Tuesday, July 25, 2006

found it!

but first, siraj i was thinking about it and I hope I didn't offend u. even tho i'm beautiful, i can be such an ugly american, even though i'm canadian and half chinese. i'm just blathering tonight. this is what happens when there's no desert in the house. i go completely bonkers. sugar withdrawal, it's ugly... how does my mother live in this house without chocolate?

anywayz, i told you boyz that i would post a passage from the koran, so here it is.

it's called 'The Early Hours'...

and as i said before, i think I like it because it reminds me a fair bit of Psalms:


By the morning hours
And by the night when it is stillest,
Thy Lord hath not forsaken thee nor doth He hate thee,
And verily the latter portion will be better for thee than the former,
And verily thy Lord will give unto thee so that thou wilt be content.

Did He not find thee an orphan and protect thee?
Did He not find thee wandering and direct thee?
Did He not find thee destitute and enrich thee?

Therefore the orphan oppress not,
Therefore the beggar drive not away,
Therefore of the bounty of thy Lord be thy discourse.


sigh...and i think that's why they call it 'inspired'. i think u just have to be a prophet or Bob Dylan to write like that...

sweet dreams–