonesia to the south, who was a target in the attacks, is. That fact notwithstanding, Malaysia is the world's third largest liquefied natural gas (LNG) producer. Shares of Shell Oil, which exports much of Malaysian LNG have plummeted given the recent events, causing what some describe as mild panic among Energy buyers in the United States and China.

In response, Australia had reportedly offered to increase its LNG production, but a coalition of Indonesian, Indian and Malaysian armed forces have vowed to secure regional shipping lanes until the matter of extradition of the suspected terrorists from Europe and America is resolved.

Both the OIC and OPEC conferences are being planned at a time when global concern is peaking not just over the events of 7/27, but over the UK arrests of 24 Pakistani suspects in an alleged British terror plot, and continuing Israeli air strikes in Lebanon. The most recent attack in Lebanon reportedly killed 56 people, mostly women and children.

Meanwhile about 100 American and European expats, thought to still retain professional ties in Kuala Lumpur and the rest of Malaysia, demonstrated outside Planet Hollywood today, chanting slogans and holding banners that read, "Don't allow Muslim Malaysians to Blame Christian Fanatics for Acts of Evil."

At the same time, from across the street, a young Muslim man helping to recover human remains from the heap of twisted iron and rubble that used to be the Petronas Twin Towers had this to say about the Judeo-Christian nation states:

“We continuously see our brothers and sisters being killed by Western troops - such are the scenes that are formulating the minds of young Muslims.”

All Rights Reserved. ©2006 i-Malay News

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Siraj, dude, you don't have to convince us of anything.

I think I get it:


Or it's going to, anyway.

Personally, I don't know one way or the other if this guy, Lowell, is the mastermind people say he is. But most people here seem to have their own minds made up already. I'd say half of all Americans think Lowell should be extradited immediately, with or without any evidence. And if Lowell's innocent, the Malaysian government will find out while they're yanking his fingernails off his mitts with a pair of pliers.

Then the other half of the country believes 7/27 was probably an inside job orchestrated by the Malaysian Government itself (or some combination of the Indian, Indonesian and Malaysian governments), in order to produce the necessary excuse to throw some military muscle around in the region. Or maybe it's all part of a strategic effort to perpetuate global jihad as a ongoing, endless conflict. But either way, based on what I've read –and no doubt, you're reading the same stuff– Malaysia actually does appear to be getting ready to throw its furkin' weight around big time.

Gotta say, dude, thank God I'm in the USA, maybe surrounded by clueless, conspiratorial idiots, but AT LEAST I'M SAFELY ENSCONCED IN THE EMPIRE, where some of these idiots exercise their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms –and not in London or Tel Aviv or Paris or anywhere else they let terrorists with bombs immigrate to. And certainly not in Kuala Lumpur with you, no offense intended, of course, but Malaysia is like Ground Zero for crazy right now.

Because whether you know it or not, and it sounds like you do, you are in the center of an ever expanding political vortex, a black hole that eats light and consumes logic like a fat boy dipping into a jar of peanut butter.

Take those kooks in India that you say banned Coca Cola:

They've have been trying to boycott Coke for how long? But now a plane falls out of the sky in Mumbai and somehow it suddenly gives these lame bastards an excuse to do anything they want. I mean, don't get me wrong, I get it. Bush did the same thing. World Trade Center attacked by Saudi nationals funded by a Saudi Prince? Oh, OK, so let's invade Iraq. That's just the way these politicians think. And I like Bush, but it's almost like basic economics: most politicians are power hungry fucktards.

C'mon, we all know that's how even the best of them got to where they are (Congressional seat, cow towing to pressure groups, eating on someone else's dime, using taxpayer's dollars to get blow jobs in the back of a town car, etc, etc, etc.).

So, sure, all sorts of bad things are going happening that have nothing to do with anything except because some people will attempt to leverage the recent death and destruction in Southeast Asia for their own political gain.

And you say don't want to come home? Fine, but then don't let your ambitions get you killed. And remember, your individual parts can't sustain friendships.

And btw, speaking of persons who may leverage this or any disaster for their own means, I include every single news and information agency in the world. Which is to say, I don't trust your employer, Aljazeera, one bit, and neither should you.

This is a global tidal wave we're talking about, and you don't have to be standing up to your waist in the Indian Ocean to see that. The water's getting choppy even down below Wall Street! Better hang on tight, cause surf is definitely up!

Waxed and ready–

The Jasp

Friday, August 11, 2006

A particularly resonant passage for our times, I think–

I swear by the daybreak,
And the ten nights,
And the even and the odd,
And the night when it departs.
Truly in that there is an oath for those who possess understanding?

Translations of the Qur'an, Chapter 89:

And perhaps not just daybreak, but the dawn of a new era (?), I fear...

Terry, my friend–

Oliver Lowell may indeed be innocent of the crimes for which he now is a suspected of being a participant. But the video he released still demonstrates him to be a despicable character. –That's certainly the consensus here in Kuala Lumpur, and I'm sure in most other parts of the affected region as well.

So, regardless of what you and I, and other Americans and Europeans think about due process, the Malaysians I've interviewed fully believe him to be the mastermind responsible for the 7/27 attacks. And I think this government or a consortium of regional government agencies is surely planning to hunt him down, and by any means necessary.

Then, if Lowell is captured alive, and if he can be extradited to this country (or to India or Indonesia), the proper authorities will certainly give the man his day in court. But whatever the truth, he will eventually be found guilty and he will be executed, of that I have no doubt, and probably in public.

Look this is Malaysia, where a Muslim man can be caned for drinking alcohol. So just what do you think is going to happen to Lowell and his ilk, if they aren't picked up by another country first?

The best thing that could happen to these guys is if the Americans or British find them first and lock them up for good in a good decent maximum security prison.

On the other hand, any country that knowingly harbors Lowell would do well to hand him over, before things get further out of hand. The fact that all the highjackers were Westerners has created deep resentment in this part of the world. You should see how everything here that is identifiably American or European is getting smashed. In fact, I've witnessed with my own eyes a McDonald’s right in Kuala Lumpur get trashed by angry demonstrators. These people need Lowell's blood in order to bring some closure to these tragic series of events.

btw, this resentment against the West is not just a phenomenon local to Malaysia, either. My sources within Aljazeera report that it's gone positively viral. In India, for instance, authorities in the southern Kerala state have prohibited the Indian subsidiaries of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo from manufacturing and selling their soft drinks. You can read about it here in Business Week, if you require evidence of the fact.

Of course, Kerala authorities claim it's because of a potential risk of pesticide contamination, but everyone in Asia knows that's just pure fabrication. Apparently Guruji Almond Sharbat is still on store shelves, and by all accounts they use they same purified water source as the multinationals.

It's becoming increasingly evident, in fact, that this kind of thing will only widen and spread until the entire region is infected. It's happening throughout Southeast Asia now, but analysts who know better than I say it will quickly spread to the Mideast as well.

So what we have already is a storm that can potentially consume half the world. If that happens, then you don't think it will also spill across the equator and creep north? Or maybe you think it's impossible a spark might somehow find its way over the Atlantic and ignite a fire on US soil? Such sparks do not literally have to cross an ocean, remember, they have only to be transmitted over the Internet by email. It may even be happening now.

Both Bush and Blair would be wise not to underestimate people's anger. And if they haven't already, the French government might now review any procedures they have in place regarding the potential lock down of Marseille's housing projects. Based on what I'm hearing from my colleagues in Doha and London, I fear such plans might come in handy sooner than later.

Essentially, the West must come up with a compelling answer as to why European nationals –ex military personnel at that– were allowed to drive fully fueled jets into the Asian continent –a veritable act of war. Because if no suitable explanation is forthcoming, then the little equatorial melting pot of anger that is this corner of the world is going to boil over and consume the entire sub equatorial region in ways I can't even begin to imagine.

India –just for starters– has sworn they will not let this incident get swept under the rug like the way the Bhopal disaster was, back in 1984.

Honestly, I don't think one even needs to be a political analyst to know what's potentially on the horizon. Retaliation is inevitable. Justice is required. And any multinational retaliatory measure executed as a cooperative response to the terrorist attacks of 7/27 on Southeast Asia should be considered by the International community as fair and reasonable, no matter what their inevitable scope. Am I wrong about that?

Jasper, I trust you will tell me if you think I am over reacting.

AND will someone please explain to me the online insanity I've witnessed for myself, what with some assholes in the States, and it appears all over Europe, thousands and thousands of idiots who now call the highjackers heroes and martyrs?

Have people in the West gone utterly mad?

Please explain it to me because inquiring Muslims want to know.


btw, believe it or not, Aljazeera will be interviewing me regarding for my personal account of my experience escaping the Petronas Towers on 7/27. I think the article will run as a feature sometime next week, although the entire article isn't about just me personally, thankfully. I just so happen to be their most convenient eyewitness source for what went on inside the towers right before they collapsed... I still can't believe it happened. 911 and now this. It's too much for one man to think about.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006


FBI Bulletin – SEEKING INFORMATION on Oliver Lowell

Information is being sought in connection with the highjacking of four airliners in Southeast Asia. Two airliners crashed into the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on July 27, 2006, killing over one hundred US Citizens. A third airliner crashed into the streets of Mumbai, India. A Fourth plane fell into the Strait of Malacca, off the Indonesian island of Sumatra, leaving no survivors. Authorities are seeking information that may pertain to this or other possible suspect(s) still at large.

Oliver Benjamin Lowell (aka 'The Managing Director') is reportedly the leader of a Christian Separatist group with ties in Northern Europe, and which currently goes by the name PURE. He has a white complexion, brown eyebrows, dark brown eyes, black hair and short sideburns. He reportedly has been known to walk with a cane. In order to communicate instructions to people, he is said to sometimes use hand signals.

FBI National Press Office, August 9, 2006

T. touching down again–

We hear you, bro. Back in 2001 Bush called on Muslim nations to stand with America and deliver up Al Qaeda operatives for justice. Now that Southeast Asia is suffering a similar problem, with apparent western born terrorists, the US and Europe are conspicuously dragging their imperial feet. I don't get it. But it's like a blue state/red state thing here.

So, despite the fact that Lowell is scum, the pundits on FOX NEWS, for instance, are doing their damnedest to keep reminding everyone as often as they can that this guy is innocent until proven guilty.

But you tell me: How many innocent guys post a video rhapsodizing an act of terror who aren't in some way connected to it?


Sean Hannity –guy makes my head explode– says the Lowell had an older brother who was killed in action during the first Gulf War, and he's not going to question the family of an American hero. Then goes on to mention that Lowell also seems to have a lot of friends who came home from that war complaining of Gulf War Syndrome –everything from migraines to brain cancer. I mean, sounds like Hannity hangs out with this guy.

But you've got to admit, simply speaking up, as Lowell has, also makes him a hero to every disenfranchised jarhead who ever came home to an otherwise apathetic nation. I mean, you risk your life for your country and then you come home to silly idiots who don't give a hoot. That's not right.

So, yeah, Lowell's definitely a polarizing figure, and he's particularly sympathetic to a large segment of the population with a Blue State frame of mind. If he's not guilty of this horrible act, and I think he is, he's going to emerge a celebrity, with a book, a talk show, some national platform, everything.

Look, the guy is already a media star and nobody knows where he is, never mind the fact that he might be responsible for the recent deaths of thousands of innocent people in Southeast Asia. But you, know, that's over there. Here in the States I think Lowell could very well turn out to be Manson scaled up for mass adulation.

Besides, nobody here really thinks an American could ever actually do the sort of things that Lowell's been accused of (–Timothy McVeigh, Terry Nichols and a few thousand Ku Klux Klan members, neo Nazi's and white supremists, notwithstanding).

Honestly, I'm not even sure myself. As much as I hate to agree with Hannity on anything, I do gotta go with innocent until proven guilty.You gotta go with due process. You can't just hang this guy because he made a video. Yeah, absolutely Lowell is misguided, even a monster perhaps. If everything they say about him is true, then, sure, he meets the minimal standard for evil. But did he plan and participate in the destructions of the Petronas Towers? I don't know. And nobody knows, not for sure, anyway.

What say you Siraj? Have the Malaysian authorities produced anything specificities that that directly connects Lowell to the men that actually drove those planes into those towers?

ps, posting the FBI bulletin in a sec after I download the PDF file.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Jasp, Siraj, no doubt you've seen this already. From The Malaysian Times–


As chaos unhinged across South East Asia, the Indian President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam commanded the full force of the Indian government to "hunt down and to find" the terrorists responsible.

"Terrorism against our peoples will not stand," he declared Monday.

A Muslim –and the renowned Architect of India's missile arsenal– the president was in Tamil Nadu, visiting family, when news of the attacks arrived. The president scrapped his schedule even before hijacked Al-Qadar Airlines Flight 1012 crashed into the streets of Mumbai. Witnesses say the President was hastened back to this secure location in New Delhi —under escort by military fighter jets– at the first reports of attacks on Kuala Lumpur’s Petronas Towers in neighboring Malaysia.

In a conference room dotted by portraits of decorated Indian Air Force officers, the President announced today that the Indian military was still on "high-alert status."

"Freedom itself was attacked on 7/27 and I assure you freedom will be defended. Make no mistake. The Indian government will hunt down and pursue those responsible for these cowardly actions," Abdul Kalam said.

Earlier this week India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said India's western neighbors should stop groups using their territories to launch terrorist strikes, as security forces continued their investigations into the 7/27 attacks attack on South East Asia that left thousands dead in India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

"We will take up strongly with any country that the use of their territory for launching attacks on us will not be tolerated," Singh said in a televised address to the nation. "There would be a cost if suitable measures are not taken by them.'' He said the terrorists may have "external linkages."

"It is evident that the group which carried out these attacks, based outside the country, had come with single-minded determination to create havoc in the commercial capitals of the region," said Singh. He did not name any country in his speech.

Representatives of both the Malaysian and Indonesian governments provided no official comment on either the Indian President’s speech or the Prime Minister's comments. However several members of both nations expressed off the record admiration for both the Indian president and the Prime Minister.

©2006 The Malaysian Times

Monday, August 07, 2006


The Internet is at last working for us again, but we experience intermittent rolling blackouts. And since I'm sure another one may happen at any moment I'll be quick:

Finally saw the video. Lowell is scum. Conveniently uses the threat of globalization to mask his real agenda, which is obviously born out of deep racism. Wonder how that is playing in Washington. No one is buying it, right? But then, if so, why haven't the feds arrested him yet?

It is said that the Malaysian government using a back channel, has sent missives to both the British and the Americans, expressing anger over what many see here as an incomprehensible refusal by both western powers to act.

Because instead of declaring Oliver Lowell as a fugitive, as the Malaysian Government did when his name first became known, the Brits have chosen only to indicate that Lowell is 'A Person of Interest'.

And in the States –please correct me if this information is wrong– the FBI has only thus far released a 'Seeking Information' bulletin on Lowell.

Is this all true? If so, what is going on over there? The are still pulling bodies out of the rubble and the air is fetid with decay.

My own heart, I might add, also feels dead. And were it not for the power of prayer, I am not sure how I would make it through yet another day.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Transcript (Excerpt): From the Oliver Benjamin Lowell Audio Tape–

“I was not involved in the July 27, 2006 attacks in Malaysia, India or the attempted attack on Indonesia. As a Christian, I avoid telling lies. I had no prior knowledge of these attacks, nor do I consider the killing of innocent women, children and other human beings a viable act of protest. Christianity strictly forbids causing harm to innocent women, children and other people. Whoever committed the act of July 27 are not good Christians.

It is true that over the years I have said that I am against the Muslims, Turks, Pakis, Coolies and other towel heads coming to lands of white people and taking our jobs; and using up our resources that should be spent on our own people. Today they don’t even have to come to our own lands to take our jobs. With traitorous corporations outsourcing white Christian jobs to places like Southeast Asia, we're bringing the jobs to them.

If we truly require the talents of a work force that can only be had from individuals in another country, then maybe we should bring the best of their lot here and maybe they'll put some of our more stupid scientists and calculating politicians out of work. As the world well knows, what made America great in the twentieth century was that we didn't outsource nuclear physics to the Berlin, but rather invited their German Scientists to come live and work in our country, and thereby add value to this great nation.

So to argue that we're going overseas because the coolies or whomever answer the phones cheaper than poor American working class people, that's just an evil that begs for correction. Or to displace our American cooks and cab drivers so that the Mexicans and Pakis can take advantage of our social services, work under the table and then send everything they make out of the country where you know they'll spend it on just about anything but American made products, –that just goes against everything anyone would call fair.

Or to say that we give illegals jobs Americans won't take doesn't quite explain the entirety of the situation. It's not that Americans won't take those jobs: It's that minimum wage hasn't kept pace with inflation for at least the last twenty five years; It's that corporations prefer overseas profit over staffing an American work force that requires health benefits and pension plans.

Your representatives get elected by telling you they'll give you a voice in Washington. Then they get to the Capital, line their pockets, live the good life, and all of a sudden Haliburton has the Senator by his billion dollar balls and Joe Sixpack can't get his congressman to lower his health costs.

Pennies on the dollar for an honest day's work may be good for American business, but it's not good for the American people. And it makes a mockery of the limits we put on our immigration quotas. Because although we do provide incentives to bring a few smart, qualified technical workers to our shores, we're simultaneously shipping out an even greater number of jobs out of the country. And those jobs are going to straight to heathen nations. Never mind what happens to our economy, what happens to our culture? What does it say of us with we willfully support nations whose citizens do not share our values, who worship pedophiles and elephants, for instance.

It therefore doesn’t surprise me that something like the 7/27 event has happened in predominantly Muslim countries. Muslims in particular impose their values on everyone within walking distance of Planet Earth. At least the Buddhists and Hindus know enough to mind their own business. If they all want to go to Hell, fine –but please don't drag good God fearing Christians down into the flames with you. Unfortunately, only terror can keep the aggressive Muslim imams and eastern flim flams from further infecting the minds of our good Christian kids.

Now, I have said before that we are long overdue for a crusade. At last it arrives. However, although I applaud the efforts of the 7/27 martyrs and consider them heros, I was not an active participant of this current campaign. To be honest, nobody even asked me if I was interested.

In closing, I ask the press and others to stop couching my arguments in racial terms. I am not a racist. I don't care one bit if a person is brown. Some of those Pakis, for instance, are whiter than me. This is rather a cultural stand that I'm making for the good of America, and for our children. May the United States be the prosperous Christian nation for them, as it was for our forefathers.

My name is Oliver Benjamin Lowell. If the destruction of those Muslim towers in Malaysia means one less outsourced job going to Asia, then I say to who ever remains who may bear some responsibility for this deed:

God bless you for a job well done.”

Oliver Benjamin Lowell
August 3, 2006

Holy cow! I just sat down with the laptop and turned on CNN. They're confirming that the attacks on Southeast Asia was pulled off by an group of kooks whose only known association was that they were all WHITE SUPREMIST CHRISTIAN SEPARATISTS! I thought all those wack jobs were raptured in the eighties.

At this very moment they're playing an audio tape made by that guy you mentioned, Oliver Lowell. Sometimes goes by 'Bing', sounds kind of preppy, la de dah, or 'The Managing Director', I guess depending on whether or not he feels like golf or genocide that day.

OK, so dude is apparently hiding out somewhere in the Appalachian Mountains, and denies ANY connection to the highjacking or the destruction of the Petronas Towers.

So, like, then why hide?

Although for someone who professes no ties to the terrorists, he certainly empathizes with the terrorists.

OMG, he's actually declaring that the act was specifically 'anti-Muslim', and part of a crusade designed to persuade non-white emigrants from seeking refuge anywhere in what he called 'Christendom'. And then disavows himself of it, all the while admiring it. What a freak.

Really, a crusade?

And who did he just call a pedophile?

Hey you know what's really sick? You can actually hear people behind him, CHEERING him on. They love the fact that that the Petronas Towers went down and all those people died, like it was some goddamn holiday.


I'm going to puke.

I'll post the transcript as soon as it becomes available.

The last,


Update: Soon to hit the international news desks. Sources say several of the highjackers are confirmed as having been pilots for The Royal Airforce. So, obviously, that's where they learned how to fly planes.

Sage Gottard and Graham Cardiff each spent a tour of duty in Iraq, where they met, in 2004. Upon their return, it's thought that these two former choir boys then fed off each other's growing pathological hate against immigrants to the UK. Both, it is said, began expressing increasing interest in England's right wing British National Party.

Which is really neither here nor there. The BNP isn't quite like the KKK. Plenty of people attend BNP rallies and don't go killing people afterwards.

So the question that remains is: 'WHY?'.

Why did these guys do it?

Authorities are certain the American, Lowell, played a key leadership role in motivating these men to execute this act of terror. But no one yet knows how they even connected, with an entire ocean between them. The Internet, most likely, of course, but still, how? Do these guys just meet up in a chat room or Myspace and begin dishing hate stories? Lowell's supposedly a charismatic figure like David Duke, Matthew Hale or even Osama bin Laden, except that Lowell is smarter than those guys. He has no traceable history!

The scary-looking guy in the picture I posted is Aksel Gravesen, but apparently he also answered to 'Berserker', which somehow doesn't surprise me.

Investigators speculate Gravesen was on Al-Qadar Airlines Flight 705, –the one that hit 2 Petronas. He was one of three Danes in the lot, and naturally he also has a military background: ex-Flyvertaktisk Kommando, –that's Royal Danish Air Force to you and me.

Apparently Gravesen left a note behind saying that after he became disillusioned with Denmark's liberal immigration policies, he felt had no choice but to join a neo-Nazi group, which he did sometime in the last year or two. But what he did not do is explain why this action at this time.

Did he think the event would speak for itself?

btw, is it just me or does it look like maybe this guy had some serious issues before he became a Nazi?

Personally, Gravesen and his associates all seem too unusually organized to me to simply be members of a hate group, even if they do indeed ties with one or another. Some suspect the terrorists are possibly rogue members of a western intelligence unit. At this time, given the nationalities of the highjackers, the two most probable candidate organizations for gone-off-the-reservation crazies are the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) and Politiets Efterretningstjeneste (The Danish Security and Intelligence Service).

And though theories regarding motivating factors for the attack abound, none is yet confirmed. Everything from anger over the destruction of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, to the Iraq war. Usual BS these fanatics use to justify acts of terror.

stranger than fiction, to say the least


Friday, August 04, 2006

Selamat datang–

However, it is far from a good morning here.

Yes, Annika, the collapsing towers sent tremors across the surface of globe. But the latest news is causing yet another, potentially greater quake, for I fear these new repercussions may very well threaten the stability of the world itself.

Jasper, just as you previously reported, it has indeed been confirmed: The persons who planned and carried out these attacks were and are European nationals, with one notable exception, a lone American who some think is the group's mastermind and who is thought to still be alive and at large (along with others). See below–

In the meantime, if it turns out we have a few crackpots on our hands, then there is little cause for further concern. The authorities will apprehend, them, or drive them into hiding, and Southeast Asia will go about the business of cleaning up the mess these bastards left behind.

But if it instead turns out that the attack on Southeast Asia was the result of some as of yet undisclosed governmental action in the west, or something like that,then we haven't even begun to see the real mess yet.

And I am no conspiratorialist, but I honestly fear it is more likely the latter, than the former. But I don't want to spread false rumors or information. It is what I've heard, but it is uncorroborated. The best course of action is to wait for the authorities to provide a correct explanation for why this horrendous deed was undertaken by what I can only imagine are evil men.


Press Release

The Royal Malaysian Police is today releasing sixteen photographs of individuals believed associated with the high jacking of four airliners, two of which crashed into the Petronas Twin Towers (KLCC) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on July 27, 2006. The RMP requests the public's assistance in obtaining more information about these individuals.

It should be noted that attempts to confirm the true identities of these individuals are still under way. The RMP asks anyone who has ever seen or has information about any of these individuals to immediately contact the nearest RPM office at 603-2262 6310 or submit information at WWW.RMP/TerrorTaskForce.GOV.

Al-Qadar Flight 311: A Boeing 737 en route from Singapore (SIN) to Mumbai, India (BOM)

1) Sage Gotthard - Possible British national (Pictured Above)
* Possible resident of East Peoria, Illinois, USA; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England
* Alias: Red, The Saint
† Believed to be a pilot

2) Martin Jennings - Possible British national
* Possible resident of Fort Lee, New Jersey; Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England
* Alias: Doc Martin

3) Graham Cardiff - Possible British national
* Possible resident of Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England
* Alias: Biscuit
† Believed to be a pilot

Al-Qadar Flight 705: A Boeing 767 en route from Auckland, New Zealand (AKL) to Hong Kong (HKG)

4) Aksel Gravesen - Possible Danish national

* Possible resident of Copenhagen, Denmark; Canberra, Australia
* Alias: Axel, Cromag, Berserker,
† Believed to be a pilot

5) Callum Evans - Possible British national
Possible resident of Fort Lee, New Jersey; Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England
* Alias: Kill’em, M., Mash
† Believed to be a pilot

6) Sean Walker - Possible British national
* Possible resident of East Peoria, Illinois, USA; Canberra, Australia; Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire, England
* Alias: Son, Mish

Al-Qadar Flight 1012: A Boeing 737 en route from Al Koude, Oman (WGG) to Mumbai, India (BOM)

7) Stine Ovesen - Possible Danish national
* Possible resident of Copenhagen, Denmark; Canberra, Australia; Mumbai, India
* Alias: Flanders
† Believed to be a pilot

8) Nicklas Schou - Possible Danish national

* Possible resident of Copenhagen, Denmark; East Peoria, Illinois, USA; Mumbai, India
* Alias: Hammer, The Hammer
† Believed to be a pilot

9) Charlie Davies - Possible British national
* Possible resident of Redbridge, London, England; Mumbai, India
* Alias: Sir Charles

Al-Qadar Flight 1013: A Boeing 737 en route from Perth, Australia (PER) to Bangkok, Thailand (BKK)

10) Christian Kemper - Possible German national
* Possible resident of Berlin, Germany; Canberra, Australia; Redbridge, London, England
* Alias: Chopin
† Believed to be a pilot

11) Liam Sirrs - Possible British national
* Possible resident of Copenhagen, Denmark; Canberra, Australia; Redbridge, London, England
* Alias: Basher
† Believed to be a pilot

12) Stefan Bergmann - Possible German national

* Possible resident of Berlin, Germany; Canberra, Australia; Redbridge, London, England
* Alias: Hummer, Tank


13) Alfie Turner - Possible British national
* Possible resident of Fort Lee, New Jersey; East Peoria, Illinois; Vidor, Texas; Black Mountain, North Carolina; Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire; Redbridge, London, England; Copenhagen, Denmark; Canberra, Australia
* Alias: Alf, Ralph
*May be in disguise and thought to be traveling internationally.
* Considered armed and dangerous.

14) Max Povey - Possible British national
* Possible resident of Fort Lee, New Jersey; East Peoria, Illinois; Vidor, Texas; Black Mountain, North Carolina; Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire; Copenhagen, Denmark; Redbridge, London, England
* Alias: Eddie
*May be in disguise and thought to be traveling internationally.
* Considered armed and dangerous.

15) Tyler Colchester - Possible British national
* Possible resident of Fort Lee, New Jersey; East Peoria, Illinois; Vidor, Texas; Black Mountain, North Carolina; Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire; Copenhagen, Denmark; Redbridge, London, England
* Alias: Ty-co, Chester
*May be in disguise and thought to be traveling internationally.
* Considered armed and dangerous.

16) Oliver Benjamin Lowell - Possible American national
* Possible resident of Fort Lee, New Jersey; East Peoria, Illinois; Vidor, Texas; Black Mountain, North Carolina; Copenhagen, Denmark; Ross-on-Wye, Herefordshire; Redbridge, London, England
* Alias: Ollie, Ben Lowell, Benjamin, Bing, Bing-O, Blitz-O, Brainiac, Crypto, The Managing Director, The Artist, The Author
*Thought to be in the United States, but may be traveling internationally.


Wednesday, August 02, 2006


T. touching down.

Heard from Jasp last night that you barely made it out of the Towers alive.

Really want to catch up and hear everything that happened to you. Jasp said you posted something on Friday? I'll go back and read your entry later. gotta admit i'm nursing a hangover right now. lesson learned: never try to keep up with Jasper L. Friedman. Guy can drink men twice his size under the table and still defend Rush Limbaugh in a fierce debate.

Anyway, you probably know from Jasp that Annika got back last night? He's real happy about that. So, now that his lady love is back, and you're alright, naturally he wanted to go right from the airport to the nearest bar.

We ended up @ Artland.

Jasper is a big fan of cheap beer, obviously. And I of course couldn't care either way as long as ladies are present in vast scantily clad numbers. So, yeah, we all had a good time. wish you were here, but you're over there doing your job. so, yeah, we ordered for you anyway, and then alternated the extra shots. And I must say, Siraj, man, I didn't know you could drink so much.


i guess it was worth it (he says popping Advil). well, yeah, of course we had to celebrate the fact that you, our friend, survived TWO exploding jets and TWO collapsing buildings! I mean, who does that? You must have like mad superhero skills, dude. And you know that I don't use the word 'dude' lightly, dude. Jasp said you told him that you even ran back into one of the buildings in order to help a guy in a wheel chair get out.

That's just– crazy.

Of course, it speaks to that big beautiful heart we always knew you had. but, yeah, you're probably certifiably insane, in case you were wondering.

Okay, pleez clarify: is the Jasp bsing me or did you really do that? cause if it's true then you ARE the first real superhero i've ever met in my life. and no doubt you are probably going to get so laid in like Billy Idol numbers whenever you finally get back to the usa.

course, everyone we talked to is really proud of you. Jasp had the entire bar toasting you. should of heard it. like a hundred people toasting you–


btw, might mention that if you haven't called your parents yet, you should do so immediately. I spoke to your mom on Thurs, and naturally she was worried out of her freakin' mind. well, everyone was, but a mother's concern for her kid goes deep.

how about you make her day and tell her you're coming home real soon.