Thursday, July 20, 2006


T. touching down.

Consider my wise counsel: Is there no possibility of a ménage with both the Brazilian student and the French actress? Just suggesting.

btw, I know that you've been traveling, and that you're jet lagged, and everything, but have you been keeping up with news that the conflict between Hezbollah and Israel may be escalating?

The New York Times reports Israeli warplanes bombarded Southern Beirut in response to Hezobollah's missile attack last Sunday. It reads like they're kicking off the apocalypse over there. You still have family in Beirut, right?

As you know, I lived in Saudi Arabia as a kid, but I focused on Latin American issues as an undergrad. So, my understanding of conflicts involving territorial disputes between cocaine producers and the governments they sponsor runs deeper than the argument over competing real estate claims in the Fertile Crescent.

So what say you about the current situation, oh Lebanese friend with an appetite for classic cheeseburgers?


ps Annika, speaking as someone who came of age in Chapel Hill, the reason people move down there is because it's beautiful. I just had to move to New York, but not a day goes by that I don't think of North Carolina. Eventually you wake up and all of a sudden, you realize, you miss dogwoods.