Tuesday, July 25, 2006

hi boyz–

i'm definitely staying in toronto for 1 more week... my mom wants me to stay... and it's utterly gloomy here. well, of course it is, mazarine just died and I totally respected her. She practically raised me! But now I feel like I just need to get out and have a good time for a little bit...

but nothing to do, nowhere to go oh... (everybody now)

i wanna be sedated... :)

do u guyz just love the ramones as much as i do? sad to say, but the world's greatest punk band is about the only thing keeping me sane right now...

btw, siraj– regarding ur last post, somehow I knew that canada did a bit of trade with southeast asia, maybe because there are so many people from india here. but are those kinds of stories really on anyone's radar?... not in the national news, i can tell u that. either that, or i'm not paying attention, which is... okay, also a likely possibility, tee hee.

but now that u do bring it my attention, it's fascinating. it's like secret news. an 'ASEAN-Canada Joint Cooperation Work Plan'? what do you think that means? does that mean that i can get a job in kuala lumpur, too? moi? do any southeast asian governments employ fiction riders? or i could teach english! maybe i should apply for a work visa? i really want to go to vietnam! sometime in my life, anywayz...

before i forget: terry and siraj, if u haven't already downloaded jasper's SMASH FACED DETECTIVES manuscript, do so right now. i read chapter 14 this afternoon and it's so great! i was busting a gut! many guts in fact. girlish guts, of course, but guts nonetheless! and you know how moody I've been since mazarine’s passing, but jasper's story really is so funny, it really lifted my spirits, even as a first draft!

btw, siraj, sweetie, with the middle east in the news (again), and you in malaysia, i was inspired to go online and see what I could learn about the islam religion. I was just curious, u know, even though of course curiosity killed the cat and all that...

first, i can solidly report that there’s no chance I’ll ever be converted to islam. u know, i just have to be honest with the fact that fashion is a priority for me. so even tho i'm a christian, i practically worship the gay designers who make me live to shop. and you can all laugh if you want to but we all have an individual relationship with God, and I experience my god thru textiles. siraj, honey, have you seen what arabic women wear these days? apologies in advance, but there's a reason that mecca is not the fashion capital of the world.

and b4 you say anything, i know some women in those countries probably think those burka thingies somehow empower them in some way, but I just think that I look too fabulous to hide my looks. and no, i am not vain. sorry if the fact that you can see my face may make some members of the male species want to throw themselves at me, but that doesn't mean I'm immodest or that I'm asking for it. it just means that some men are born broken or monsters or worse. or i can't rule out maybe they have good taste.


i'm not limiting my comments only to islam. jesus might have been the son of God, but he was still a carpenter and geez, just cause he was born in the desert doesn't mean you should have to wear a sheet. God doesn't want me to wear stilettos. of course he does! and why do you think he put tah tahs on the front of a lady? well so that we we can show off the majestic beauty of His creation!

and i am magnificent if i do say so myself.


let's not forget that jasper has on occasion begged me to convert to judaism. do u what my mother would do if i did? she would crucify me. so not going to happen la la la.

besides being a lapsed catholic suits me just fine. and if jasper and i ever have kids together, we can always join a Universalist Unitarian church. they believe in just about everything, don't they?

well, i heard they do, so it better be true.

btw, siraj, is it Koran or is it Qur'an?.

Would u mind if I just abbrev and say K-ran or Q-ran?...or is that just in incredibly poor taste?

the reason I ask, is because add a hyphen and u could have a sacred hiphop best seller on your hands.

I'm going to hell, right? don't hate me because i'm funny! :) it's late, i'm tired, there's no chocolate in the house and so i'm allowed 2 be loopy!

besides, girls don't go to hell. didn't u know that? we just go to Paris. it's in the bible, maybe in a footnote... i forget which edition. Revelations 101: a chamomile bath awaits every raptured woman.

anywayz, the truth is i did read quite a bit of the Koran, and what i read i found remarkably beautiful!

k., some of was boring, too, honestly, but that's because most religious things make me sleepy.

what was amaZing tho, was that some of it actually reminded me of the Book of Psalms. like it even struck me that the Koran could be maybe be like the Bible Version 2.0.

but that shouldn't come as a surprise, because like same source, right? ;)

maybe i'll try to post something i read a little later tonight... let's see if I can find it again!

misses and kisses,