Saturday, July 15, 2006

Ha ha! Cleaning up, packing up and throwing stuff out. Found a mess of photos. Here's a couple from May 2005 that made me laugh. Some day we're gonna look back and say these were the days.

Great photo by Jasper! Annika looking like a vixen in a Bond movie! And I don't know why I suddenly decided to moonwalk. I think I we were all loopy that day cause, it was like the first warm day of spring. Looking back now, Jasp, I'm surprised we didn't all get arrested with your girl friend brandishing a (toy) pistol on Broadway. OMG, we were so dumb! Could all been in Guantánamo Bay by now on account of that foolery!

Same day, later that night–

I was trying to take a picture of Jasper, who suddenly decided to take a picture of Annika, and then O'Gara falls into frame because someone unleashed their three year old who started running around the restaurant and generally terrorizing adults left and right. Terry, you almost didn't survive the night, haha!