Saturday, July 22, 2006


T. touching down–

Don't be so harsh. You're exhibiting a bit of that notorious xenophobia we've come to appreciate from you (IRONY ALERT). But I know from your friendship with Siraj that you don't dislike Arabs or Muslims, so what gives? Maybe you should dial down the neo con setting on your wonk widget.

And to be fair, Siraj, you can get a bit wound up, too. I'm as passionate about my beliefs as the next zealot, but when you say that the entire Mideast "won't waste a second pushing the Jewish state right off and into the ocean", well, it sounds like you're just counting that days until it happens. I'm sure it would make for great ratings over at AJI, but it won't make for a better world.

Annika, of course, you're perfect. How is that possible?

But your boyfriend needs to chill.

that's my 2 cents–

ps yeah, Siraj, about your poem: Neither haiku nor E.E. Cummings, but I find it a lovely read, if only for the way you juxtapose such rich language with spare construction. Bravo.