Thursday, July 27, 2006


Check out the photo I took this morning with my cell phone. if I have time i'll upload a few more images later. The view is always amazing from Petronas. You can't look out the window without daydreaming, ever, and one always feels on top of the world. This photo was taken from not even half way up!

OK, HoW dO yOu sAy tWiDdLiNg tHuMbS iN mAlAy?



No, it may be Thursday morning on this side of the world, but Wednesday night is just getting started in America. And you guys are probably just beginning your rounds in Brooklyn or the east village, except for Annika, who in Toronto is probably like me right now, bored out of her mind.

What are you watching tonight, A.? Another captivating crime of the century? Or something funny?

Terry, Jasper– in the unlikely event you login at some point, give my regards to everyone on Ludlow.

It's like 8:30 AM or something here, and I've already been up for three nervous hours. But the friggin' guy still hasn't arrived for the meeting.

To be honest, this morning doesn't happen at all, I will be very relieved. I've only been working at Al Jazeera since Monday, and now I'm somehow supposed to hold some sort of intelligent conversation with the Managing Director of KLCC Urusharta? It's way too much responsibility for me to handle the first week!

In any event, I can tell you that despite the fact I am now currently ensconced in a windowless womb-like, thirty-sixth floor conference room, it is nevertheless a beautiful Thursday morning in Kuala Lumpur. There are no windows where I sit now, and the air conditioning is freezing, but when I ran out for coffee earlier this morning, it was already noticeably pleasant. Maybe I'll get lucky and enjoy some breezy air and sun later today.

Of course, the weather changes every minute here, so for all I know, thunderstorms by lunchtime.

In the meantime, there is WiFi to occupy me, and I am beginning to feel a surge in energy and mood (at last) courtesy the wonderful and magical properties of caffeine.

Small consolations, but consolations nonetheless.

That staff meeting I told you about has probably just started, so that means Anita and Daim are still what 23 or 24 floors above me on 60. Everybody's running late today. Turns out Human Resources has decided to take this moment to explain the company's new health plan. So much for Daim's 'Dealing with Divas' theory.

maybe they're saving that for another day.

wait somethings going on down the hall i'll log back on in a second