Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Siraj! bro–

Big shout out for getting through the first day on the job, but I'm not about to let the previous discussion go. At least not till I get the last word in!


I know you're Lebanese, but you said you didn't even support Hezbollah yourself. Then you do a whiz bang job of defending them. So see, looks like Al Jazeera can't brain wash you anyMORE than you already are.

Annika, baby, I’m just saying that our friend Siraj is a couple of days in Malaysia, but his head is already whirling from a day at the mosque. He's making excuses for Hezbollah, and suddenly I'm the bad guy for pointing that out?

Siraj dude, Israel GOOD – Hezbollah BAD.

Well, I will give you credit for being right about at least one thing:

The strongest proponents of Israel are also usually the very same people who typically refuse Jews into their country clubs. Not sure how old I was, probably eight or nine, when I realized that some greens were reserved for Christian feet and others for Jews. And you know what those fat cats in D.C. are thinking:

"We carved out a spot for you in the desert; and we gave you a nuclear arsenal to protect it. Now go build your own damn golf courses."

See this is what the world has come to: Christian golf and Jewish golf, and no one even believes in God anymore.

I mean, Siraj, doesn't that just about sum up US Mideast policy in a nutshell?

but we be friends. I don't like arguing with anyone better than you, cause, I always win with you. ha!

btw, Terry, dude, you should just thank your lucky stars that your relatives are neither in Lebanon nor Israel, but smack dab in the center of Florida. While the Israelis and Lebanese hurl missiles at each other, you and yours have the luxury of watching it from the comfort of a cell phone in Disney World. Since I do happen to have family in Israel, as far as I'm concerned, I get a free pass to shoot my mouth off.

oh and bro: party on Ludlow tonight around 11PM. I'm not sure where– I think you're just supposed to listen for the loudest music on the block and set your GPS accordingly.

Also, you may all like to know that I finished up yet ANOTHER chapter of Smash Faced Detectives over the weekend. Naturally, I’m anxious to get some feedback from you all as soon as possible. So, if you have some time this week, it’s on my FTP page as a Word doc.

File name is SFD_Chptr_14.

It'll make you laugh, for sure.

Not like any of this Mideast stuff really matters, anyway, right? Well, not when The Jasp's original comedy is so readily accessible!

Seriously, tho, I do strongly support Israel's right to exist, but in the end, if we all can't just get along, really whatzit matter?

Maybe nothing, BUT Terry, I still reserve the right to be alternately right wing neo con and liberal American Jew. That's my right, and please don't rob me of my rights. And don't get your panties all bunched up about it either. Your whole fairness schtick gets old, like quick. Take a point, make a point, live by it and die by it. That's my philosophy. And then, of course, sell the rights to it, and get rich if you can.

Annika, when you coming back to the Big Apple, babe? Cause it's true, I am just Wasting away in Williamsburg without you. ;(

(and other select areas of the greater tri-state region).

Peace out, gang–

The Jasp