Sunday, July 16, 2006


Jasp signing in. Look like I'm first. Maybe it'll just be the two of us. Although I think not. Any mention of scrap book and you know Annika is all over it.

I forgot all about those photos, and that poem is hilarious!

And dude, congratulations on the new job with Al Jazeera!

You deserve it, bro, but don't let them brainwash you with all that Islamofacist propaganda. LOL.

Dude, New York just won't be the same with out you. We're going to miss watching you hustle tables at Cozy and then sitting down to review manuscripts with us in between side orders of hash browns.

Sundays at Cozy Soup‘n’ Burger, with Siraj Talal: Those were the days.

Posted the menu here for old times sake. Can't believe you didn't think of kicking off this site with that yourself.

You must feel relieved on some level that you'll never have work another dinner rush again. Or clean up after another drunk frat boy. Those Cozy burgers are the best, but it's never pretty when they come back out of the same hole they went in. Come to think of it, I wouldn't want to see them evacuating the proper hole, either! What is that, anyway? 9 oz of USDA inspected 100% Fresh Quality meat plus lettuce, tomato, cheese and condiments? And fries, too? That's always going to be messy on the return.

But dude, a new life awaits you! And cornering Parsons! What a lucky break! And talk about balls! You are the MAN. Enough with the scribbling sandwich orders. Although I know there's an art to that, too. I mean, I know I couldn't do it. That said, this advertising gig I've got has afforded me plenty of times to write fast food copy, so yeah, in a way one of us is still in the restaurant business.

oh and dude, I was in Thailand before the 2004 tsunami, and they had an AMAZING club scene. Hopefully Kuala Lumpur rocks just as hard. It's inland, right?

Peace out, bro–

The Jasp