Saturday, July 22, 2006


don't be so snarky! (rolls her eyes at boorish boyfriend)

siraj, sweetie... the jasp is just trying to have a laugh at ur expense. what does he know? he writes ad copy for junk food and automobile products...

however, since I consider myself a christian myself, i do take some offense to u using the phrase 'christian nuts'. i wasn't raised talking in tongues or anything, but I do take my faith seriously. naturally, i'm tolerant, or i wouldn't be with jasper... but i would never go around and call any muslims 'nuts', except for osama bin laden, of course, and people who believed what he believed.

i thought the issue between israel and hezbollah had less to do with religion and more to do with behavior. i'm no wonk like you boyz, but what do the politicians know, really?

aren't we all god's children? i'd like to think so.

one God, many names.

one spirituality, many religions.

that's the way I see the world.

u would think that there's enough desert in the mideast to keep everybody happy digging irrigation canals for generations to come, and too busy for this daily rife and strife. does it really have to go on forever?

btw, terry, are u working on 'Wasting Away in Williamsburg' yet? the way I hear it in my head, I think it could be a hit! call me if you need help!

soul and inspiration,

and, siraj, good luck on ur first day of work monday!