Sunday, July 16, 2006


T. touching down. And you'll never guess what just happened– The Jasp and I were both sitting in the Astor Place Starbucks, and we were checking out your blog when not ten minutes ago Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping show up and performed one of their anti corporate happenings.

You would have loved it, and probably would also have been out there making yourself a participant! For me, it proved yet another reason why I always carry a camera phone. Pretty big crowd After I went outside to take a picture and didn't think I'd be able to get back in.

Never saw Reverend Billy before. Cops came and arrested him, too! It was all over in a matter of minutes, and it was wild.

Instantly reminded me of the time I saw an animal rights activist outside Trash and Vaudeville throw a bucket of red paint on a woman wearing a fur. And naturally she's enraged, but instead of going after him, she simply sneers:

"You stupid idiot, it's a FAKE!"

But animal activist guy doesn't stop for a sec and so he probably doesn't even hear what she said to him. He just keeps going. It's at that point, while I'm looking at him leave, that I notice he's actually wearing a leather bomber jacket albeit with the word 'PETA' inscribed on the back like a logo.

Only in New York, right?

You know you're going to miss all the craziness that goes on here!

So you’re really going to Malaysia? I'm still trying to get to Dubai. Keep sending us those doofus poems of yours. Unbelievably funny. And let us know when you actually get a story published on the Al Jazeera website. My cable company doesn't carry channel, but maybe I could catch a clip on YouTube. Yeah, and let us know when it's a good time to fly over to you so we can visit you. I probably better start saving now.

Anyway, in your honor, the Jasp and I ordered Sumatra Mandheling.

Get this, when I first walked in, I started talking to one of the baristas. Not sure how they can juggle a million drink orders and chat, but whatever. Well, she tells me her name is Yasmin –yeah, we're flirting big time– and it turns out she's Malaysian! Came over here to study Interactive Telecommunications @ NYU.

What is that? Coincidence? Karma? Synchronicity?

She says you're going to sweat over there like you never sweat before. As for me, I'm officially jealous of you. You’re going to see an amazing blend of Asian and Islamic architecture, which I've always especially admired. Childhood in Saudi, y'know. The benefits of having an engineer for a dad. One day I'll get back over to that part of the world.

Speaking of work, if anyone at Al Jazeera ever needs someone in America to play some rock guitar, by all means mention my name!

By the way, did you hear they’re closing CBGB's ? Bummer right?

Okay, you can count me in as a regular contributor to this dandy concept of yours,

Rock on–