Monday, July 17, 2006

hi sweeties,

sad news... my auntie finally passed away sat night...

we knew she was going for a while, but still, jack and mazarine were married 24 yrs! I wept when I heard...

OK, half that was me PMSing, but still...tragic.

and on top of everything I feel miserable...

anywayz, i flew back to toronto yesterday morning for the funeral. nice to be back home, actually regardless of the circumstances. i think I needed a break from new york. and to be perfectly honest with you, siraj, jasper and i also needed a break from one another.

sorry to make it so public, jasper, may as well get the boyz up to speed.

surprisingly, i'm not feeling the usual separation anxiety or NYC withdrawal. i think it's because i'm dealing with a death in the family...

and of curse, i got my period...

all of which adds up to at least a week of sitcoms, tampons and lamentations, yay! er, not! but let Häagen-Dazs Dulce de Leche be my mantra and maybe I can get through it.

unfortunately, most of the people I grew up with escaped toronto a long, long time ago for warmer climes, college, careers and/or husbands. myself included, of course. seems like everybody I used to know now lives in LA or north carolina. what's up with that?

no other news really, except that my mom got me some daily passes to this celebrity gym. it's supposed to be famous. they say all the stars go there when they're in town. i'm not sure how I feel about that. do I really want george clooney to goggle me while i'm all sweaty from working out? no gentlemen, i most definitely do not...

sorry if I sound all down today. not my usual perky self... and i'm a bit tired on top of everything...

but siraj i almost forgot big congrats on ur new job! in MALAYSIA?!?!? that's so cool. we always knew u were amazing!!! and after all that hard work, u really deserve it. u must be super excited right? ur not leaving us for good, are u? come back soon! i feel just horrible that I didn’t get a chance to say good-bye in person. i picture u one minute balancing trays at cozy, and the next balancing cultures on the other side of the world! but u were always good at that.

hey, they have hindus in malaysia, too, right? or are they all muslims like u? did i ever tell u they were building a new BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Mandir hindu temple in toronto? well, it's like finally finished and it's like 40 million dollars huge. it's such a big deal here that canada's prime minister, Stephen Harper, is officiating the opening ceremony next week. weird, eh? can u imagine Bush officiating the opening ceremony of a hindu temple in the US?

me neither.

it's just amazing how the world's going global, isn't it honey? i've never been to a hindu temple, so I'm definitely going to visit while I'm home, if I can pull myself away at some point. wouldn't it be funny, siraj, if we both returned to new york hari krishnas? om shanti, baby!

anywayz, 1 word:

u know we’re all going to miss u, especially on Basement Bhangra nights at S.O.B.'s! u kept it all so real and global. u know i really think that u could have been a dj. without u to get us up off our butts in order to check out exotica, I'm pretty sure that jasper and terry will just end up marooned in brooklyn. I can see the boyz now, surrounded by empty budweiser bottles and tattered trucker hats from days gone by. All of us will certainly just waste away in williamsburg without u.

oh, a hipster's life can be so cruel. Although, terry, sweetie, lucky u, ur aging out anywayz, tee hee.

and jasper, what am I going to do with u, honey?

hey... doesn't Wasting Away in Williamsburg sound like it could be a song title? terry, u play guitar! maybe u could do something with it! it could be like a sister song to jimmy buffet's Margaritaville, but for Brooklyn.

OK, that was more than just 1 word. it was a bunch of words but with 1 big meaning. how now brown cow, know what I mean! :-p

well, I think this blog is a lovely idea! i'll definitely post when i can and btw i loved that last synopsis u wrote for a story about a racist advertising exec! jasper should have really written that, one, of course. but, as we all know, everyone's favorite copywriter is currently obsessed with political thrillers and pulpy crime fiction. go figure. i guess that's marginally better than surfing for porn.

funny man, the jasp... since I can't afford a shrink will someone please tell me why i'm so gobsmacked in love with him? do you think it's just about the sex? i think i would know if it was. :)

anywayz boyz, without our siraj our little group is 4 now minus 1... maybe this blog will work to keep the omentum going? oops, I meant 'momentum' not 'omentum'! Omentum is BELLY FAT!!! Ewwww!!!!! hee hee hee...

btw just to let you all know, i have a dream and it's going to come true. after we get our novels published we're going to continue regular writer's meetings, except in paris. we're going to meet at a still to be determined café off the Champs-Élysées, and we'll sit at 2 tables pushed together piled high with croissants and manuscripts. and it'll be exactly like it is now except i'll also have a little child running around my feet (HINT HINT jasper).

in the meantime, siraj, good luck and keep it interesting, cookie. hey, maybe you’ll come back with a totally glamorous malaysian WIFE. Personally i think it's going to be really easy for u to hook up in Kuala Lumpur. they love Americans over there, don’t they? Or are they one of those countries that hates yanks?


the pen is mightier than sword –except, of course, in a sword fight, so ur better off running from trouble if you see it.

and don't forget to have fun when u can! siraj! i speak for all of us when i say that I ALREADY MISS U I REALLY DO!!!!!

namaste & out,



ps. your poem made me laugh really hard so thanks for that. I needed it!